Doll Couture – Making your own doll clothes & dolls

Many girls learn to sew by making doll clothes. I think most of us had a favorite doll or two growing up and if we sewed we made our favorites cute outfits. My grandmother made one of my favorite dolls and she made a closet full of clothes for her. When I learned how to sew I had so much fun making clothes for her.

doll clothes post Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dollsMaking doll clothes is a great way to learn techniques that will server a young sewer well in to the future.

Did you make doll clothes or did you have a grandparent or relative make them? I was looking through these doll books and thought this would be such a great introduction for someone just starting to sew, or for anyone who loves making dolls and doll clothes.

To be entered to win this collection leave me a comment about your favorite doll growing up, or if you like to make dolls and doll clothes.

I would love to hear!

One winner will be picked on Monday January 26!

head shot200 Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dollssignautre 200 Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dolls

 Doll Couture   Making your own doll clothes & dolls

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111 Responses to Doll Couture – Making your own doll clothes & dolls

  1. Paulie Hull says:

    My favorite doll growing up was my baby beth..I lived her so much that I just purchased one off of eBay..she came without clothes though.. I would love to have a pattern to make her an outfit as she had

  2. elizabeth green says:

    Hi, I am a grandmother who recently began learning to sew clothes for my granddaughters and their 18″ American Girl dolls. I am now working on a project to sew and assemble doll clothes and accessories for these two young girls. For just $10 ,I purchased a trunk from a local thrift store, and I’ve ordered such things as panties, tights, and shoes for the dolls. It is quite a collection, which I wish I could show you in person. I’ll continue to sew these doll clothes for the next three months, when there’s an eighth birthday. Then I’ll continue to sew doll clothes and open an Etsy shop.
    Elizabeth Green
    St Augustine, FL

  3. When I was young I was very poor.I didn’t have a regular doll, I had to make them from fabric and then they were stuffed with whatever I found. As I got older I had dolls and enjoyed making them clothes that I made and designed. The good times¡

  4. Chele says:

    Many weekends and summers were spent with my great-grandmother. She made everything. One Christmas I received a Crissy doll. My great-grandmother had purchased a pattern to make clothing for her and had made a few of them for my doll. Even greater memories of dolls at her house were the ones I had made from paper cups. There were a few occasions that I did not have my doll with me, so she told me to “make” one. All I could find were paper cups. So inverted, they were my new babies. She allowed me access to her scrap piles which quickly become clothing for my dolls. This was my introduction to invention, sewing, and dolls! Wouldn’t trade it for gold!

  5. Donna Mapes says:

    My favorite doll was an 18 inch baby, she came wrapped in a white blanket with pink
    trim. I have searched for one like her for 50 years with no luck. I made barbie clothes for my nieces and my granddaughter and am about to start making clothes for the 18″
    American Character type doll.

  6. Iza Sopia says:

    I was never into dolls, but my favorite stuffed animal named Yuki, a stuffed white bear, I used to dress him up with pink clothes, that I sew by myself. I really enjoy sewing clothes for my Yuki. Yes… Yuki is a male…

  7. Janie says:

    I had several dolls and sewed for them. I would love to make doll clothes now, but my granddaughters aren’t into dolls yet. Hopefully soon!

  8. Diane Joy says:

    I love dolls!! I made my own Barbie doll clothes, clothes for Skipper and hi Heidi doll. My sister and I loved to make dolls. We were published in a magazine and we have so many fond dollmaking memories.

  9. Karen says:

    My mother made some clothes for my dolls, mostly Barbie.

  10. Kandacep says:

    My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 7 years old. I started making Troll cloths, then Barbie cloths. When my daughter was born I made Cabbage Patch dolls and cloths for them. Now I have a young granddaughter and look forward to teaching her how to sew. Sewing is an art I look forward to passing on to her.

  11. Kay Briley says:

    My favorite doll was a baby like doll I got for Christmas. I loved her and carried her everywhere I went. My Aunt helped me make a blanket for her. I now love to make heirloom children’s clothes and have started making doll clothes. I love it and I’m looking forward to the doll clothes I am making for my granddaughter for her birthday.