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Aurora Sisneros Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros Aurora Sisneros is a shining star in the creative community. She knits, crochets, teaches sewing classes and is in general a fabulous lady. She is a contributor to Sew News Sew it All magazine and Sew It All TV.  She owns the fabric store Fabric Bliss located in the Santa Fe Arts district in Denver, Colorado and as you will find out there isn’t much she doesn’t like creating. If you are ever in the area be sure to stop by her store or check it out online.

Where do you live/from? Are your surroundings inspiring?

I live in Denver, CO, and I am originally from Fort Collins.  Because of the seasons in our area, I am constantly inspired by the NEED for things such as new springs skirts, warm winter scarves, or cozy quilts!

Can you give us a little background on how/why you got started sewing.

My mother is a master seamstress, and unbeknownst to me, I was her little sewing slave when I was able to master a pair of snips!  She did a lot of piece-work, so she had loads of items at a certain stage, and I was in charge of snipping all the threads so they could go on to the next stage.  As soon as I was 9 and able to use the sewing machine, she taught me everything I know!  I blame her for my addiction.

What is it like to own a sewing/fabric store? What are your biggest obstacles, greatest joy.

It is a great joy to be able to live my dream.  There are not a lot of folks in the world that are able to turn their passion into a paycheck, and I am extremely luck to be one of those rare people!  The biggest challenge of owning a sewing/fabric store is that the business side of things gets in the way of my crafting time! icon wink Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros   There is always something that needs to be cleaned or reordered or straightened or documented or accounted for or people to be paid. Owning a small business is definitely for the energetic!

Do you draft your own patterns, garments or crafts?

When we teach any garment classes, we show the student how to draft a pattern from their own measurements so there is no taking-in or changing-sizes as the students size fluctuates.

What is your conception process for a design or project? Do you sketch it out, go straight to the machine, take a photo etc.

I must admit I am a Pinterest junkie!  I always see adorable crafts or cute and simple garments, and I save the photos from there to inspire me when I sit down to create!  I never sketch – I simply go straight to the machine and DO, then make a 2nd to document the process and make a pattern from there.  I’ve also been known to take a snapshot of something adorable found on a mannequin in a mall. icon wink Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros

 What other creative endeavors do you engage in?

I am a knitter, crocheter, sewer, quilter, tatter, baker, and candle stick maker!  OK, never made a candle, but I am definitely big into anything that you can make with your own 2 hands.  Even if it was restoring an old car (if I had that knowledge), there is something about MAKING and CREATING that satisfies an inherent need in the human soul!

What has been your (to date) greatest/proudest achievement in the creative world?

My proudest achievement is the Intro to Sewing class.  We have that sucker down to a SCIENCE, and I have trained all my staff to teach it the same way with the same enthusiasm.  There is NOTHING in the world like watching your class turn their tote bags inside out and literally scream with delight.  At this point in their sewing careers, they have NO idea what bliss this will bring to them in their future, but they come back years later and THANK me for introducing them to sewing, and that I have NO idea what joy I have brought to their lives.  Except I do. icon wink Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros

What would be a dream project, commission or book project for you?

I’ve always wanted to write a book with projects for the corporate woman.  Being an IT professional, I understand the demands of a high-stress workplace, and that finding time to craft is very difficult.  However, I’ve also found it is necessary to keep your sanity!

 Answer – If I won the lottery….

I would trade in all my home sewing machines for industrials. HA!

Will Sew News readers see Fabric Bliss at a Sewing Expo?

Probably not.  We pride ourselves on using technology to be efficient, and we follow many blogs to find out what the buzz in the fabric world is, and that is how we purchase our inventory.  Although we are small,  we offer a well thought-out and curated selection of fabrics and classes that are aligned with the trends in the modern sewing world.

What do you do when you are not at your sewing machine or in at Fabric Bliss?

My husband and I love to camp and travel and spend our free time out of doors and away from machines!

What are your plans for the future?

Keep inspiring others!  I am not in this business for fame or fortune, but simply to show others how satisfying and cathartic using your own 2 hands to make beautiful things is.

Any tips you’d like to share with the Sew News readers on sewing, creating or inspiration?

Try not to follow the rules to closely, or sewing can be a bit stressful.  Allow yourself to make mistakes, find shortcuts, and just simply ENJOY the experience!

Fabric Bliss Logo Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros For more information on Fabric Bliss click HERE.

What is your favorite independent fabric store? Do you have one in your neighborhood? What do you like about it? Let us know in the comments section below. One commentor will be picked as a winner of the gift pack prize seen below.

gift pack 1407  Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros

 And, the winner of the last FSF is Melaine from Canada! I will be in touch with you shortly on how you can claim your pattern and get to sew it up. Thanks to Christine Haynes for the lovely pattern!



 Meet The Designer   Aurora Sisneros

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9 Responses to Meet The Designer – Aurora Sisneros

  1. Evelyn says:

    My favorite independent fabric store is Bluebird Quilts in Grand Terrace, California. Great fabrics — great service.

  2. M. Jane C. says:

    A couple of years ago I finally shopped at Momen Plus in Torrance, CA. I had bought fabric from them when they had a booth at IQF in Long Beach, CA. The store is tiny with terrific different fabric, sewing classes and contests. It has a Japanese bent to it. In short, it has ambience that you don’t find in the chain stores.PS great sales and a FB presence,

  3. Tracy O. says:

    I haven’t come across any independent fabric stores in my area, so I currently buy fabric from 2 large chain stores. But I am always on the lookout.

  4. JoAnn Hyde says:

    I have been to Fabric Bliss and it is a very nice store! In my area there is a fabric store called Fabrications that is very nice. They have very nice fabrics such as knits, silks, and others. They also carry yarn for knitting and crocheting. They also have a nice room where classes are held on various subjects.

  5. Cherie says:

    Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of independent fabric stores around my area. But for online I do like Pink Chalk Studio. Nice interview!

  6. Sandy Roberts says:

    My favorite independent store in the Indianapolis area is called The French Seam and it is a sewist’s dream. They stock all the fabrics we all drool over – while it’s a bit on the pricey side, the fabrics are all very high quality. The thought behind it is if you’re going to take the time to do it, be proud of every aspect of the project. Every piece of fabric they sell is worthy of someday becoming an heirloom.

    The staff and instructors at The French Seam provide individual and more in-depth assistance, from design and fabric to construction. They work there to follow a passion, not just to bring home a paycheck. It’s the best little secret in Indianapolis.

  7. Karen Poole says:

    My favorite store is one called Quilters Cocoon not far from my house. They always have really great fabrics, the staff are so friendly and helpful, they have great classes. And whenever I go it’s like going to a friends! It’s a very happy place to go too!

  8. Celeste Hemby says:

    I love Gail K’s in Atlanta. They have a great selection of fashion fabrics at good prices.

  9. Mary Mac says:

    I love shopping and Jo Anne’s. I have also found every thing that I need from fabric to buttons to trims.