Hot Patterns Summer Breeze Sew Along – Week 1

PatternImage 500 Hot Patterns Summer Breeze Sew Along    Week 1Now that summer has finally arrived, at least in the northern hemisphere, I’m sure cool and easy to wear garments are what you are longing for. The Summer Breeze Top from Hot Patterns is perfect for just about any summer occasion. The top is fairly easy to make. It has a soft asymmetrical drape that is the perfect feminine touch.  The top is perfect on its own paired with a skirt, pants or even a pair of shorts, and it will look lovely under a jacket.

But what about taking the top to another level? During the sew along, we will talk about other options for this top, like adding a sleeve and lengthening the top into a dress. I have designed a sleeve for the sew along that I think pairs beautifully with the top and I also have a few embellishment ideas that you might like to add to your top or dress.

When purchasing your fabric for this top, keep in mind that it must be a very light weight fabric.

photo 1 Hot Patterns Summer Breeze Sew Along    Week 1 In order to achieve the fold which forms the drape, a lot of fabric is gathered into a very small space at the waistline. If your fabric has any bulk, you will not be able to gather your fabric and achieve the desired look of the blouse. A silk charmeuse will work beautifully, but if silk is totally off the budget charts, a lovely rayon or polyester will also work well and look beautiful. My top that is pictured is polyester. Light weight knits will also work well as would a light weight cotton, like a lawn.

Once you have your pattern, be sure to check your measurements and I would also recommend making a muslin. A muslin will be especially important if you would like to add a sleeve to this top. Take a look at the pattern and you will see that the shoulder extends a little over the arm. We will talk about how to alter the shoulder so that the armhole seam sits perfectly at the shoulder.

The instructions of this top are not on a separate sheet of paper, but are printed across the top of the pattern sheet. For many, this could be a little fidgety, especially since most of us are sewing in rather small spaces. In the video, I show you how I folded the instructions so that I could easily flip through them as I sewed.

If you have not purchased your pattern, you can order one directly from Hot Patterns HERE.  I was very pleased with how quickly my pattern arrived.

We would also love to watch your progress and see your fabric choices. You can find the Summer Breeze Flickr Group HERE.

The gathering detail that forms the drape of this top can be a little tricky, but we will work through it step by step so that you are successful in making a beautiful top. If you are like me, once you’ve figured out the gathering detail, you’ll be whipping up a number of these tops for summer.

I’m looking forward to sewing along with you and be sure to check out our video segment!

Rhonda Buss

hot patterns finished w500 Hot Patterns Summer Breeze Sew Along    Week 1







 Hot Patterns Summer Breeze Sew Along    Week 1

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  1. Jill says:

    Hi Jill,

    Are you still having problems? I’ve also responded to you privately, so feel free to email me there. I will also get Rhonda to chime in too!

  2. Jill Spackman says:

    I am totally lost. I am using practice material to make sure I have right size. I seriously can’t figure out how to sew the two front pieces. They are together but when I get to the should pleat I am lost. I am going to sew the back to the front at shoulder seams and just make sure it fits me to start then I will wait until the next lesson. Maybe I am ahead of myself.