Hospital Gown Tutorials

Yours truly has a baby on the way. I’m super excited to grow a little bump that I can dress with cute maternity clothes (not an oxymoron, I promise you). But what about when I get to the hospital? Yes, my brain has jumped ahead 5 months already and begun obsessing over that day.

I recently learned that you can bring your own gown with you for your hospital stay. Needless to say, I was immediately on board with that plan. With all the pictures that will likely be happening, who wants to be immortalized in an oversized sheet that washes you out? Plus, if you’re like me, looking fabulous is a pretty important confidence boost when meeting a very strange and scary day.

An Internet search for “hospital gown tutorial” yields some great results. Check out this one from the Crafty Cupboard, complete with a free pattern.

Wouldn’t this be adorable in a little animal print, like this one from Michael Miller?

 Hospital Gown Tutorials

Or this pretty pink birdies print?

 Hospital Gown Tutorials

Here’s another popular free pattern from Lazy Girl Designs that many of the tutorials reference.

Most hospital gown patterns work for maternity purposes, but some tutorials are specifically geared for the new mom.

Have you ever made a hospital gown? Would you?

 Hospital Gown Tutorials
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7 Responses to Hospital Gown Tutorials

  1. Nicole says:

    when you print the pattern do you need to put it to 100% to print to make the pattern the exact size?


  2. Joanie says:

    Having a gown like this is great. I’m a L&D nurse and new moms love to look nice for when they have visitors. Hospital gowns aren’t always nice or soft fabric either.

  3. Karen Poole says:

    Ugh, make a hospital gown for myself?? NO WAY!! Having just spent 8 days in the hospital for pneumonia and sepsis, I could care less what the gown looked like as long as I was covered and I didn’t have to wash it!! Now for other reasons I probably would, in fact I have downloaded some programs from the Nancy’s Notions website (Kreative Kindness) they have all kinds of patterns for various reasons for vets and disabled people etc, I had found them and printed some out to make for my Mom who was in a long term care facility, but she passed away before I was able to make any!

  4. Mary Mac says:

    Having worked in the medical system for the past 40 years, I love seeing patients wear their own gowns or PJs, but I have never tried to make a gown.

  5. Carol K E says:

    I second the suggestion that one use only 100% cotton. Make sure that the fabric is opaque so that one could walk in the hall without others seeing what may be underneath. Also be sure that any ties fasten at the side. I also found that one could wear the gown backwards for better breastfeeding access. If you are adding nursing slits, make sure that they are placed appropriately for your figure. some women may also need additional length to the nursing access to accommodate for larger breasts.

  6. Michelle Shamp says:

    No I haven’t but if I met someone that needed them I would love to make them!

  7. Gayle says:

    Be sure to use 100% cotton … very hormone friendly and you will be much more comfortable while trying to get the last sleep you will have for awhile!