Clara Dress Sew-Along Week 2


500 dress image squrare Clara Dress Sew Along Week 2Welcome back to Week 2 of the Sew Liberated Clara Dress Sew Along! Hopefully you have had a chance to purchase your fabric. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve made a choice from your own personal store!! Hey, there’s nothing like a great fabric stash! If by chance you have not chosen a fabric, just be sure that it is a lighter weight fabric. Cotton voile, a cotton gingham, cotton lawn, or even a summer weight wool would work beautifully with this pattern. Just remember that the dress is meant to have some movement to it, so you don’t want to use a fabric that has too much body or is too stiff in nature.

Last week I talked about some of the fit issues that you should think about. In this week’s video, I talk a little more in depth about measuring for waist length. This is very important with this dress as there is nothing worse than having a waistline on a garment that doesn’t sit at your waistline.

I also talked about the length of the skirt. As I said, I am 5’6”. When I measured the length of the skirt, I realized that the skirt would be above my knee, so I added 3” to the length of the skirt. This did not include a hem. I chose to bind the hem of my skirt as I thought it would make a very nice finish. photo 21 Clara Dress Sew Along Week 2

We will talk more about binding when we reach the final week of the sew along. If you think that you would rather hem the skirt than bind the edge, please keep this in mind when adding length to the skirt. Just remember, you can always cut off the added length. Adding it back may end up being a very creative task!

The Clara Dress is designed with a type of keyhole opening in the sleeve and it is closed with a tie.

photo 31 Clara Dress Sew Along Week 2Since ties are adjustable, this will allow for extra room around the arm if you need it, so fit is much less of a problem.

Next week we will begin sewing the dress together. Remember, I am going to add a few design details to my dress that I did not add in the videos, so please check out the blog post. I will also line the skirt of my dress and I will talk about lining the bodice for those of you who would like to add a lining.

Please be sure to watch this week’s video segment. And, if you have any questions please leave them here on the blog or on the Sew News Flickr Group Clara Dress Sew Along.

In the meantime, please be sure to join the sew along on Flickr. We would love to see your fabric choices and we would also like to see your progress, so post lots of pictures! You can find the Clara Dress Flickr page here,

Until next week, Happy Cutting!


 Clara Dress Sew Along Week 2

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2 Responses to Clara Dress Sew-Along Week 2

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Joan,

    You can add paper if you like. I usually just mark on the fabric the amount I need to add and then cut on my mark. But, you can just add paper and then if you make the dress again you’re already to go and don’t have to measure and mark.

  2. Joan Marenk says:

    when you added the extra length, did you measure down from the cut line(size) and add paper?