Fun With Cuddle Fabrics – Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

twistytwirlyscarf 500 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway! Shannon Fabrics has a lovely line of Cuddle Fabrics with prints and selections that will please anyone on your sewing “To-Do List”. It’s not just for baby blankets, but can be made into chic scarves, capes and luxurious wraps. So, not only do we have a tutorial to use Cuddle fabric in a classic infinity scarf but also a giveaway!

Leave a comment here on the blog if you have or have not used Cuddle fabric and what you made or would like to make. Two lucky winners will be picked to win Shannon Fabrics Twisty Twirly Scarf project which includes directions, notions and fabric to make a Twisty Twirly Scarf as seen below. Or use it to make an infinity scarf or even two. The Cuddle Fabric shown below is from the Soft Cuddle Collection, see more of their line HERE.

TwistyScarf Zebra1 210x300 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!TwistyScarf1 210x300 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!






SN 500 Square Logo tutorials 300x300 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!Here is an easy infinity scarf tutorial that is easy to make with Cuddle Fabric and is great as a gift or make one for yourself. The scarf made below is made long, but the scarf can easily be made shorter to accommodate personal taste.

finished 2  300x283 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

First a few tips when sewing with Cuddle Fabric.

  1. Cuddle fabric does shed. Shake the fabric out once you get it to free loose ‘fur’. If you have a hand vac for your sewing room use it to pick up excess fur around your sewing area or use a lint roller to pick up fibers.
  2. This fabric does shift, but takes well to pinning so don’t hesitate to pin to keep layers from shifting.
  3. Use a ball point needle when sewing Cuddle fabric.
  4. Don’t use an iron without a pressing cloth, if you do use an iron keep the temperature low.

For more great tips on sewing with Cuddle fabric check out the Cuddle Tips and Tricks page from Shanon Fabrics, and find more tutorials for this super fun fabric!

Supplies for an Infinity Scarf

Long Scarf – finished, scarf measures 47″ around and 14″ wide

  1. Fabric – 15″ x 84″ of Cuddle Fabric
  2. Straight pins
  3. Matching thread
  4. Removable fabric marker

Sew It

  1. Fold fabric in half, with right sides of fabric facing each other and matching long cut edges. Pin together.
  2. Beginning 2″ from one end, stitch long edge in a ½” seam. Stop stitching 2″ from other end.
  3. Turn scarf right side out.photo7 225x300 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!
  4. Open short ends of scarf.
  5. Place short ends with right sides together, lining up cut edges. Pin.
  6. Stitch short edges together in a ½” seam.photo3 225x300 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!
  7. Turn scarf so that seam allowances roll to the inside.
  8. Slip stitch opening closed.

Shannon Fabrics has a great kit with all you need to make for a infinity scarf, or follow the tutorial included to make a Twisty Twirly Scarf from Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Fabric.

Again, I made this infinity scarf extra long, but it could easily be made half the length for something short and chic. finished 1 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

Hope you like the tutorial and post pics of your creations on the Sew News Flickr page. We’d love to see what you’ve made with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Fabric!

 Fun With Cuddle Fabrics   Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

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47 Responses to Fun With Cuddle Fabrics – Infinity Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

  1. Sheila Cocco says:

    I have used Shannon’s Cuddle fabric to back quilts and have recently finished Later Gator as a gift. I don’t use batting because the fabric is amazing on its own! My local shop does not carry the scarf kits or any of the animal prints so this scarf would be aaaaammmazing!!!!

  2. Carrie Cunningham says:

    I’ve only used cuddle cloth once…to make a jacket. I make infinity scarves all the time. Now I will have to try cuddle fabric for scarves!

  3. Grandma Helen says:

    I have used cuddle fabrics for backing on flannel baby blankets to make them ultra snuggly for my grandchildren. I have not tried using it for anything else – - yet!

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  5. Jess Z says:

    I haven’t used cuddle fabric, but it looks so lush! I’d make scarves, throw blankets, baby blankets, bibs and pillows. Can’t wait to order some and make something!

  6. Sandi Gasper says:

    Love Infinity Scarves…I like to put a twist in mine before stitching the short ends together. Have not made one with the cuddle fabric yet…perfect for next winter!

  7. Linda Steaples says:

    I do have some of their fabric already here at home. I bought it awhile back for bibs and baby blankets but it is so soft and cuddley that I hate to cut it up. LOL but I will soon but a scarf of tbis material would be just AWESOME!! Thanks for a great giveaway…Linda

  8. Lori Morton says:

    I won a Cuddle blanket kit last year….from Shannon Fabrics! It was fun to make…and EXTRA cozy this winter!! AWESOME fabric!! :)

  9. Eileen Mueller says:

    I used cuddle for a baby ribbon blankie.

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  11. Orvalee Roe says:

    I have not used this fabric before and have been wanting to try it. I purchased a scarf a couple of years ago in a similar fabric and love it. I would definitely try my hand at making my own version of this scarf.

  12. Joyce Andersen says:

    I have made a neck warmer from this fabric- turned out really cute! The pattern is from Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits With Confidence. Quick and easy, and really cozy to wear!

  13. Debrah says:

    I have made 4 tag blankies with cuddle fabric for the backing. I was very intimidated by the fabric but they turned out fine. I love the idea of a fuzzy scarf! I would love to win this prize!

  14. says:

    I have never used cuddle fabric either. I just recently saw it for the first time at a local quilt store and only thought of baby items to make with it. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Niki says:

    I have not used cuddle fabric yet myself, but have been the recipient of several cuddle fabric projects. I’m dying to try it myself!!

  16. Tambra Vandal says:

    I would of never thought to make a scarf from cuddle fabric, but why not! It makes perfect since, now that I’ve seen it!

  17. Audrey says:

    I’ve never used Cuddle, but hear about it, and can almost “feel” it rubbing my cheek. Would love to try it before grands get any older~

  18. wilma kuehl says:

    I would like to make a shawl from this lovely fabric.

  19. tina jachetta says:

    I love this fabric! I purchased 3 different colors at the sew expo..b/w/gray, b/w/pink/green and a beige. I loved the project and kept one scarf for myself and gave the other 2 away. Great project for a give a way!

  20. Joni Redman says:

    That would make a wonderful scarf especially since cuddle fabric is so soft to the touch.

  21. Suzanne C. says:

    I have never used cuddle fabric. I would use it to make an infinity scarf. It really does look soft and cuddly.

  22. Sue Corcoran says:

    Have never tried Cuddle fabrics but definitely will. That scarf looks so “cuddly” Can’t wait to make one.

  23. Sandra balisky says:

    I have used cuddle fabric for baby blankets and I’ve seen it used for fingerless gloves – i love this fabric!

  24. Melissa Cooper says:

    I have used this type fabric once to make an infinity scarf for myself in November. I live in Michigan and it has been amazingly warm and comfy all winter. It washes quite well. I made many for Christmas gifts using stretchy fleece mainly due to lack of finding the Cuddle fabric locally.

  25. jeannie says:

    Looks great! I must make this for my daughter.

  26. Grace Burke says:

    Would love to make for my Grand Daughter whom I miss Very Much!

  27. Jane Meier says:

    As our weather continues to be extra cold I am tempted to make more warm scarves to keep the arthritis in control. I would love to try this fabric.

  28. Ann says:

    I have never seen the cuddle fabric. It looks like fun to work with. I would make something for my Grand Daughter for Easter.

  29. collette says:

    I have never used this fabric. What a wonderful idea. I would love to make theseas gifts. It would be like sending a hug.

  30. Anita Eichelberger says:

    Are these fabrics available at Hancock Fabrics in the Chicago area?

  31. Peggy A says:

    Have not used it. I thought it would be too hard to manage. Thanks for the tips. Would love to have something cuddly and warm to end the winter chill

  32. Carol K E says:

    This is the softest fabric ever. I have made snugglies for our grand children. I also cover travel pillows with a lap backed case — I love the softness next to my skin.

  33. Karla Sanneman says:

    Ooooh I like what I am seeing here! Want to hear more……please.

  34. Mary says:

    I absolutely Love, Love, Love this fabric. I have made three blankets as Christmas gifts. I also made some little pillow cases for small pillows to match two of the blankets. The kids love them. I plan on making some blankets for myself and a stuffed animal. I would love to make one of these scarves. Especially since it has been so cold here this year.

  35. Marthie says:

    Wow this would be nice to win. I dont know the fabric at all.

  36. Pat La Monica says:

    The thought of using cuddly fabric for scarves entralls me! I generally use it for baby quilts, but that is about to change. Thank you

  37. mary mac says:

    No I have never used this type of fabric but it looks so soft.

  38. Ellen says:

    Haven’t heard of cuddle fabric before. It looks great. I will have to get some and try making a few things with it. Love soft and cuddly fabric.

  39. Terrie Morrison says:

    I’ve never used cuddle fabric, but would love to try this project! Would be great!

  40. Pam VanAustin says:

    I have never used cuddle fabric and would love to try this project! Does it have a nap?

  41. Millie says:

    Awesome and easy!! Can’t wait to get some cuddle fabric and create!!!

  42. Diana Ross says:

    I would love to make a zebra scarf for my daughter:)

  43. Rhonda Whitt says:

    I have never worked with cuddle fabrics but sure would love to try.

  44. Tamara says:

    I love working with soft materials like this – blankets, costumes, scarves, bags, hats, skirts, oh my! Endless possibilities.

  45. Barbara says:

    Wow just learning about this today — but looks like exactly what I should be using to make a “fall/winter/spring” vest!

  46. Joni G says:

    I have not used this but it looks wonderful. I would make this scarf.

  47. Cherie says:

    What lovely fabric! Until today’s post I would have not even thought of using this kind of fabric. It’s lovely. I think I would use it to make scarves for my daughter and me.