Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

The fireworks festivities are starting today and I’m going to the park near my house for food trucks, free music and some sparklers. I want to wear something comfy that will keep me cool while shielding me from mosquitoes. So I thought I’d make a quick maxi skirt for the occasion. No, it’s not red, white or blue…but I happened to find enough purple knit in my stash so that’s what I’m going with! I can save the festive colors for the actual fourth of July.

This skirt took me 20 minutes to cut and sew–amazing! If you don’t have a serger, it might take you an extra 10 or 15 minutes. Here’s the finished look.

DSC 0007 e1372871349624 158x300 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

Here’s how to make it:

Purchase about 2 yards of 60″-wide knit fabric (Or find it in your stash! The amount needed will depend on your measurements.)

Purchase a package of 1/8″- to 3/4″-wide knit elastic (I had 3/4″ on hand, but I would have preferred 1/8″.)

Find some matching thread.

Measure your hips; add 10 1/2″. Measure from your waist to the floor (or wherever you’d like the skirt to fall, plus 1/4″ for the hem). Cut a rectangle of fabric to these measurements with the greatest stretch running horizontally.

Fold the fabric in half widthwise with right sides together. Set the serger for a four-thread overlock,. Serge the short raw edges together–this is the center-back seam. If you’re not using a serger, set the machine for a stretch stitch and use a ballpoint needle.

DSC 0006 300x200 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

Serge- or zigzag-finish the raw upper edge. (I used white thread so you could see it well.)

DSC 0002 300x200 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

If using 3/4″-wide elastic, turn the upper edge 1″ toward the wrong side; pin. If using 1/4″-wide elastic, turn the upper edge 3/4″ toward the wrong side.If using 1/8″-wide elastic, turn the upper edge 1/4″ toward the wrong side. Stitch the elastic casing 1/8″ from the fabric raw edge, leaving a 1″ opening along the center-back seam and using a stretch stitch on the sewing machine.

Insert a safety pin through one elastic end. Thread the elastic through the casing, using the safety pin to guide it through without twisting. Overlap the elastic ends and stitch a box with an x inside for reinforcement.

DSC 0003 300x200 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

Or zigzag stitch several times over the elastic layers to secure.

DSC 0004 e1372872208550 300x200 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

Push the remaining elastic into the casing; pin, and then stitch.

Trim the lower edge so it’s even but still slightly curved at the center front and back.

DSC 0001 e1372872607469 300x191 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

Turn the lower edge 1/4″ toward the wrong side; pin, and then stitch.

Here’s the finished look all styled for tonight!

DSC 00131 200x300 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes



 Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes
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5 Responses to Sew a Maxi Skirt in 20 Minutes

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  2. Valerie says:

    I made skirts like this in the early 70′s and everyone loved them! I made many for friends that didn’t sew. I still make them today for my daughter for work. they are inexpensive as I usually get the sale fabrics and the knit ones flow better than cotton. When my granddaughter is happier about wearing skirts, I’ll make them for her.

  3. Marie says:

    I had a friend way back in the 1970′s who made her own knit skirts from one yard of fabric…Stylish looking; paired with a blouse and jacket. She was always very well dressed.

  4. JC says:

    I have some very nice (and expensive) lace knit that I’d love to try this skirt out on, but don’t wanna mess it up. I’m a beginner (probably on the intermediate side). I don’t have a serger so hopefully, I can do this! :-) . May try on another knit fabric as a tester. :-) . Thanks for posting.

  5. Betty Caldwell says:

    This is wonderful, & so easy! I’m going to Hawaii soon & want more simple skirts to wear…thank you for this easy, stylish skirt. And, I can make it whatever length I want!!