How to use Flickr – A tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to use Flickr. You can click on any image to enlarge.

Sign up

First thing you need to do is go to Flickr and sign up if you don’t have an account. After you hit the bright pink “SIGN UP FOR FLICKR” button the login screen will look like this:

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 3.37.31 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialYou have options in creating a new account. You can create a new account via Facebook, Yahoo or Google. I use Google, so it was simple to create an account with my existing Google account. If you don’t have any Facebook, Google or Yahoo account you will need to hit the blue “Create New Account” button and it will direct you on how to set up a Yahoo account in order to be on Flickr.

Once I log on to Flickr this is what my screen looks like. Yours may be different because I already have images on it. Don’t panic.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 3.38.59 PM1 How to use Flickr   A tutorialUPLOAD PHOTOS

You will need to upload photos before you can be a part of a group. This is security message installed by Flickr. Plus, it allows you to get comfortable with uploading images to your Flickr page. You will upload images to your Groups in the same way.

My page already has a few images on it so your screen won’t look quite like mine. Simply move your cursor to the ‘Upload’ link to the right of the ‘You’ link.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 3.53.23 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialThis is what the screen should look like after you hit ‘Upload’.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 3.56.47 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialNow is the time to drag and drop photos in or hit the pink button and your desktop or documents folder that is located on your computer will pop up and you can search for images to upload. Click on the desired image and follow the prompts that your particular operating system (computer) gives.

This is what my screen looks like after I selected an image off my hard drive.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 4.02.34 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorial

You must hit the blue button to the right of the screen. I’ve circled in in red. You will be prompted asking if you are sure you want to preform this action. Click the appropriate response.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 4.02.34 PM copy How to use Flickr   A tutorial

You can edit images here in the area that I’ve circled below in red. You can add descriptions, tags, add to a specific set (which we can go over later) and so forth.

Screen Shot 2editing How to use Flickr   A tutorialAnd, now this is what my screen looks like. You can see the new photo in the left area of the screen.

Screen Shot 2013 09 06 at 4.07.22 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorial


Go to the left side of the screen, right next to the flickr link. If you hit the You link a drop down menu will appear. Here you will find  Sets – Maps – Galleries  – Organize and other links. If you click on Sets this will take you to the Sets that you’ve eventually will create. Sets are just groupings of photos, You could make a Set of ‘Pincushions’ for example and have all the images of your pincushions contained in this Set.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.13.17 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialYou will see below that I have a Sewing Buddy Set. I can add more photos of my ‘sewing buddy’ here. To the right is a link to make a new set. Just click on that and follow the prompts to create a new Set. You can edit the settings for sets too. Just follow the prompts as they pop up.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.18.21 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialIf you want a different view, one that preforms and looks like the ‘old’ Flickr, click on Edit and this is what your page will look like.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.31.35 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorial


Going to the Communities drop down menu will present the options to view your groups you belong to, search for groups and create you own group if you should like.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.20.10 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorialAfter you’ve added a few photos to your own photo stream it is now time to join a Sew News Flickr Group. I’ve already created a few groups like Sew Your Support, Sew News Reader Projects, CME Flickr Group and the Belle Handbag Sew Along.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.50.20 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorial

To search for a group, put in the title of the group. Below you will see I put in Sew Your Support and hit Enter and the group should show up. I say should because it appears that Flickr has some issue that even if you put in the name exactly as it is, it won’t show up. Even if you go under Communities – Search Groups doesn’t work. I’ve tested it and a photo of a horse comes up. A better alternative is to put the name of the group in your browsers search bar along with ‘Flickr Groups’ and hit enter.

You add photos to groups the same way you add photos as an individual, explained above.

You will see a ‘Join’ link near the group you’ve picked. Click on the ‘Join’ and it will prompt with questions. Some groups are closed or by invite only. You can join as many groups as you like and they can all be managed in the Group List area which is under Communities.

Once you join a group you can post your photos related to the group, start discussions and ask questions. You will add photos first to your photostream AND then add to whatever group. This way if you leave a group you will always have the photo on your personal photostream. When you are on the Group page you will see a link to ‘Add Photos’ – circled in blue. And proceed to add photos as discussed above.

Screen Shot 2013 09 27 at 11.53.51 AM 1024x437 How to use Flickr   A tutorial

All groups are  administrated and moderated by the owner of the group. The rules for this group are to play nice, no swearing, no nudity, this is a G-rated group so even kids can post pics of their projects and have fun!

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 12.55.40 PM How to use Flickr   A tutorial

And, that is about it. There are other features to Flickr which can easily be found by exploring around a bit and clicking here and there. If you have questions please put them in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

Thanks and I can’t wait to see YOU on Flickr!

 How to use Flickr   A tutorial

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16 Responses to How to use Flickr – A tutorial

  1. marci says:

    Sorry, still baffled. Almost every website I am a member of has a login with id & password text boxes for me to enter my credentials. But when I go to I see no such opportunity to login (even though I am a Yahoo! member)?!?
    Sad & confused,

  2. Maja says:

    I see a beautiful picture of a crochet pillow on Flickr so I clicked on it trying to get the pattern to make it and I can’t find the pattern anywhere. Is Flickr just a photo album? It was a nice crochet pillow for my sons house. Thanks!

    • Jill says:

      Flickr is basically a photo album. Sometimes members of Flickr will leave links to their sites or blogs if they are selling a pattern.

  3. Cherry Ashton says:

    Hi, I have managed to join Flickr, but now seem to have two pages with my name. How do I delete one?
    Thanks, look forward to solving problem

  4. David Gerrard says:

    How do I get rid of the line under the senders Hi message ! which reads ……….. (David Gerrard) shared their flickr albums with you

    Then there is the Album title ..which is fine – it just brings up the Album I intended to send.
    If one clicks on the [ blue ] One gets to see my entire photostream … hundreds of images
    I DO NOT WANT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do I have to do in the settings to avoid this ?
    I refuse to send any albums out where the recipient can see ALL my photostream images,
    Please respond to davidgerrard@btinternet & also to

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  9. Missy says:

    Thank you for the walk thru to join Flicker. Can’t wait to start the bag!

    • Jill says:

      Can’t wait to see what you do! Plus, I just posted on Facebook there is free shipping from if you don’t have your pattern yet.


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