Now’s Your Chance To Learn To Copy RTW Garments For Yourself!

Copying Patterns From Ready To Wear

pattern drafting copying wf 600 Nows Your Chance To Learn To Copy RTW Garments For Yourself!

You know your favorite dress in your closet that you wish you had in 5 other colors or fabric? Or that skirt that fits you so perfectly, you’d love to replicate? If you have existing garments that you LOVE, and you want to learn how to create a pattern from a garment in your closet, this course is for you!

This five-week online course, you’ll learn three different ways for creating a pattern from an existing article of clothing. This course will cover how to create a pattern that you can use over and over again to recreate your favorite ready-to-wear pieces. You’ll see the copying techniques on a skirt, a dress, and a shirt. You will learn how to translate these techniques to many types of garments, you’ll also learn different paper options to use for your finished patterns.

This course will show you the basic construction steps for sewing a skirt, a dress, and a shirt. that way, once you’ve made your replica patterns, you can be on your way to easily sewing the pieces out of new fabric!

What You’ll Learn

  •  how to create a pattern from an existing garment in order to recreate your favorite pieces over and over
  • how to create a replica pattern by three different methods: Taking your garment apart, tracing your garment’s separate pieces, and drafting replica pieces
  •  proper tools for each technique
  •  which garments are most suitable for each technique
  •  three different material options for the final pattern
  •  tips for choosing the right fabric for a replica garment
  • tips for sewing a copycat garment
  •  basic construction steps for the three sample garment types: a dress, a shirt, and a skirt

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone interested in recreating an existing garment
  • Intermediate sewers familiar with using indie and commercial sewing patterns
  • Beginner pattern-makers who want to learn how to copy/replicate techniques
  • Anyone who’s tried copying a garment and who wants to learn a better method

Price – 49.99

Time Commitment –

Course runs August 8 – September 12, 2015

  • Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Videos, quizzes and interactive content designed for a proven learning experience
  • Take your courses at your own time and pace and have access to materials for an additional 30 days after the course ends.

Course Outline

  • Welcome!

    • we are happy you are here!
  • Medthos of Copying your Clothes

    • Overview
  • Copycat method 1: Take your garment apart

    • Method 1
    • Assignment
  • Copycat method 2: Trace your garment’s separate pieces

    • Method 2
    • Assignment
  • Copycat method 3: Draft replica pattern pieces

    • Method 3
    • Assignment
  • Sewing your copycat garment

      • Time to Sew!


    Do you self a favor and learn to copy RTW!
    head shot 200 wf 150x150 Nows Your Chance To Learn To Copy RTW Garments For Yourself!


 Nows Your Chance To Learn To Copy RTW Garments For Yourself!

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