Dream trips and winner of Free Stuff Friday

Vintage travel tagscr Dream trips and winner of Free Stuff Friday

Susan B Kason

Ah, so many places to go!  Thanks so much for your comments again!  I had fun traveling in my mind to all those wonderful places. Here’s a few that were dreamy!

Jane C knew exactly where she wanted to be:

Dump me on Jalan Sulewasi, Denpasar, Bali for fabric shopping. Then the beach. Next day off to Ubud for a spa day. Live music in the evenings!

Antje T said her favorite trip would be (and I know ’cause Ich bin ein bisen Deutsch!) was a place in Northern Germany near the beach.

Mein liebster trip wäre ins auto zu steigen und nach binz auf der insel rügen im norden von deutschland zu fahren und den strand entlangzuspazieren, meine schuhe wären in meiner neuen tasche verstaut und Ich spürte das wasser das mir über die füße spült

]Elizabeth M had a unique trip in mind

I’d love to take a paddle steamboat down or up, either way, the Mississippi!

Annette and Lynette had similar ideas in mind!

Annette said

A whole weekend to be kind of selfish & just sew or do exactly what I want to do.

Lynette has the right idea with someone else doing the laundry and housework!

Sun up – a nice morning walk. Get the creative juices flowing.
Back home to sew, sew, sew and sew.
Someone else doing the laundry and house cleaning and cooking for me.
Perfect weekend!

Tish had a very exotic location too.  Maybe see George Clooney while you’re there!

Dream Weekend? Monaco, during the Formula One Races over Memorial Day. Luxury, fast cars, glamor, and history. NOTHING beats Monte Carlo for fashion, opulence and the most dramatic sport of them all.

I like Marvel’s idea of a dream vacation to the Redwoods in California.  I love the quite of the Redwoods, off season of course.

Now on to the winner of Free Stuff Friday.  This winner was picked randomly  and it is…Margaret M. E!  And Margaret had relatively simple plans of Hawaii, but it sounds like she is inviting all of us along!

Congratulations to Margaret! And, Margaret if she gets to sewing will have the perfect bag for her trip!

Margaret please send me your mailing address to sewnews@sewnews.com and we’ll get this out to you ASAP!


sweetseamsbaglg 208x300 Dream trips and winner of Free Stuff Friday

 Dream trips and winner of Free Stuff Friday

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