Royal Baby Fever!

Did you know that the gown that will be used for the christening of the new royal baby is steeped in tradition? Of course it is, we’re dealing with the British Monarchy here. No ordinary christening gown bought at the local Babies ‘R’ Us for this little guy.  The gown worn by HRH Prince George of Cambridge is actually a replica made by the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly.  The original was worn by the future king’s dad, Prince William when he was christened over 20 years ago. Below is baby William looking less than pleased with British tradition, lace or wearing a dress.

royal christening gown Royal Baby Fever!

The original garment is over 172 years old and has been worn by 30 blue-blooded royals including King George VI.  The dress is now safely in storage and the new version is said to be an exact replica.  Wouldn’t you love to see how they have made this new version?

For Free Stuff Friday and in honor of the royal future King we are giving away Filet Lace: Stitches and Patterns by Margaret Morgan and Beverley Sheldrick’s Little Blessings: Silk Ribbon Projects for Baby.

To enter answer the following question in the comment section below. The two books together will be perfect in creating an timeless treasure for a new baby.

Do you have your original christening gown or maybe have something saved from a  bris, Bar or Bat Mitzvah. What is it like, or have you made a special gown steeped in tradition and religious significance.  Please give details!

B BS LB 300x300 Royal Baby Fever!  filet lace Royal Baby Fever!

 Royal Baby Fever!

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19 Responses to Royal Baby Fever!

  1. Wilma L Mazzulli says:

    44 years ago My first born wore a “christening frilly dress”, complete with hat, shoes, and cape, all in silk and lace;much like the one worn by princes and kings, it’s also an Italian tradition. It was then worn by his 2 brothers and my 4 grandkids. Under the lace overlay I embroidered the names and birth dates of all of them, 6 in blue-3 sons and 3 grandsons, the last one in PINK. Although it shows a little wear, this garment will be worn by the future great grandkids, until it falls apart. My oldest grandson is only 10 years old…. so it will be a while before it’s put to use again, meanwhile it’s stored in my home.

  2. Linda Christianson says:

    I have only made one christening outfit. It had embroidery work on the skirt and smocking at the top. Given as a gift.

  3. Unfortunately, we were much older in my family before we were christened so there was never a gown for us. However, my niece just had a baby girl and I’m hoping I can make a beautiful gown for her. Then maybe it will also be a family heirloom that will be passed down through the generations.

  4. we were not christened in gowns so there is not an heirloom in our family. However, my niece just had a baby girl and I want to make a gown for her. Hopefully it will be passed down in her own family.

  5. Beth says:

    I made a baptism dress for my daughter and saved it. Then when her little sister came along 16 years later, she also wore it. It is a treasured item that I plan on keeping. Someone once asked me to make a christening outfit for her grandson. I did ( about 30 years ago) and I remember it taking a lot longer than I anticipated! Great memories!

  6. Cathy Martin says:

    I recently machine embroidered christening dates and monograms on a gown of a friend. It was made by someone else from her wedding gown. I had to take a deep breath to before pressing the start button. It turned out beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Janice White says:

    I made all 6 of my daughters’ christening gowns and just last year I made a beautiful gown and cape for my first grandchild. I made it with a lace overskirt that I altered so it was removable, perhaps to become a First Communion veil or maybe even a bridal veil.
    What an honor and what wonderful memories it brought back of the many nights spent sewing these keepsakes for my own children as well as the ones I made for my twin godchildren.

  8. Jeanne Fuelling Brown says:

    I have both the outfits my boys wore some 40 years ago now, but I made a Hardanger Baptismal gown for each of their families to be passed down. But I would certainly love to use both of these resources to make something special for my great grandchildren.

  9. Carol Bartlem says:

    My son is 41 this year . I took the train off my wedding dress and made a christening gown .My 3 sons have worn it and my 5 grand children. We are now expecting our First Great grandchild so it will come out again

  10. Jane C. says:

    I have a special dress that my grandfather wore. Yes, my grandfather! Times were different then. He was probably born around 1870. The dress is all white with a simple filet lace. I wore it for my 3 year old portrait. It is in remarkable condition considering its age. It has not yellowed or been given any special care. My aunt who is 102.5 still has some stories about this family heirloom.

  11. LindaC in AZ says:

    I have the christening gown that was worn by both my older sister and myself. My daughter wore it at her christening also. It is over 50 years old and made of nylon. I guess that was a popular material for christening gowns at one time. It had rather yellowed with age, but the dry cleaner wouldn’t touch it. I followed their instructions to try to whiten it. It was sort of “off-white” when my daughter wore it. LOL It has been some years, but if I remember correctly it is a sheer embroidered nylon dress over what I can only guess (I can’t remember) is an acetate(?) sleeveless shift. I really hope that I can make something new and lovely for any grandchildren. :)

  12. Vwren says:

    I had always planned to make a christening dress for my girls, using handkerchief linen from my wedding dress, but just somehow didn’t get it done when they were babies. When my oldest daughter died suddenly when she was 5, I whacked into the dress to make her a special hair bow for her funeral. As soon as possible, I went ahead and used the rest of the fabric to make a special heirloom sewn Easter dress for my younger daughter as well. I adapted some details from their grandmother’s baby pillow and baby dresses circa 1929 to make the garment even more personal. Sewing on those precious projects was a way to help me cope.

  13. Mary Mac says:

    Yes, All five of my sisters used the same dress. It is now 57 years old. Only one grandchild in this group and she used it to. Still have it in case my niece would like to have it.

  14. jill says:

    We have several traditions going in our family. I had 6 kids. My sons were blessed in a little suit made from scrapes from my wedding dress. My daughters were blessed in a simple organdy blessing/christening gown that I wore and my grandmother had made. Now that my family is having children of their own we have mixed new traditions with old. One granddaughter was blessed in a dress made from her mother’s wedding dress. 3 other granddaughters have been blessed in christening dress I made from a sew beautiful pattern. My youngest daughter choose to bless her daughter in the dress I was blessed in and she was blessed in. I have also made several granddaughters and a grandson outfits made from several of Grandpa’s shirts. It is so fun to sew for my grandkids.

  15. I have made a christening gown for a friends daughter. The gown was made from the wedding gown of the baby’s aunt who had recently died after fighting a long battle of Cervical cancer. It really was an opportunity to do something for a family who had been thru so much and even though it was my first attempt at a christening gown, I felt that the dress was amazing and the family will have this keepsake to pass to their own children.

  16. kim says:

    I didn’t have any special gowns myself so I didn’t have any to pass onto my children. However, I plan on making some nice baby gowns and clothes for my future grandchildren using pintucks, lace, and smocking.
    I sewn some pretty holiday dresses for my daughter when she was younger and I saved the patterns. I am really looking toward to having grandchildren!!

  17. Linda Borntraeger says:

    Our family has not been so fortunate to have such a treasured heirloom in our history, but I do admire the beauty, workmanship, and tradition of the christening gown.

  18. Kathy e. says:

    I have both of the christening outfits my children wore over 20 years ago. They are safely packed away, awaiting grandchildren. If my children would rather have something fancier, I would love to make an heirloom gown using ideas from this contest. My sewing skills have vastly improved over the years and now I have time for special projects like this.

  19. Dawna says:

    My youngest is 34 and I still have her first communion dress I made here when she was 7. I made it in pale pink batiste (she is VERY fair and white washes her out bad). Lace and ribbons on the gathered skirt. Lace on the underskirt. Lace and ribbon on the bodice and around the stand up color and the the cuff of the gathered sleeves. I had only been really sewing a short time. It was a huge undertaking for me and I am sure I did tons of things wrong but there was no internet. That prepared me for her wedding dress 1 years ago which I also made.