Free Stuff Friday Winners!

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First, you can read Andrea’s answers to your questions HERE! Or, scroll below for Andrea’s responses to your questions.  I really appreciate the time that Andrea took to do our interview.  Please be sure to check out Andrea’s blog too, where you can get great ideas and tips on sewing from a pro. She’s got a fun post on creating a gorgeous dress with tie-dye!

On to our winners for Free Stuff Friday.  Two winners were randomly picked by an outside application and they are….

Sue from onecountrygirl who said her dream career would be

to teach ANYTHING related to the textile industry. I just LOVE fabrics and fiber!

Love the enthusiasm Sue!

And, to Ginger who didn’t think that she could make a living doing it professionally but thought it would be a lot of fun!

Please send me your mailing address to and you will receive a signed copy of an Andrea Schewe pattern!

Thanks ladies, and especially thank you to Andrea.

Andrea’s answers to your questions –

I loved reading everyone’s comments. Many of you would like to have a quilting shop or small fabric store. That would be so fun. Think of all the fabric you could shop for and buy for your store. I love mixing fabrics and prints and you could just keep doing it and doing it.
Thank you Beth for the lovely compliment about my style. Now I will try to answer questions.
Jane C. – That is very interesting about people dropping out of design school because of the math. It makes sense, because pattern making is all being done by computer now and is very complicated. I don’t know how to do that, but there is a fair about of math if you are flat drafting and even more if you are grading sizes, which I do badly. Good thing Simplicity takes care of that.
Judy – Picking colors can be very hard, I have to please myself (using my gut check!) and the people on the design staff at Simplicity. It’s exhausting making color decisions so I often resort to black and neutral shades for myself. Although if you look at my blog I bought this great pair of aqua shoes and have made a couple garments to wear with them. But back to the question. If I’m doing a costume I look at lots of paintings from the period, if I’m doing something contemporary I look in store and magazines to see what colors are currently popular. And I can’t think of a favorite notion, except for my rotary cutter, but is that considered a notion?
Kath – Writing instructions is mainly very time consuming and you have to have a clear head. It is so easy to skip a step, something that seems obvious to you, but not to everyone. When I send a design in, I will write parts of the instructions I think might be tricky so that the official instruction writers at Simplicity can understand what I’m trying to achieve, but really they write the instructions.
Cherie – Everyone needs one or two or three good sewing books. I like to say that the instructions you get in a pattern are more of an assembly guide. There isn’t space to give detailed instructions about various sewing operations, plus the instruction writer doesn’t know what kind of fabric you will be using and that can effect what method you should use. I wrote a blog on June 25th about sewing books. Go to my website and search “sewing books” it should show up. But, my favorite book is the Reader’s Digest Complete Book of Sewing.
Thanks all, Andrea

 Free Stuff Friday Winners!

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