Button Bracelet Tutorial

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Use your extra, mismatched or specialty buttons to make a one-of-a-kind button bracelet.

IMG 4455 1024x768 Button Bracelet TutorialMaterials Needed

IMG 4454 1024x768 Button Bracelet Tutorial

  1. Chain link bracelet with or without clasp
  2. Assorted buttons with shank attached
  3. Jump rings in matching color to chain link bracelet
  4. Jewelry pliers

button back completed  1024x768 Button Bracelet Tutorial

Display the chosen buttons on a table and experiment with layout and color combinations. For a really dense bracelet plan on placing one button on per link. For a less dense bracelet place buttons every three or more links alternating sides of chain.

IMG 4457 1024x529 Button Bracelet TutorialTake the chain link and measure where you will need it to fit comfortably on your wrist. Mark with a bit of scotch tape.

T0 shorten the length on the bracelet simply remove the necessary links from the chain.

Once the layout has been determined take one jump ring and using the pliers gently, with a slight twisting  motion spread the ring open.

IMG 4458 1024x768 Button Bracelet Tutorial

Thread it through the shank of the first button. Next, thread the opened jump ring with the button on it through the chain link and pinch the jump ring closed with the pliers.

IMG 4459 1024x768 Button Bracelet TutorialJump ring attached to bracelet chain.

IMG 4461 1024x768 Button Bracelet TutorialAlternate sides when attaching the buttons. Do this until all the buttons you have chosen are on the chain link. If you don’t like they way it’s looking you can easily remove the jump ring and re-attach.

Here is the back side of an bracelet I made earlier. This one is quite dense with a button on every ring.

IMG 4456 1024x768 Button Bracelet TutorialWhen all the buttons are on the chain link, wrap the bracelet across your wrist to make sure the buttons and placement are to your liking. Check to make sure it’s comfortable and if it’s the appropriate length.  If not make adjustments now. To secure with a clasp follow the same procedure as attaching the jump rings.

The chain links come in a variety of finishes such as black, copper toned, patina, silver and ‘antique’.

IMG 4476 1024x780 Button Bracelet TutorialOnce you make one bracelet you’ll never look at lost and mismatched buttons in the same way. This bracelet could easily be made into a necklace. All the possibilities!

If you make a button bracelet or necklace put it on our Sew News Flickr page by January 31st and you’ll be entered to win a prize!

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 Button Bracelet Tutorial

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  1. Deborah says:

    Thanks for the tutorial I really like the look of the button bracelets.

  2. ~anna~ says:

    Now I know what to do with those stray buttons…off to check the button box. Thanks