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Remember summer camp? Being away from home, meeting new friends and doing all those awesome arts and craft projects!  I went to a summer camp in Kenosha, Wisconsin and fondly remember sitting in the craft room where it was cool and relatively quite and we would make paper mâché things, needlepoint, sewing, tie dye t-shirts .  It was so awesome!  I liked to hang out in the craft room and help clean up so just maybe I could get out of swimming. In honor of summer camp and all the hard work those camp counselors do in making sure kids are safe and entertained Free Stuff Friday is giving away two wonderful books from Fun Stitch Studio that are sure to bring back memories of your summer camp days.

Fabric, Paper, Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch with Friends by Kristen Sutcliffe and Forest Fairy Crafts by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie, which includes over 28 project to create magical fairies using felt and simple supplies.

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Did you go to summer camp?  If so what was a fond or funny memory? Do your kids do summer camp?  How has it changed?

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 Time For Summer Camp & Free Stuff Friday

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29 Responses to Time For Summer Camp & Free Stuff Friday

  1. Pamela H says:

    I was never allowed to go to summer camp, but my older brothers went to Boy Scout camp. They slept on cement floors in bed rolls with a cloth open tent over them. I only remember because our family visited them in camp once.

    My grandson is a Boy Scout, and he sleeps in an enclosed tent with a sleeping bag and a cot. Next year he hope to go on a High Adventure camp, which will be on a catamaran for a week. He has a mile long swim test to complete first.

    During the summer, my mom taught me to sew, knit, cook, and to be a proper lady.
    Even though I didn’t get to go to camp, I did get some special girl time with my mom.
    With 5 brothers, and no sisters, believe me, them going to camp was a good vacation for me!!!

  2. Judy L says:

    My Girl Scout troop worked all year to have enough money to spend a week at Springbrook Park by Des Moines. It was beautiful there; the trees, lake and the TEEN-AGE BOY LIFEGUARDS. Every one of them so cute. They really were our project for the week. :) I just remember hurrying through what we had to do at our campsite so we could go “swimming”. I know we earned badges, but I am amazed looking back that was accomplished. I suppose those lifeguards didn’t have it so bad with 10 or 12 girls in bikinis swooning over them for a week with noone else around either. :)
    I, also, wanted to mention when my daughter was in elementary, years ago. I taught counted cross stitch to a Brownie troop. I went a few weeks until they completed their project, it was a lot of fun. The other day I was at my Son’s home, I saw a pillowcase and mentioned the cross-stitching. My daughter-in-law said she learned in Brownies! I taught her! So you never know keep your eyes open, you could be helping your Son or Grandson’s future wife!

  3. Cathy M. says:

    I remember church camp for the friendships I made there. The counselors were always fun and I had experiences I would not have otherwise had such as swimming and ton of exercise. Unfortunately, I don’t remember doing a lot of crafting, but I am sure we did some.

  4. Cyndy Lacey says:

    I loved summer camp! The horses & evening camfires were the best!

  5. Jane C. says:

    I went to camp every summer. Usually with the Girl Guides. One summer I went to camp in the Laurentians. I loved the rustic living. The singing, the hiking, the campfires and wearing whites on Sunday.

  6. Carol K E says:

    I went to church camp at Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa. Swimming and canoeing on the lake were my favorite things.

  7. Beverly Belaska says:

    I went to church camp. The cabins were Mathew, Mark, Luke and then there was the “john”

  8. BJMarley says:

    I went to summer camp. My favorite thing was swim time. My girls go to summer camp. I think theirs is even more fun than mine was.

  9. Sherrye Clark says:

    I love crafts and have to plan some every weekend for my granddaughters. We make treasures to share and memories to keep the rest of our lives together.

  10. Mary Torpy says:

    Instead of summer camp we went to Vacation Bible school. every day we had arts and crafts I pull ideas from those days to teach the vbs classes today. It was a 5 day camp, but there were so many Churches doing them you could do 4 or 5 in any given summer.

  11. Carolyn H says:

    I went to Girl Scout Camp in the summer-both over night for a week and day camp. Lots of fun. That’s where I learned to swim.

  12. Teri powers says:

    I went to Girl Scout camp in the summer and loved it. Favorite memory is singing songs for four hours when it was raining and the only song we sang twice was jingle bells! My four children all went to scout camps also. Things have changed with more gadgets and high tech supplies

  13. Niki says:

    I went to band camp in the summers, and you can be sure when my kids are old enough they will go too!!! Can’t wait to see if things have changed any.

  14. Barb Schaad says:

    I went to 4H camp. Mostly good times cool songs, the worm song, underwear song etc . One bad thing the girl in the bunk under mine saw spiders every time the lights went out and screamed. I need my sleep so we had some issues. The counselor must have had a fun week too.

  15. Holly says:

    I did not go to summer camp, but I always wanted to!!! Thank you for this chance to win, so that I might experience a little bit of what it would have felt like!

  16. Mary Mac says:

    I didn’t go to any summer camps but I did something just as fun. I spent several summers with my grandmother.

  17. lawana whaley says:

    only camp available when I grew up was “Church Camp”. loved it… new folks, sleeping in bunks etc. my favorite part was early morning worship held overlooking a deep valley and the Ozark “mountains”, mist rising and the wind gently whispering thru the pine trees… still think of that when I hear the wind in the pines

  18. Susan Guynes says:

    I went to G. A. summer camp in high school. We didn’t have any crafts. Pretty much just singing, praying and swimming. That was okay as we did plenty of crafts at home and in our G. A. meetings. My daughter doesn’t go to summer camp as it is too expensive. She does go to the local dance camp where I trade teaching crafts for her tuition. It’s a win/win as we both get to do what we love!

  19. Barbara says:

    In addition to the wonderful combination of smells from the pine trees and the great food being made in the camp kitchen my favorite part of camp was crafts – big surprise there! :)

  20. Mary Angerer says:

    I went to Girl Scout camp when I was young, and met some girls who would later be good friends in high school. I remember crafts–I think we shellacked wooden boxes–maybe decoupage? My daughters also went to sumer camp and loved it. Two of them are now leaders–one Juniors and one Brownies.

  21. Vicki F. says:

    I never got to go to summer camp, but I did help out with girl scout day camps and cub scout day camps when my kids were little. Nowdays I am a cub scout den leader, and looking for ideas to hold a day camp for my cub scouts.

  22. Amy says:

    I never went to summer camp; my kids didn’t go either – couldn’t afford it. But when I was young my family went on trailer trips every summer. It was part business for my dad (writing magazine articles about construction sites around the country) and we were gone 6 weeks. The company paid half our expenses. My mom had made each of us kids a drawstring bag to hold our things – like crayons, drawing paper, coloring books . . .! As an adult I love crafts, and have shared crafting with my kids. When I babysat a neighbor girl I would come up with a craft for her, and my kids to do. It kept them from fighting :)

  23. Couldn’t afford summer camp when I was young but I made sure both of my kids went to camp every year that they were in Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls. We now hold Grandparent Camp for their kids for a week each summer. Sewing and/or crafts are a big part of fun and learning along with boating, swimming and fishing.

  24. Laura Kerr says:

    I did attend summer camp one year in high school. I don’t remember crafts. My children are just now of the age to consider summer camps. As of yet, they haven’t gone. We do spend the summer working on our craft projects though.

  25. Maureen Sydnor says:

    I really enjoyed Sea Animal Camp in Coos Bay, Oregon where I never forget this beautiful ocean and forest. Precious memories I have now still in my past childhood.


  26. Becky Donaldson says:

    i went to summer camp and could NEVER get the hang of those cute lanyard things! Still can’t! But I love to craft, my daughters are getting into it more and more, and my grandkids do too!
    the last time we were all together (military and overseas) we made tie died shirts. We may have to recreate that day again next month when they are home!!

  27. Fay Engel says:

    Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to go to summer camp

  28. Janice Baldwin says:

    I went to a girl scout summer camp. I remember the fun but also the bugs.

  29. Deborah Ramos says:

    For me summer camp was so much fun. Like all crafters, the best time was “Craft Hour”. Taking my finished projects was so rewarding. Now as a grandmother, I try to have a mini summer camp with my grandkids. They come to visit every summer. We go camping and work on some kind of craft. I do this in hopes that one of my grandkids will be just as excited about crafts, sewing or painting as I am.