TGIFree Stuff Friday! Keeping track of all your creative thoughts

amy butler journal TGIFree Stuff Friday! Keeping track of all your creative thoughts

all images  from amy butler

It’s Friday and we all know that means, Free Stuff Friday. Plus, there are a couple of winners that need to be announced.

First, for FSF and in celebration of the Amy Butler Sew-Along happening on Monday February 3rd today’s giveaway is a lovely Amy Butler Design journal. Made in her characteristic modern botanical inspired prints and lovely color schemes, this journal will have you writing down all your creative thoughts with ease. Every page has a geometric or floral print on it making the blank pages almost too pretty to write on. But, write on it you will! Plan you sewing year, jot down pattern numbers, all your amazing measurements! Plan – Do – Sew!

open npage TGIFree Stuff Friday! Keeping track of all your creative thoughts

all images from amy butler

And, with that we have the question of the day: In this high tech age do you still use a journal with old fashion pen and paper to jot down your sewing plans or other creative thoughts? Or do you favor the tablet or other electronic devices to keep you dreams and inspiration organized and at the ready.

Give me the details and I’ll announce the winner on Friday!

As for the winners of the last Free Stuff Friday held way back on January 10 it is Beth K! When asked how she stays/gets creative she said it best – hanging out with creative friends gives her a jump start to her creativity. Nice indeed! Beth K won the book Sew Charming by Derksema and Junor.

And, for the winner of our  Flickr giveaway it is Soul_Sister! Thank you all for joining the sew-along on Flickr and please stay tuned for more Sew News Sew-Along giveaways!

Ladies please stay tuned to your inbox, I will be sending you an email and directions on how to get your gifts!

 TGIFree Stuff Friday! Keeping track of all your creative thoughts

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48 Responses to TGIFree Stuff Friday! Keeping track of all your creative thoughts

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  2. Evelyn says:

    It’s graph paper, pen, and highlighters for me.

  3. Judith Baker says:

    I love to use a journal/book of some type. I also paint, so embellishing my pages is part of my creativity. Writing my ideas, plans and dreams with beautiful collages, paintings, etc. is joyous in itself.

  4. Mary Fortuna says:

    I use a spiral notebook. I use it for measurements for my bridal clients, and what fabric to use etc. I also list what I have promised to complete, like veil, garter, etc. I slo use it to plan out patterns that I need to create. This is a great thing because I keep a history of everything that I make. I like going through the memories!

  5. I usually find my inspiration on the web, so I save photos of items into a folder of “things to make”. The problem is that then I forget to even look there and never make most of them!

  6. Sandi Cunningham says:

    Yep “LISTS.” Been making list for ages. I am now starting a thin plastic report cover which has 2 side pockets and those 3-hole page tabs. Now I have a place for all my idea instead of 3, 4, 5, or more notebooks that have all, literally ALL the notes I make while surfing the web. The pockets hold cutouts pictures from magazines and small notebook pages.
    There’s something about pen and paper that is just inherent in my makeup and making my lists of TO DO. Sometimes I keep the page even after I’ve crossed most of it off. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to read it. I feel useful. :D yeah!

  7. MelodyJ says:

    Old school pen and paper. Last summer I started art journaling.

  8. Ernie Acuna says:

    I wouldn’t think of using anything but pencil and paper. I just old school I guess. I would be afraid that putting much needed info into electronic form and loosing it all. My computer has been miss behaving lately and I had to format everything. Pen and Paper! That’s the way to go.

  9. Kelli says:

    I use a notebook for my ideas and patterns. I like being able to look back and coloring the patterns.

  10. Patti Avery says:

    I love using paper and pen/pencil. The feel of the two seems to feed my creative juices. I also feel unrestrained as I plan my next sewing project, the same feeling I have while sewing!

  11. Marlene Hein says:

    i write them down on paper & then put them in a binder. my binder keeps growing fatter/bigger. i have way to-o-o-o many projects & ideas then i have time to sew. i wish i was getting younger instead of older, so i could get more sewing projects done!! :)

  12. Helen J. says:

    I use pinterest and a smash book.

  13. Jill Carlucci says:

    I am forever looking for the pad of paper I was writing on. It’s my daughter that is the organized persons that always has everything written down with her organized notebook. She was saying earlier today how much she likes Amy Butler designs when she was looking at fabric online. I would love to give her this notebook!

  14. Sandi Gasper says:

    Even though I love my iPad. I just went back to a notebook/journal. I carry it with me at all times. Never hesitate to bring it out!

  15. Michele gillombardo says:

    I have a small red notebook that I can take with me with my ideas, wish list and amounts of fabric I need to purchase for my current projects. I love to jot down notes in it or slip in a photo for future ideas.

  16. nel fraker says:

    I use graph paper to design my quilts.

  17. robin lucier says:

    I use both. I prefer paper and pencil because I can easily sketch an idea out. However if not available I have typed out a long and detailed description of what I’m thinking, and sometimes add a photo of what inspired me. Stay creative.

  18. Sheila says:

    I always use pen and paper.I guess I am old school,haven’t got to the point of doing much on the tablets.

  19. Julie Partridge says:

    I use pad & pen/pencil. I doodle whilst on phone calls & sometimes I’ve doodles my next idea. Good tip Always have paper & pen handy

  20. Debrah says:

    I use a journal and a wipe board. I jot down ideas on paper and sketches in a sketch book. Then I write projects down on the wipe board to keep track…I currently have 16 projects on the board,

  21. Carol K E says:

    I keep files in my computer and have several folders in my sewing room for projects I may want to do. I do not keep records of projects completed unless I think I may want to repeat them. Perhaps I should start — I see several great ideas in the posted comments. Thanks to all for the inspiration.

  22. Loretta T says:

    I have a notebook that I keep track of what I made, for whom, gift or special order and cost. It helps me to keep track at the end of year when I wonder where every thing went because I know I spent alot of time at my sewing machine.

  23. Lawana Whaley says:

    just can’t seem to be very eloquent and the words don’t flow well somehow when I use a key board… so my journals are all hand written ….

  24. Mary Mangum says:

    I write a daily journal about my life on my laptop. For quilting I use paper and pencil for notes and designing as my computer is not in my sewing room.

  25. Jan Brannan says:

    I love to read notes, even recipes in the handwriting of my mother and grandmothers. We have lost the magic of being able to see words written in journal or cookbooks. Everything now is about technology. I still prefer a pen and paper.

  26. Roberta Perpich says:

    I keep a journal of projects completed. I have pages for ever changing measurements of my grandchildren and others I sew for regularly. I include fabric swatches and design ideas I want to do. I also keep track of projects I do for others that include the time involved and any items I had to buy to complete so I have that when figuring out what to charge.

  27. Pamela says:

    I like pen and paper for so many things. I draw sketches and write at different angles and slants to express my thought processes. And sometimes I just need to touch and feel things and technology takes that part away.

  28. Miranda says:

    I use both. When I’m out and about and creative inspiration strikes, I will make a note on my phone for later. It’s very helpful. I do love to keep an old school journal, but I’ve been behind on that lately. A pretty journal would make it much easier to find time to sit and write. :) I’ve always been a pen and paper girl, and my daughter inherits that, too.

  29. Dixie Ball says:

    Writing ideas down along with pictures is the perfect way to remember what inspired you while you were out.

  30. Anne Crosby-Haag says:

    I keep a sewing journal for a way to keep track of my mistakes and how I corrected them. I still write in a notebook , it’s easier to keep track of things right by my side for whenever I need it! Writing is important! Sewing is a passion!55

  31. Linda Kammermann says:

    Old school style. I like pen/paper method as I write individual plans for whatever project or upcoming projects plus brainstorming a creation (like the beginning of lyrics in a song, but not finished). When written down, the notes or journal is in front of my sewing machine filed and ready to go for when I want to make my machines sing in harmony!

  32. Mona Johnson says:

    I use to use the scrap paper method (lol), but that system wasn’t quick enough for me, I spent way too much time searching. So, when I saw the spiral notebooks on sale at Walmart for 19 cents ( right before school started), I changed to the notebook method. Plus, I have a file made for each customer. My notebooks look messy, but that’s okay, when I have time I update my files. I have been looking for covers for my notebooks so they too would look pretty/creative in my sewing room. These Journals would look so pretty in my sewing room. And, would also get my creative juices flowing.

  33. Jeanne says:

    Organized? LOL STC (scared the cat)….I have a combination of computer files and piles that need to be filed!

  34. Debra J Webb says:

    I love books, fabric, paper, ephemera, charms, gems, glitter, feathers, pot pourri, etc. to create arts, crafts, mixed medias, art quilts, jewelry, fashions, scrapbooks, cards and decor including refashioned repurposed recycled clip boards, notebooks and journals.
    I try to find uses for and create inspiring things from my stash in my home studio.
    Blessings! ;-)

  35. Mary Rose says:

    I have for the last few years used a artist sketch book for a daily journal of info from internet , problems,phone calls etc. Then when I need or want answer I look back through my journals.

  36. Marlene Stockard says:

    I use a sketch journal and pencil/pen. That way I can draw out my ideas and write out my notes.

  37. BJMarley says:

    I love paper note pads and journals, but I’m organizationally challenged and tend to misplace them. So I try to copy everything to my computer or google docs as well.

  38. Peggy says:

    I’m still writing things down on paper.. May be old fashioned but it helps me remember things when I’ve taken the time to really focus on the idea and write it out. I’m especially fond of sticky notes. Unfortunately, they tend to be hanging everywhere in my sewing room. :) Help me get organized and keep all my notes in one pretty spot please….

  39. Alisha S. says:

    I use my computer and bookmark websites and I use Pinterest. I also will save files as a .pdf for later use. I also go old school and use a notebook and write down ideas and for projects that I completed I staple in swatches of fabrics that I used, the thread color, pattern number and any other information pertaining to the project.

  40. kathleen moloney says:

    You cannot beat a notebook and pen.. I find useing my tablet slower than i can write all my notes out.
    I find it easier to sort my notes.

  41. Eileen Kay says:

    I make lots of notes, but none are very organized. One notebook for sewing projects, one for embroidery, one for family projects…..a beautiful journal like this would be a welcome addition to my project closet. It could be divided accordingly, and save me lots of frustrating time, searching….. Amy Butler creates such lovely designs!

  42. laura says:

    i still use pen paper cayons

  43. Alice LaCoste says:

    I can write down my plans and lists quicker than I can put into my phone. Although, I do use my notes to keep track of pattern numbers that I want to buy when they are on sale. I also find my thoughts come easier when I actually write things out.

  44. I jot things down on scraps, notebooks and pads of paper. Yes, I am also searching when I need it! I need dividers, or a more organized mind.

  45. Calla Ferguson says:

    I keep a small note pad next to me to jot things down. Then I spend a lot of time searching thru the pages for what I want!! I never thought of a journal…duh!

  46. mary mac says:

    I don’t have a pretty journal like the ones here. I do have bits and pieces of scrap paper that I have in a shoe box, yes a shoe box.

  47. Vi says:

    I still use a notebook and pen/pencil. I also include snips of fabric or yarn from the current project in the notebook. It’s always on-hand to refer to and I don’t have to wait for a computer to warm up to access the information! I would love an Amy Butler notebook! Gee, the woman who commented above me sounds a lot like myself!

  48. Cherie says:

    I do use a notebook and pen. Just the process of writing out my sewing plans makes me feel good. I also like to glue a piece of the fabric that I am using in my project. It’s a good reminder to me for later reference. Plus, it’s fun to look back and see what I’ve sewn.