Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

best apron Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!Whenever I think of aprons I always think of good things.  Like my grandmother baking, or making a mess in the craft room.  For this Free Stuff Friday the book The Best Apron Book Ever edited by Julie Johnson is up for giveaway! There are a baker’s dozen apron designs, from retro to modern.  From crafty to stylish!  All the how tos are included, but this is a pattern-free book, there are no actual paper patterns included. So this is a great chance to learn how to draft easy patterns.

If you would like to enter please post a answer to the following question: Do you wear aprons? What do you think of when you see an apron?

One winner will be randomly picked on Monday.

And,  until Monday check out this free apron template from Sew it All magazine.


Happy sewing!


 Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

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I write for the Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery blogs. I love sewing, vintage and would love to get a comment from you!
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58 Responses to Aprons Galore For Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Debbie says:

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  2. Doreen says:

    Oh My Goodness!! I love my Rooster Apron and wear it whenever I cook (love roosters). My husband wears his vertical blue & white stripe one as well (he loves to cook) and he looks so professional. I never thought to wear it when doing crafts and sewing. But now I will have to make one with BIG pockets just for that. Next year I will be making several aprons with the fabric I bought recently just for that purpose.

    Mom would never be without one on. But, come bread baking day, she would put her special big bib apron on early in the morning and start the dough. Us kids would each have our apron (made from a flour/sugar bag) on and “help” with punching the bread and making cinnamon buns with “left over” dough. I have never tasted bread as good as Mom made, and I am in my mid-60′s now.

    Yep, “Aprons”, the best fashionable addition to a busy homemaker’s wardrobe.
    Now, you all put on your Aprons and get busy doing some homemaking!
    And Have A Happy Day!!!

  3. Lisa Griffith says:

    this is so funny, I don’t have an apron. My mother put her apron on in the morning and she wore it all day. She has since passed, but I will always remember her with her apron on. Now, I make aprons but give them as gifts…I guess I need to make one for myself. LOL

  4. Malia Becker says:

    As a homeschooling mom of five, I consider an apron to be part of my daily uniform. Since I practically live in the kitchen, I love my aprons to be comfortable as well as lovely. Sometimes when I dash out to drop off or pick up a kid, I don’t even bother to take my apron off! :) Aprons make me think of wonderful times in the kitchen preparing special meals for my family and friends, of baking, and of my precious grandmother that I lost almost 30 years ago.

  5. Annette says:

    I wear them everyday. It’s the only way to save my clothes. :) I’m always on the look out for new patterns.

  6. Norma Jean McDarmont says:

    No, I do not wear aprons but I think they are so cute. I have been sewing different styles for gifts to my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Now I have requests to make several more for friends. When I am looking to make a new apron, I always am on the lookout for a new, different style apron and there are many out there. Sometimes it is hard to choose…..nj

  7. Arleen Schindler says:

    Aprons – grew up with them, wear them now, and am passing the tradition on to my daughter and her daughter. Aprons were always
    full of a “treat” in the pocket, warmth when tears were flowing, and
    fun picked veggies from the garden. When grandma put that apron
    on each Sunday after church, only good things were coming our way.
    Love, warmth, and a gentle way of living were all wrapped up in that
    apron. Hope the tradition never goes away.

  8. Bev says:

    Before I started wearing aprons, I ruined alot of clothes. I find it absolutely neccessary for me! Besides I’m always taken with a new pattern idea and dreaming up how I can make it to suit me. I love picking up vintage apron patterns….they do bring back memories of the aprons my grandmothers wore.