Free Stuff Friday – Sew gifts for friends and family

Screen Shot 2014 02 07 at 9.27.57 AM Free Stuff Friday   Sew gifts for friends and familyIf you are ever at a loss as to what to make for friends and family, the book Sew Gifts: 25 Handmade Gift Ideas From Top Designers will give you all the inspiration you need. Packed with all sorts of sew-y goodness that anyone would be thrilled to receive. There are 25 projects all presented with a modern, fresh twist.

Answer the question below to be entered to win today’s giveaway.

What was the most memorable gift you made for a friend or family member. Or what was the most disastrous gift you made or possibly received.  Do give all the gory details on that one, please!

Plus, I  must announce the winners from last weeks FREE Stuff Friday plus, the Meet the Designer post featuring Jennifer Beeman!

For FREE Stuff Friday the winner is Debra J! She won the Amy Butler journal!

And for the Meet the Designer post the winner is Sandi G! And, she won the Mona Luna pattern, fabric and Scissor Buddy!

I will be in touch with you two ladies shortly so that you can send me your mailing addresses.

Happy Sewing!


 Free Stuff Friday   Sew gifts for friends and family

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161 Responses to Free Stuff Friday – Sew gifts for friends and family

  1. Bridgette Busby says:

    My greatest gift was a heart shaped pillow my sister and I created for my grandmother when she turned 90 years young. We also created the tote bag for her to place her Bibles in when she attended church. It was such a wonder and joy to see her face light up when she noticed the pillow had ninty pennies attached for her special day. My Mom was right that this would bring joy and memories of this day….

  2. Pat Collins says:

    My most memorable gift I made was for my brother in law who was hospitalized. I made a four foot soft sculpture Hawaiian doll, complete with bra and grass skirt The best part was that she was anatomically correct. No one could resist pulling down her bra for a quick peek. I sent it to him at the hospital where the nurses had “Lily” seated on a chair in his room. It provided him with a lot of extra attention! That doll is still on display in his home.

  3. Lynn B says:

    Most memorable gift was a purse for a family member. I made it in her favorite colors. I gave it to her several years ago, but I still am told how much she loves it and about all the compliments she gets when she carries it. Reminds me of the reason we take the time and effort to make things– to make people happy!

  4. Betty Domal says:

    Mon 2/10/14 – just got this email today so may too late to enter contest
    I guess the most memorable quilt I have made for someone is on with alternating blocks of red barns and green tractors I made for my great nephew who will soon be nine. I don’t remember for sure his age when I made it, but I think he was four or five. About a year ago a seam had gotten ripped a little and my sister-in-law brought it to me to mend it for him. She was going to do it but he said “Aunt Betty made it, she has to fix it”. So of course I did.

  5. Gay Shaw says:

    All I’m looking for is the pattern for the zippered pouch in the Feburary/March Sew News Magazine. It says to download the zippered pouch pattern at – but it’s no where to be found. It’s very frustrating,

  6. Donna Lucas says:

    I was proudest of an evening dress and jacket that I had made years ago. The fabric for the jacket was handwoven (I used to weave) from 1/4″ nylon organdy ribbons. The fluttery cap sleeves looked like gossamer wings!

  7. Vonda says:

    I made a quilt in 1990 for my hubby, he is a hunter so I painted every square with deer, hunting dogs, hunting men with orange vest and camo, men with guns and dogs. Every square different took me 6 months worked on it everyday except Sundays. He loves his quilt he has taken it all over the place, he worked out of town on shut downs, two of our grandsons recently asked where did he get his blanket? He told them I made it, they asked why he told them because I love him, they said she loves us how come we don’t have one??? So now I need to make them one now! The worst thing I made was a pair of pants, I sewed the pants up wrong the leg in the other it was bad lol !!! That was many years ago.. Ha …

  8. Terry Senko says:

    My friend was devastated when her dog of 16 years passed away. Her dog had always slept in her arms, so I made her a memory pillow featuring a picture of her dog printed on timeless treasures fabric. Nothing can take the place of her beloved dog, but she tells me she finds comfort holding fast to that pillow as she goes to sleep.

  9. Val says:

    I made a set of napkins and table cloth to include in a picnic basket that I donated to a non profit organization. I used a red and cream colored heavy weight gingham fabric. I then embroidered an ants picnic parade on the table cloth. On each napkin I embroidered an ant carrying a piece of cake away. I made each piece of cake a different flavor to easily identify whose napkin was whose. I loved the set so much I almost did not include it in the basket!

    The basket ended up bringing in several hundred dollars for the organization because of the table cloth and napkin set. I was tickled pink to know my time and talent was able to help out this worthy organization.

  10. Debbie says:

    My most memorable thing I can think of that I made was a mermaid dress for my granddaughter. She was in love with Ariel and wanted a dress that cost $90 and she was only 2. I made it with sparkly turquoise skirt with a big ruffle on the bottom. It had a purple bra on top. She was in love with it. She still wears it today, and it is 2 sizes too small.

  11. Vicki Knight says:

    My most memorable quilt was given to my daughter’s new parents-in-law when we first met in December last year. It was an Attic Windows quilt with a Christmas theme with lots of beading and embellishing. Tarja was bowled over by the quilt and before I knew what was happening the aerial photo of their farm was off the wall and her husband Peeka was sent out to the shed to find nails and a rod to hang it on. I have been waiting about six years to have a quilt hung at home and was astounded to see this one on the wall at super fast speed. Everyone who came to the house while we were staying with them was taken to see the quilt in pride of place in the living room.