Comment for a Chance to Win! What’s Your Favorite Part of the Sewing Process?

Happy Monday everyone!  Sew News wants to know, what’s your favorite part of the sewing process?  Is it designing, the end product, choosing fabric or something else?  For your shot to win, tell us below!

 Comment for a Chance to Win! Whats Your Favorite Part of the Sewing Process?
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22 Responses to Comment for a Chance to Win! What’s Your Favorite Part of the Sewing Process?

  1. Sharon says:

    Choosing the fabric! The search & touching the fabric for the feel. Then unrolling it for the drape! It is the fabric!

  2. Bonnie Shaul says:

    When I’m done & wearing it,& getting good compliments.

  3. Designing and picking the fabric are the fun part. Then comes the sewing, but you get to see your design become real.

  4. Beverly Wilson says:

    I love each step. Going into the fabric store gives me a rush of adrenalin and I can’t wait to get started looking at patterns and fabric. Once I get started at the machine there’s no stopping me. It’s such a great feeling to make something to wear or give to a loved one.

  5. Beth Shelton says:

    My favorite is putting it together and trying to make it look professional, then adding my own touch so it is like no other.

  6. BIRDER1948@AOL.COM says:

    I love to learn how to create a sewing project. My favorite part is when I actually finish a project. I am amazed at what I accomplish. I try to learn something new in each project I choose.

  7. Dawn L G says:

    I love constructing my projects the most. To me, it is the same as putting a puzzle together but I also make the puzzle pieces. Too often I find fabrics that I love but have no plans for. I guess that makes me a fabricholic. In the end it is all fun!

  8. M. Jane C. says:

    Umm process vs. product. it depends… sometimes I love cutting with the rotary cutter. when it snags I like my scissors. I guess I am ambivalent in general. But forced into a corner I would probably say the planning stage. nothing beats the satisfaction of matching plaids or fussy cutting that screams, you should have seen before!

  9. Diana RobinsonWeiss says:

    I’m not sure if I have a favorite. I really get excited as I’m creating the pattern or design in the beginning, but the process of the work (especially hand work) can be very soothing, just the pull of the thread through the fabric. I suppose my favorite would have to be when I finally go back to something that I put down for one reason or another, finish it up and either wear it, use it or give it to whom ever it was made for.

  10. Theresa says:

    The sewing process from beginning to end. Knowing that I can make something of use and beauty. Working through mistakes and fixing them.

  11. Mindy says:

    I would have to say it is in the construction. I love doing projects that uses a lot of different pressure feet! It is amazing what each one does and how they can be used. My finished look is always what I want when I use the right foot!

  12. Cherie says:

    Good question. I love it when I am at my machine sewing. And it is an awesome feeling when I finish my project and to see all of my efforts pay off.

  13. Judi in Tinton Falls says:

    Oddly enough, my favorite part of the sewing process is hand stitching. I love the way my stitches look, and the time I spend makes a garment seem more custom. I get to be my own couturier.

  14. Gina S. says:

    The sewing part. I waste to much time picking the fabric.

  15. I don’t really have a favourite part of sewing. It’s the whole process that I love – designing, choosing fabric and notions, drafting, cutting, sewing, handfinishing, showing it off – it just never gets boring as you move on quite quickly from one part of the process to the next before it gets tiresome. Knitting, for example, can be quite monotonous. Sewing is more fast-paced and every project is different. Best hobby ever!

  16. Rebecca says:

    My favorite part is the designing process. It’s exciting to plan a garment exactly the way I want it to look and fit.

  17. Shiloh Greenwood says:

    The excitement from my kids each time they find out I am creating something just for them. The constant is it done yet? The thrill of joy they have in getting to wear something I put time, effort, and love into.

  18. MelodyJ says:

    The finished product.

  19. I love all of it. The dreaming, the planning, the tracing, the fitting, the sewing, the wearing or gifting. But my favorite part would have to be the sewing. I love the hands on creating.

  20. Mary Mac says:

    When it’s finished and I can wear it or give it as a gift.

  21. Hari says:

    Hand finishing!

  22. Angela says:

    My favourite part of sewing is definitely choosing the fabric. But manipulation and moulding the fabric into to a three dimensional creation is something I never tire of.