Sewing Pants the Easy Way – With Lots of Help

I am addicted to sewing pants. Not that I sew them well, but it is one of those sewing challenges I’m determined to meet head on and I’ve now become a bit crazed by trying to get great fitting pants. pants perfection 500 Sewing Pants the Easy Way   With Lots of HelpLet’s all say it: (Feel free to insert whatever pant woe befalls you) – No More Pants With Flat Butts! I usually do things the hard way. Whatever it is I find the most difficult path and that’s they way I go. Same with making pants. For a long time I made pants by myself. No videos, or classes or a helpful teacher, just me in my sewing room twisting around in the mirror trying to ‘read my wrinkles’ for goodness sake. I would pour through books and make an attempt here, then another then another and so on.  And by the Grace of the Holy Sewing Ghost I finally did get a relatively decent fitting pair of pants.

Learn from me ladies and gentlemen. Take the easy way into great fitting pants. Learn from the pros. This will save you countless hours of doing it yourself.  I have watched hours of Rae Cumbie videos in her pant making classes here at work. I need to proof each video before you all get to view it. I’m so lucky! I found her video classes to be extremely helpful.

You can also find a handy 3 part reference guide to making pants. This series was presented in Sew News in 2014 and 2015.  The 3 part series will show  you key tips and tricks to making flattering pants, including altering for your body shape, comfortable waistbands, pockets and more. All written and tested by Rae Cumbie.

You may know Rae Cumbie from her outstanding pants patterns the Fit For Art patterns, or her numerous speaking engagements with sewing guilds like American Sewing Guild and other groups around the country. She also is a frequent contributor to Sew News magazine and has a lot to say on great pant fitting. Do yourself a favor; check her out.

Thanks for listening and good luck sewing pants that FIT!

head shot200 Sewing Pants the Easy Way   With Lots of Helpsignautre 200 Sewing Pants the Easy Way   With Lots of Help

 Sewing Pants the Easy Way   With Lots of Help

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  1. Marjorie Lipsey says:

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can get people to accept the need for fittings. Some of them want me to sew for them but do not want me to fit them, they don’t understand the need for fittings.