Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along – Fabric Choice & Supplies

Have you joined the Emily Bag Sew-Along? It’s such a great bag! It’s roomy and stylish and can fit just about anyone’s needs. This is our first e-pattern sew along so far. If you need any help in how to print out e-patterns please check out this tutorial on successful printing out of any e-pattern. Be sure to check out all the free bag patterns at Sew It All magazine for more inspiration. And, here’s Rhonda get started!

emily bag 600 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

Hopefully you have had a chance to download your Emily Bag Pattern from I Think Sew Patterns. As far as downloadable patterns goes, this is one of the easiest to download, so please don’t be intimidated.

Once you have downloaded the pattern, it’s time to think about your fabric choices. This pattern is very versatile. You can use quilting cottons, home dec fabrics, even faux and real leather.

I used a home dec weight fabric for the exterior of my first bag and a faux leather for the interior. The faux leather was also used for the bottom of the bag as well as the handles. Since both of the fabrics had quite a bit of weight to them and were quite stable, I did not interface the bag.

photo 131 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & SuppliesThe second bag was made with the same home dec weight fabric for the exterior, but I used a quilting weight cotton for the interior. The interior fabric was interfaced with a fusible woven cotton interfacing.photo 141 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & SuppliesFor the sew along, I wanted to give an idea I had a try. I’ve used fusible fleece in other projects and thought that I might like it in this project as well, and I was right!

Fusible fleece can be found at your local fabric store and it is made by Pellon. It does come in various weights. For this project I used a thin weight.

photo 151 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

The fusible fleece was used only on the interior fabric of the bag. The result was fabulous. Pictured below is the lining of my bag. It has enough body to stand on its own.

photo 161 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

The finished bag. For this bag, I used leather for the handles and the bottom of my bag.

photo 17 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

Something to keep in mind when choosing your fabrics. I had initially wanted to make a bag out of the patterned fabric pictured below. Once I began to cut the fabric, I realized that I did not have enough. I had enough yardage, but due to the pattern placement on the fabric, I would need twice the amount of fabric.

photo 18 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & SuppliesAs I discussed last week, I made a hard bottom for my bag. I used chip board which can be found at an art supply store. Chip board comes in 2 weights, be sure to purchase the thicker board.

If you would like to add feet to your bag, they can be purchased at your local fabric store along with a magnetic closure. Touches like adding feet and including a magnetic closure will give your bag that high end look that we all love.

photo 19 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

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Next week we will begin sewing our bag together and we will also sew in the zippered pocket. Purchase a zipper that is no more than 7″ long. A 5″ zippered is ideal. A zipper with heavy metal teeth will also look wonderful inside your bag. A contrasting zipper might be fun too!

photo 20 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & SuppliesSo, for this project, you will need;

  • 44″ wide heavyweight home decorator OR quilting weight cotton
    (1) Yard for exterior fabric
    (1) Yard for lining
    (2) Yards of 22″ wide medium weight fusible interfacing, or  (1) yard of fusible fleece
    - OTHERS
    (1) 18mm Magnetic Snap
    (1) Spool of coordinating thread
  • (1) 5″, 6″ or 7″ zipper
  • (4) purse feet
  • (1) heavy weight chip board
  • Matching Thread

Be sure to visit the Flickr page for the Emily Bag Sew Along and post your fabric choices. I think it’s especially fun to see the fabric choices prior to seeing the final project.

Once you make 1 of these bags, you will be making more. The first 2 that I made have been spoken for and I have a feeling that I won’t be keeping my third either!!! Everyone seems to love these bags. Isn’t it fun when we find a bag pattern that’s easy to make and looks great too?!!

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 Week 2: Emily Bag Sew Along   Fabric Choice & Supplies

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