Learn To Fit Pants & Expand Your Well Made Wardrobe

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Ill fitting pants got you down?

Sewing pants that fit is a struggle that countless sewists encounter. Many simply don’t even sew pants because of the fit issues and being unsure how to fit pants properly. If you’re one of the many don’t feel bad, help is on the way!  Perfecting The Art Of Pants Fitting can solve many of the common fit issues that arise when sewing pants. The most common pant fitting issues are:

  • Flat or protruding seat
  • Too tight or too loose fit in the waist
  • Crotch depth and length
  • Full or thin hip and thigh area

Fitting pants well is a skill that requires more than just accurate measurements, all though these are key for success. Fitting pants requires time and patience plus a good understanding of your body type.  Additionally, knowing the correct order to make alterations and how to fine tune fit are essential. Once you learn how to fit pants to your shape it will open up an entire new level of sewing. Learning to sew a well fitting pair of pants is truly a great achievement for the home seamstress and sewist.

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Learn how to fit pants like a pro!

 In this course learn:

  • The evolution of pants
  • Body Analysis: What type/shape body are you
  • How to take accurate measurements
  • Understanding of crotch depth and length
  • How certain body types and shapes affect fit
  • Making a muslin to refine fit
  • Reading wrinkles to assess and resolve fit issues
  • Look to RTW for valuable fit information
  • The most common pant alterations types and how to fix
  • Order of alterations and how to do multiple alterations
  • How to recreate style features from RTW pants
  • Pant construction tips and tricks
  • Step-by-step instructions for pant fitting
  • Materials and supplies needed


Victoria Baylor is self-employed and is a proud owner of a custom apparel and alteration business where she specializes in everything from making wedding gowns and kids clothes to menswear and costumes. She has had the privilege of being mentored by a Master Tailor and professional draper in which both have 70+ years of experience combined. She is also the author of the blog Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing (tenthousandsewinghours.blogspot.com) where she chronicles her journey to sewing mastery. She is working on a fashion line and other endeavors and her greatest joy is to help and encourage other sewers to discover their talent!

Take the plunge and learn to sew and fit pants accurately for your body and shape.



 Learn To Fit Pants & Expand Your Well Made Wardrobe

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