Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ellen Ostenone of the fantastic instructors featured in the Sulky Certified Teacher Training Course Magical Thread Art and More. (Registration is open until Sept. 30!) This week, fellow Sulky instructor and accomplished artist Carol Ingram is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the course. Carol has 50 years of sewing and teaching experience and has won many awards for her beautiful art and textile creations. She’s also appeared as a guest on Sew it All TV and has a great love for teaching and sharing her know-how with others.

Read on to find out how Carol started sewing, where gets her inspiration, as well as her best advice to students! 

carol 292x300 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Joyce Drexler (Sulky Creative Director, left) and Carol Ingraham (right) on the video set

Sew News: How and when did you start sewing?

Carol: I started sewing at about age 14, making clothing for myself and others, which continued thought through my life, even sewing prom dresses and wedding gowns for my daughter. One year I was brave enough to sew bridesmaid dresses, which turned out not to be as rewarding as I wanted it to be. I enjoy the creative side with the design elements when sewing garments for special occasions. I continued on with the creative side when I joined the Sulky family and they offered me so many choices for textile designing.

SN: Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

E: I find inspiration in everything around me, as well as with providing the product and ideas to fit a particular book or program for Sulky. Also inspiration comes from years of sewing and learning new and different sewing techniques that I’m able to incorporate into a particular project. This allows the students to learn something new to them, which gives me great pleasure.

SAM 0117 300x225 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Ellen, Carol and Joyce hard at work on set

SN: What are your favorite materials to work with (types of fabric, thread, embellishments, etc.)?  

C: I let the project dictate to me the type of fabrics and embellishments that would be best for it. I do like designer fabrics, special occasion fabrics and all types of embellishments. As I stated, I let the project predict the type and amount of embellishment. As for quilting, I do prefer a quilting cotton, and I do enjoy embellishing those with embroidery and different painting techniques to make the quilts bloom over the standard quilt.

SN: What’s your favorite sewing advice that you give to your sewing students?

C: My best sewing advice to new students is to learn your machine and all the features it has, as this will be the start of their creative process. Secondly, my advice is to learn as much about thread science and the different types of thread and how to apply each to make their embroidery and sewing creations professional-looking. In the end, it’s all about quality in product and workmanship. If they purchase the best product for the job and work diligently to make the workmanship professional, they will succeed.

SN: What’s the best and worst part of sewing on camera?  

C: Sewing on camera is great, the best part is working with great people and learning new technical things  with every step. The worst is staying focused and remembering the step sequence on the project you are teaching.

SAM 0130 300x225 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

The Sulky Team and Sew News Associate Publisher Wendy Thompson

SN: Why would you recommend the Sulky Certified Teacher Training Course?

C: I would definitely recommend the Sulky Teacher Certification. It’s loaded with tons of great projects with great sewing techniques to learn for teaching. It gives the prospective teacher so much info for starting their careers as a teacher. It is all laid out in video, printed step-by-step instructions with full color photo for reference, as well of tons of the business end of teaching included in a downloadable manual. Students cannot get more thorough instructions anywhere, and the online course lets them do it at their own pace,/ They can do it over and over in the privacy of their own sewing studio to their satisfaction and perfection. It is a perfect format.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Carol! Check out these beautiful projects that Carol will be teaching in the Sulky Certified Teacher Training Course:

Magical Mystery Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloon 300x231 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Cat on the Courthouse Steps

CatCourthouse 232x300 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Floral Fantasy Sculptured Art

Flower 300x252 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Free-Standing Swirly Lace Pear Décor

 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

Magical Tigers

Tigers 300x289 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram

This course offers a great opportunity to stretch your sewing skills, learn how to do and teach the most popular creative machine art techniques and find out how to use the latest products. Read all about the course, watch preview videos, view the beautiful projects you’ll create and find out how to register here. 


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 Meet the Expert! Q&A with Sulky® Educator Carol Ingram
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