Free Coffee Cup Koozie Project

We have the best jobs in the world! Last week, the fine folks at Baby Lock came to our office to unveil all of their new products for 2014. They brought the Ovation serger, Ellisimo Gold II sewing and embroidery machine, the Sashiko machine, the Crescendo sewing and quilting machine and the Melody. We were instructed to sit at a different machine, and then move around the room trying out all of the features of each one. To help, we were given a Coffee Cup Koozie kit and instructions to make the project as we traveled from machine to machine.

The Sew News gals naturally fought over the serger. What a fantastic machine this is! It’s bigger than any other serger I’ve ever seen and has an extra large space to the right of the needle to accommodate layers of fabric. It also has a knee lift and a presser foot lever in front of the machine so it doesn’t catch on any fabric as you serge.

The Ellisimo Gold II has a Needle Beam (light beam) to help in perfect design placement. The light can also be used to indicate your seam allowance. It’s like using a contractor’s laser level on your fabric! The needle cam shows you exactly what is happening on the fabric surface, projected onto the machine screen. If you’re embroidering, it’s nice to see what’s happening from above! This machine does so much for you–there are too many features to list.

I’d better get to the Koozie instructions before I ramble on too much. Visit the web links to see the machines for yourself! And comment below to tell us which machine of the ones I listed above you’d like to see in your sewing room and why. One winner chosen at random from the comments will receive the kit to make your own Koozie, including the template, fabric, interfacing, insulated batting, hair tie, buttons, Baby Lock pin, tape measure, complete with the coffee cup!

baby lock kit 300x225 Free Coffee Cup Koozie Project



Coffee Cup Koozie

Supplies Needed:

two 12″x5″ fabric rectangles

12″x5″ rectangle of insulated batting (such as InsulBrite)

two 12″x5″ rectangles of mediumweight fusible interfacing

small hair tie

2 buttons

pattern template

coordinating threads


Fuse the interfacing rectangles to the fabric wrong sides following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Embellish the fabric in the method of your choosing. Add decorative built-in or Sashiko stitching, machine embroidery, serged chainstitch patterns or bobbinwork. If desired, baste the fabric perimeter to tack the decorative stitches and embellishments in place. Trim the excess threads.

Cut two pieces from the interfaced fabric using the pattern template. Rotate the pattern when cutting out the koozie inside and outside pieces. Or place the fabric right sides together and cut both pieces as one through all layers. If applicable, center any design on the pattern.

Cut out the batting using the pattern template.

Pinch the hair tie together along one end to form a loop. Zigzag stitch over the pinched end to secure the loop to one fabric short-end center.

Layer the fabric pieces right sides together, sandwiching the loop. Place the batting over the upper-fabric wrong side; pin, and then stitch the perimeter, leaving a 4″ opening along the lower edge for turning.

Clip the curves and trim the corners. Turn the koozie right side out; press.

Topstitch the koozie perimeter, closing the opening with the stitches. Fold the koozie and aligning the loop with the button location; mark. Hand sew the button in place. Hand sew the remaining button in place directly behind the first button, making the koozie reversible.

Slip the koozie around the coffee mug and enjoy!


11 225x300 Free Coffee Cup Koozie Project

All finished!



 Free Coffee Cup Koozie Project
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38 Responses to Free Coffee Cup Koozie Project

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  2. Katherin Clayton says:

    Hands down the Ovation! It meets all my sewing requirements. I like the Led lighting, the ability to raise the pressure foot with my knee or use the level in front of the machine. I have to reach around to the left side to do this now. I like the 80+ stitching options and the wider work base. The air threading and no need to adjust the tension is to die for! I can go on and on. LOVE this machine. I have got to go test drive one this weekend. :)

  3. Rachael says:

    Would love, love, love the Ellisimo Gold II with the Needle Beam. Sounds really cool and helpful. I have been wanting to upgrade my sewing/embroidery machine to one with a bigger hoop so this would be amazing!

  4. Pat Scull says:

    The machine I would love to see in my sewing room is the Ovation serger…I love the extra room. It would work much better for hems.

  5. Christie Sanders says:

    Eeny, meeny, miny,mo, I would love to have the Ellisimo. That would be the Ellisimo Gold II sewing and embroidery machine because I would so love to be able to machine embroider! It’s an amazing machine.

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  7. I would LOVE the new Ovation. It would replace my beloved Evolution. The newest features make it top on my wish list, but not in my budget. Baby Lock, hands down, makes the absolute BEST sergers.

  8. I would LOVE the Ovation. I currently have the Evolution and it gets a hug everytime I use it. The new features makes an upgrade very desirable. Unfortunately, it is not in the budget.

  9. Becky G says:

    the Ovation Serger and/or even the Ellisimo Gold II would be a great addition to my studio family :)

  10. Becky G says:

    this is great! I hope to have a newer serger someday…i have an older one which is still good, but doesn’t have any attachments that i can find online, well and trying to rethread it is a trick.

  11. Myrna Goddard says:

    I have 5 sergers at home however I would love to have this one. I was able to get 4 of them second hand and set them up for specific purposes and then don’t change the settings. My first one sits beside my sewing machine and is used every day since I got it. This one would make likfe so easy I might have to pay someone to sew for me.

  12. Lisa Blevins says:

    Ovation Serger!! YAY!!

  13. Cherie says:

    I would want Ellisimo Gold II. I love the idea about the light. My eyes need all the help that they can get. OK, a brand new sewing machine would be great too! :-)

  14. Margie Kitzman says:

    Just the thought of the Sashiko machine gives me the shivers–the good kind. Imagine being able to create the timeless beauty of Sashiko without the frustration of making sure your stitches are *perfectly* placed. I am not good at it at all. But I love the look.

  15. Franzi says:

    I am sewing with a Singer simple so any of these machines will be an amazing upgrade. I would like to see the Ovation Serger in my sewing room because I only recently got into making clothes and I noticed how much easier my life would be with a serger. Plus, it seems like everyone is going NUTS over the ovation and I want to find out myself what the hype is about. ;-)

    Thank you for the tutorial! What a great gift idea!

  16. Shirley A Shelley says:

    I would LOVE to own a serger especially the ovation!!!!Exciting!!!

  17. Johnny says:

    Thanks so much for the tute. These will make great gifts.

  18. Peggy A. says:

    Oh, oh, Santa I have been so very good! Please put an Ovation under my tree. Oh the things we could do–the sewing room will never be the same. Swish goes the thread, zoom goes the needle here come the blankets, dresses, doll clothes, coats, hats, scarves, pajamas, bags… You need what? no problem, I have an Ovation. oh yeah!

  19. Barbara Pierce says:

    I would love any one .. as I do not have the money to get one ..we are on a fixed income.

  20. Heather P says:

    I would Love to have the Ellisimo Gold II Been wanting an embroidery machine… Dreaming of one in fact!!! Thanks for the Tutorial too…. No more burnt Fingers for me and my crowd!!!!

  21. Diane Brun says:

    I’m drawn to the Ovation serger. I help a friend sew flags and banners for dance and a beautiful rolled edge finish is essential to a graceful and strong flag. I also sew costumes for theatre, and parachutes for high power rocketry, so there’s certainly variety. I do need a reliable, smooth serger to construct my projects…. Oh, and a piping hot XL French vanilla coffee from Tim Horton’s in hand, so that calls for a finger protecting cup collar. *smile*

  22. I’ve been drooling over an Ovation. Since I don’t have a serger, this would be the biggest and most practical choice and most helpful for my fledgling little online sewing shop. (But I must confess, I’ve always wanted an embroidery machine and have never had one. LOL So I would definitely choose the Ellisimo Gold II for just pure “hearts desire” reasons. :-) )

  23. Theresa says:

    would love the embroidery machine since could do so many of the features

  24. Vicki Pace says:

    Love it. I would use it on my water bottle.

  25. Carylanne says:

    I’am redoing a sewing room, and personally I would love the full symphony of machines, I started sewing for others in 1982 with my first babylock serger and companion. Those two machines are still being used, not by me but by a friends Mother. I watch the TV stars MsE and MARY , Nancy and many more, showing off these machines. Yes I would invite any and all of them to my studio.

  26. Angelica says:

    I’d love the Ellisimo Gold II-that machine makes doing things so easy! I love that you can watch things on the screen and know that you are getting placement where you want it.

  27. Linda Machaado says:

    I just bought the Ovation and love it. I have two sergers of another brand I’m trying to sell. So I would love to try the Ellismo Gold 11. I have a top of the line in another brand and watching Nancy Zieman constantly makes things look so easy you just have to have one!

  28. Kim Stone says:

    Oh pick me….I don’t have either of those machines!

  29. Julie A. Boster says:

    Hello, would love to see any and all of Baby lock sewing machines in my sewing room! My favorite is the Crescendo. I’m a quilter and the Crescendo sure would fit in my sewing room nicely~ Thank-you!

  30. Judy Dugan says:

    HOT, HOT, HOT… NOT, NOT, NOT! Pretty too.

  31. Kim M Harrington says:

    I have both the Ellisimo and the Evolution in my sewing room, so I would like to see the Ovation in there. I would love all that space to the right of the presser foot!

  32. Billye Watson says:

    I’d love to have the Ellisimo Gold II! I want to extend my sewing prowess; learn new skills is my motto. I’m going to make the koozie for Christmas presents!

  33. Maggie Potter says:

    I would love to see the Ellismo II in my sewing room. I have the Ellageo 3 since 2004 and think its about time to upgrade.

  34. Linda50 says:

    I enjoy serging and would love to have the new Ovation.

  35. Irene Cole says:

    The machine I would most like to see in my sewing room is the Ellisimo Gold II. Why? Because I don’t have an embroidery machine as yet and that machine would be put to very good use.

  36. Tina R says:

    Oh Dear, I have to pick just one? I went and looked at Baby Lock today, they didn’t have the Ovation or Ellismo Gold II in stock but told me about them! Those would be the two I would want to see in my sewing room! I use to have an embroidery and serger but didn’t have room for them after divorcing and moving to a small place so I gave them to my niece and actually never was really happy with them (another brand) and I have just started sewing again after 7 years and would just love to have these machines because I have heard such great things about them!! I have started doing more things I want to do because I have just gotten over a two year battle with Breast Cancer and life is way too short not to enjoy and do a few things you just want to do!! I also hope I win this Koozie giveaway!

  37. Kimberly N says:

    I’d want Ellismo Gold II! I’m already a big Baby Lock fan and I’ve been told embroidery machines are quite fun. ;)

  38. lissaemtb says:

    Could work on my freezer glass too!