Had A Blast At The Sewing Party!

The Sewing Party 1024x592 Had A Blast At The Sewing Party!

I had so much fun partying with the instructors and other sewists at The Sewing Party earlier in November!

While taking each webinar, the instructors were available via chat for questions, and it was so helpful! I really enjoyed being able to chat with the other participants, too. They asked helpful questions that I hadn’t thought of, and shared their insights and tips. I love connecting with others who share my passion for sewing!

There were four blocks of classes, and I would have run through many mugs of tea and filled up a notebook and a half of notes and sketches, inspired as I was, but I also have an 8 month old baby, so things were not quite as relaxing as they could have been.

Such is life! I was still so inspired. I took the class Becoming an Etsy Entrepreneur, and am now forcing my mother to create an Etsy shop because I know I could make her super successful!

There were so many classes it was actually really difficult to choose which one to take live. They spanned many interests and specialties, and I got my feet wet in corset-making!

I’m so glad all of the classes will be available until February, because you bet I’m going to watch them all! I just wish the instructors could be available too!

Did you attend The Sewing Party? What classes did you take? What was your favorite part?

SewingParty Header 1024x271 Had A Blast At The Sewing Party!

 Had A Blast At The Sewing Party!
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