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I have been sewing for a long time. But, I’ve never had any ‘formal’ education. Like most of us I am self taught as seamstress (sewists, sewers, quilters, crafters – did I get everyone).

My mom taught me first and then once I got it I taught myself pretty much everything through books, blogs, sewing groups, and so forth. I think I’ve done quite well on my own, but darn it, I’d like to learn things a little more quickly!

I was always reluctant to learn via video classes and webinars. When I paid for my first ‘class’ (snicker) I didn’t have high expectations. And, thought would this really be better than learning in person or learning from a pro?

Well, long story short I LOVED my first video class. I loved that I could watch it at home, I could start and stop whenever I wanted and could rewind, slow down, watch a technique over and over. It really was satisfying and proof entered into the pudding. When I went to make a dress I was able to use the instructors techniques for a near flawless result. I think that really is the best gauge of using a video or webinar sewing class. Can you use the techniques in your real sewing life? Do they deliver results?

Learning to sew via videos or webinars only enhances my preferred traditional way. And, using videos as a way to learn has only made me a more efficient and better seamstress.

If you would like to see if learning via videos is for you, Craft Daily has a free weekend of viewing videos. Now, (December 4, 2014) through December 7 (2014) you can watch any video for free. But be sure to cancel if you don’t want to go beyond the four days. If you want to continue it’s 19.99 a month.

So, what about you how do you like to learn? Leave me a comment in the section below! Or let me know if you took advantage of this free viewing and what class you got the most out off.

And, before you go I want to show you a few of the ones that I think you’ll get a lot out of.

Let Tish Gance showing us how to handle dummies. Duct Tape Dummies that is. If you have ever wanted to know how to make a duct tape dummy, she is the go-to person.

Screen Shot 2014 10 10 at 11.49.52 AM Learn how to sew better, faster & for FREE Working with silks and sheers can be intimidating to say the least. Let Katrina Walker walk you through step-by-step for perfect silky garments and projects.

katrina walker silks Learn how to sew better, faster & for FREEWant to tackle knits? No problem with Liz & Elizabeth Evans. Find out how to tame the knit beast and start building your knit wardrobe.

evans knit Learn how to sew better, faster & for FREEDo  yourself a favor and take advantage of these free days at Craft Daily.com!


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 Learn how to sew better, faster & for FREE

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