National Serger Month Begins Today!

2014NationalSergerMoLogo e1392145032475 National Serger Month Begins Today! We love sergers! They make our sewing lives easier, faster and give amazing, professional results. What’s not to love! And, we also love National Serger Month when we can share tips, projects and show others how great sergers are all year long. Please visit for more tips and projects.

This year Baby Lock has a new sweepstakes to celebrate! They’re giving away a Baby Lock Ovation ExtraordinAIR serger!   You can learn more about National Serger Month HERE  And, find more information on the sweepstakes and how to enter the Baby Lock Sweepstakes HERE!

I got my first serger over 10 years ago and it was one of the best purchases I could make in regards to sewing.  I love my serger when working on knits and it makes craft sewing a breeze. Granted, I could sew and create without a serger but it would take someone with superhuman strength to make me give up my well used, well loved serger.

When using a serger there is a bit of learning curve involved, just as in any new thing we learn. Through out the month of April we’ll be offering tips, techniques and projects to get the most out of your serger.

How to use your serger for other tasks besides finishing seams

When we purchase a serger sometimes all that it can do can overwhelm us so much that we tend to use if for one thing: finishing seams. Here are some ways to take your serger beyond just regular seam finish.

  1. Rolled Hem – Rolled hems are pretty on napkins, skirt hems, delicate fabrics, curtains and craft projectsNSM 1 300x240 National Serger Month Begins Today!
  2. Picot Edge – Similar to the rolled hem, it is often used for hemming bridal and delicate fabrics.NSM 2 300x241 National Serger Month Begins Today!
  3. Wide Flatlock Stitch – Wide flatlock stitch is best used for embellish garments or to connect quilt squares. Great for use in fabrics with high loft, such as fleece and faux fur.NSM 3 300x238 National Serger Month Begins Today! NSM 4 300x239 National Serger Month Begins Today!
  4. The Wide Flatlock Seam Wrong Side – has a small ladder like pattern which can be  used as well.
  5. Narrow 3-Thread Overlock Stitch – This stitch produces a less bulky seam than a 4-thread overlock. Use it when making baby clothes or working with nylon, organza, satin or other delicate fabrics. NSM 5 300x242 National Serger Month Begins Today!
  6. 3-Thread Overlock Decorative Stitch – Use in home dec projects, such as pillows, table runners and curtains.

NSM 6 300x239 National Serger Month Begins Today!

Stay tuned to the Sew News blog throughout April to learn more on serging, quick serger projects and serger tips and techniques. To learn more about National Serger Month please to to their website

2014NationalSergerMoLogo95px  National Serger Month Begins Today!

 National Serger Month Begins Today!

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9 Responses to National Serger Month Begins Today!

  1. kellie M. Hebert says:


  2. Juanita says:

    I really need a Serger, would love to win one so I don’t have to beg the husband for ‘permission’ to purchase. Which requires, justification for wanting it, what I plan to use it on, how often, where am I going to store it etc. etc. etc. a real pain in the patoutie. Otherwise I just go out and buy it and put up with years of snide comments! Although I am leaning towards the just go and buy it option! LOL Snide comments I can ignore, an interrogation prior to purchase is stressful. :)

  3. Grace Burke says:

    I so need a serger and a Baby Lock Ovation, Only Dreaming!

  4. MELODY GAY says:

    I have always wanted a Serger….would love one!

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  6. maureen mcgraw says:

    Haven’t owned a serger but definitely want one. Looked at the Babylocks-they are the best.

  7. Donna Bushkie says:

    I have a serger and must confess that I do not use it as I should. Masyber I will have to make a resolution to myself to learn to use it more. Could use a new one. Couldn’t everyone?

  8. Paula Wyss says:

    Dying to own a serger, I’ve been researching for the past few weeks. I haven’t a clue about what to look for, I just know I MUST own one. I sew a little bit, and am mostly self taught. At 64, am I too old to figure this out on my on?

    • Jill says:

      No we’re never to old to learn! There are so many easy to use sergers for any level or project. And, if you buy one from a sewing machine dealer/store they almost always have classes for free. Sergers have changed a lot over the years, they were rather complicated but now so many models have easy to use features you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. My advice is to make a list of the features you want and then test drive, test drive, test drive and see which one fits your needs and lifestyle! I’d love to hear back on your adventure!