Free Stuff Friday – Enter to win Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

Good morning and happy Friday! I  would like to announce the winner from last week’s blow out of a post Meet the Designer Rhonda Buss!

But, first I would like to take everyone who commented that they had this gorgeous fabric from Bali, Thailand, Paris, Scotland, Australia, California and on and on around the world, and take you all by the collective shoulders and tell you to MAKE SOMETHING with that beautiful fabric! Make it now! Life’s to short to wait!!!

Okay, not that I can talk, ’cause I’m a fabric hoarder just like the best of ‘em, but please do me a favor, get a pattern this week and make something beautiful. Post it on our Flickr page if you’d like. It’d be fun to see.

The winner who was randomly chosen by is Jeannie (of circles of clarity – in case there are multiple with the same name)

Now, if  you have read the latest Sew News, you may recall we’ve got another great giveaway from that issue. And, it is the book Mend & Make by Denise Wild. Denise Wild is the Founder and Managing Director of The Sewing Studio and Content Director of  BurdaStyle US. With Mend & Make: Sewing Solutions & Fashionable Fixes she brings her expertise in sewing to show us how to cleverly address mending and repairing garments as well as making them look fashionable. mend and make Free Stuff Friday   Enter to win Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

All you need to do to enter is share with us mending story, something you were glad you didn’t toss but mended, maybe a particular big mending job, maybe a small one. Whatever is is weigh in on the art of mending! A winner will be announced next week! Good luck!


 Free Stuff Friday   Enter to win Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

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23 Responses to Free Stuff Friday – Enter to win Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

  1. Joan S says:

    I am newly retired with time on my hands and fewer funds to spend on clothes. I really need this book!

  2. janice urffer says:

    Just had a leather purse with a broken zipper and fraying lining. Took it in for an estimate because I didnt think I could manage it. When they quoted me a $40.00 price. I decided to rip out the zipper and have a go at the repair. I fixed the zipper and lining; it was tricky and the corner areas were hard I had to hand sew in a few spots. My friend is on social security and she will be glad not to have paid $40.00. It made me feel good to stretch my sewing skills and confidence.

  3. While ironing my daughter’s shorts I sort of burned them so found a piece off lace from my starch and cut around part of it and patched it up and told her that I sort of jazzed them up she was pleased.

  4. Susan F says:

    Mending, mending, and more mending! Sometimes mending a project takes more time and energy that what the garment cost initially; however, it makes the other half or family happy. However, one of the biggest challenges I wish to do is changing the interior of a beautiful man’s suit and repair of a fur jacket. Hopefully, this book would allow me to learn more about darning, mending a lining, etc.

  5. debra merrill says:

    I am just learning to sew and after a short month I realize that I now have a semi-huge pile of clothes that need to be mended. Why did I never have a pile before this? Funny how these “broken” clothing just happened in the last month! So far, my favourite is a new top I bought from a second hand store with bell sleeves. My daughter commented on its ugly sleeves, I left the table, cut off the sleeves , sewed a very tiny hem and returned to the table. She looked at the top and asked aloud about the absence of the sleeves. I simply stated “I took them off!”. Everyone at the table burst out laughing.

  6. Jnet Valencia says:

    Things that I have mended….A friends Brand new Company T-shirt (couldn’t tell)…the barbers apron….replaced a old biker logo on the back of jacket…replaced name patches on a tow truck drivers with short. .. hemmed pants for a man who has short legs. …

  7. Debbie C. says:

    I am always mending something for my family.. I was washing clothes the other day and found on my 33 year old daughters work pants approximately 15 safety pins. I asked her why she didn’t ask me to fix them, she said they are her favorite pants but the hems are raveled and she didn’t think they deserved to be mended. I fixed the hems and all of the seams that we’re being held with safety pins it took about thirty minutes.

  8. PeggyA says:

    I remember mending my favorite jacket in high school several times. Guess I should read the book to learn how to make a mend that will last:)

  9. Patty Rocha says:

    For some reason my husband’s shirt collars always wear out while the rest of the shirt looks new. So I decided to do what Grandma always did…take the collar off, turn it around and sew it back on. Looks like new ;)

  10. Deena Shepard says:

    Love to fix things and have lots of challenges with with grandkids. Youngest grandchild ripped the zipper out of a giraffe backpack and brought it to me to repair. It was next to impossible, but I got it back. Giraffe was never the same. Constantly repairing knees and making them longer, shorter and into something else.

  11. JC says:

    Hello. I have mended slits and/or small splits in shirts and sewed buttons back–by hand, BUT could use this book as I need to learn more mending skills. :-)

  12. I have found cashmere sweaters which have been accidentally shrunk and use them to mend sweater elbows, hems , body holes. I cut them into the shape of hearts, which gives the phrase “heart on my sleeve” much truth!

  13. Patricia Hersl says:

    I have made it very clear that my sewing machine does not have a mending button. But I have a wonderful memory. My mother hated to sew and I can still see my father, sitting on the chair by the TV, with needle and thread, sewing up the hole in his pocket. Mommy wouldn’t even do that.

  14. Rita says:

    I deconstructed a Chinese brocade outfit, I found in a thrift store to use as a quilt square.

  15. Pam VanAustin says:

    I had this cute flapper Halloween costume that tore under the arm, while wearing it to a party one year. I mended it, but couldn’t fit in it the next year. My neighbor wore it and won at her office party for “Best Costume”!

  16. Inita Bermudez says:

    I made a outfit with polyester, Size 14, wash it and it fit my 5 year old. She worn it for a long time. I never made that mistake again. Always wash your fabric before you sew something out of it.

  17. Margaret C. says:

    I am in the midst of a mending job. I have a travel house coat that got caught in a suitcase zipper. Fortunately the tear is in the area of the middle back seam. A patch would look ridiculous so I am reducing the fullness of the back by serging a new seam.
    I find mending to be enormously satisfying.

  18. MelodyJ says:

    I need to sew buttons on my coats before it gets cold again.

  19. With many grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends, neighbors and theirs friends and neighbors, and being known as a “someone who LIKES to sew I’ve been given quite a few challenges, but my favorite was a “yo-yo” quilt (possible 30′s vintage) a co-worker brought to me to repair a number of “yo-yo’s” falling apart. It was a challenge but also a pleasure to be a part of something done so long ago – it deserved a second life. I’m sure this book will enhance my skills – I am always looking for a better way to do things.

  20. jill berg says:

    in the seventies, i had torn my velvet slacks ..instead of throwing them away.. i found a pretty lacy applique.i then sewed over it..a lot of people complimented on it!..i once was an alteration person in a laundry and dry cleaning place. as it was a living for me,, it became a chore for me to do my own mending.. mend and make fabulous book looked intriguing , i may go back to mending for myself and others!! just ordered a subscription of sew news.. loved the lastest issue!! jill

  21. sharon harnett says:

    Yes I need this book- my mending pile is high. I often take it out and try to figure how I’ll fix it but get distracted by other projects.

  22. nicole lesley says:

    My nephew was so upset when he tore the underarm of his new winter coat. I quickly grabbed my needle and thread (which luckily was the same color) and went to work. He was so excited and the stitching held the rest of the winter.

  23. Kristina says:

    I should probably pick up this book because I have a wool jacket with leather sleeves… one of the sleeves started coming out at the end of last winter but instead of fixing it, I put it away for the season… Like it or not, it’s going to get cold again soon… :)