Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along

It has been a lot of fun working on the ithinksew Emily Bag. We hope you were able to make the bag at home or bookmark the Sew News Blog for future reference. Let’s have Rhonda get started on the final week of the Emily Bag!

emily bag 6001 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along I hope your bags are coming along nicely. We are now in the final stretch, just a few customizing details to add and our bags will be finished.

Last week’s video covered attaching the magnetic snap, so this week, I will just briefly go over it once again.

There is a marking on the pattern for the magnetic snap. Transfer the marking to the lining of the bag.

With the first bag that I made, I used a fusible cotton interfacing. To give a little extra security to the snap, I added an extra small square of interfacing just behind the snap.

photo 38 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongI used a fusible fleece to interface the bag that I made for the sew along. Since the fleece has more body, I did not add a piece of interfacing to reinforce the back of the snap.

Make 2 small snips on either side of the center of the magnetic snap backing. Once the 2 small snips have been made, simply push the prongs of the snap through, place the snap backing over the prongs and push the prongs out.

photo 39 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongDo the same to the other side of the bag and your magnetic snap will be securely in place.

photo 40 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongOnce the handles have been sewn together, place them in the center of the strap area and baste in place. Match the lining to the bag with right sides together and stitch around the top of the bag. If by chance you did not leave an opening in the lining to turn the bag, just open 1 of the seams of the lining enough to turn.

photo 411 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongBe sure to clip the seam around the top of the bag. You’ll notice that the seam is curved. So if the seam is clipped, the seam will lay flatter once it is pressed. You will also need to clip the corners by the handles.

Once the lining has been turned to the inside of the bag, simply stitch the opening closed. I stitched mine closed by hand as the fusible fleece is a little bulky, but if you used a cotton interfacing, you can stitch the opening closed on the machine.

photo 42 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongTo give the bag a little more structure, I made a hard bottom using chip board. Chip board can be found at an art supply store. It comes in large sheets and it is perfect for creating a hard bottom to a bag. It comes in 2 weights. Buy the heavier weight. Even with the heavier weight, I used 2 pieces of the board.

To cut the board, you will need to use an exacto knife or a sharp razor blade. Be careful of your fingers!!! Use the pattern that you made for the bottom of the bag, but remember to trim off the seam allowances.

photo 43 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongOnce the boards have been cut, cut a piece of fabric that is long enough to go around the boards and wide enough to have a seam allowance on either end. Sew a seam down the middle of the fabric making a pocket that the boards will slide into. Sew one end of the pocket and turn to the right side.

photo 44 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongPush the boards into the pocket. Turn the other end of the pocket in against the board and hand stitch it closed.

photo 45 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongBag feet make a lovely addition to this bag and give it a high end look. Bag feet are available at your local fabric store.

Using my clear ruler, I measured in 1″ from both sides of the bottom of my bag. Place a mark at this point and then punch a hole with your seam ripper or your scissors. Push the prongs of the foot through the hole. Do this on all 4 corners of the bag.

photo 46 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongThe feet prongs are pushed through the outside of the bag as well as the lining. Remember, we have made a removable hard bottom that will cover the prongs on the inside of the bag.Just like the magnetic snap, the bag feet have a backing piece. Lay the backing over the prongs and then push the prongs to either side.

photo 47 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongThe feet are in place.

photo 48  Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along

The finished bag. Ready for a day of shopping!!!

photo 49 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along Check out the video below. Click on the image to view.

Screen Shot 2014 10 27 at 10.07.26 AM Final week of the Emily Bag Sew AlongI hope you have enjoyed the sew along and I hope you have found a new favorite bag pattern. Be sure to check out the other patterns that are available on the IThinkSew website. There are a number of wonderful bag patterns and they also have lots of other fun easy patterns that I think you’ll enjoy. They have sales from time to time, so you might want to sign up for their email alerts.

Once you’ve finished your bag, be sure to upload a picture to the Emily Bag Flickr page. I would love to see your creations. I would also like to showcase your designs on my blog in an upcoming post, so get busy!!!

Our next sew along is going to be coming up shortly and I know you are going to enjoy it. Just to tempt you a bit, it’s a coat!!! So watch the Sew News blog for more info soon!

Until then,

Sew On!!!

Rhonda Buss





 Final week of the Emily Bag Sew Along

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