Sew with Me: Jennifer Paganelli

SewWithMe Logo 300x260 Sew with Me: Jennifer PaganelliCelebrate with us as we launch a new video, pattern and kit series called Sew with Me. There are so many things to love about this new series: luscious feature fabrics, fresh patterns and informative videos that let you skill build while you sew along with some of your favorite sewing designers. First up: the dynamic duo behind Sis Boom Pattern Company, Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim. Today, we’re chatting with Jennifer Paganelli, a name you probably recognize if you’ve spent any amount of quality time in a fabric store.

MG 5185JP Portrait 199x300 Sew with Me: Jennifer Paganelli What do you love most about the online sewing community?
I love the exuberance and the pride in the handmade. Because it’s no longer about saving money to sew a garment or a quilt: it’s the process of creating that is the common thread.

How amazing is it to see people make special things with your fabric?
I love when people using my fabrics become their own celebrities to their own following, because out of cloth they bring their vision to life. They are the designers that I tip my hat to. Most of all, the Sis Boom/Jenny Eliza folks are incredibly talented, and they think of ideas that I wouldn’t. They also have the ability to put fabrics together that are visually stunning.

What trends, sewing or otherwise, are you enjoying this summer?
As a creative director, I am the idea person, and I love scouring flea markets and estate sales for inspiration. I love coming up with something unique.

jpagimage1 200x300 Sew with Me: Jennifer PaganelliWhat are three must-haves in your creative space?
My must-haves are a glue gun, decoupage glue and fabric.

Where and when do you get your best ideas?
Seriously, nothing gets my mojo more pumped than getting to the flea market. My mind goes a mile a minute looking for ideas that ignite my creativity.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?
I do quite a bit of hand sewing so that alone really keeps me in sync with my craft. If I’m stuck or blocked, I pick up a needle and thread and sew sequins to everything, and that makes me feel connected.

Want to know more? Watch a quick preview video and then peruse our line of Sew with Me kits, patterns and video packages at

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 Sew with Me: Jennifer Paganelli
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