Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!

I love the Off The Shelf column in Sew News. Every issue we call out to fabulous book finds like Tilda’s Homemade & Happy by Tone Finnanger.

Homemade Happy1 771x1024 Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!The projects and images in Tilda Homemade & Happy will inspire you with their dusty, dreamy grey-blue, soft green and red color palette.

tilda4 Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!Use that inspiration and the ways to follow instructions  to decorate your home with charming stuffed woodland creatures and even a stuffed vintage sewing machine. Cozy up by the fire with your handmade throw, and hand-quilt a sweet stocking or make yourself an appliquéd clasped purse.

tilda 1 Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!

Twenty-one unique projects means you’ll have a fairy-tale handmade home this holiday.

Tilda Happy3 Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!If you would like to be entered to win this please leave a comment about your favorite holiday decoration, either as a kid or today.

Thanks for commenting!

 Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!
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16 Responses to Tilda Homemade & Happy Book Giveaway!

  1. gayle rush says:

    when i was a little girl we had a santa that had a light in it and it hung on the wall. my family told me that it had a direct line to santa and he could hear me if i talked to him. well, i took every advantage to let him know what i would like for Christmas and knew i had to be a good girl while he was all lit up and listening.. p.s i did get my first bicycle!

  2. My favorite decoration is an iron tree with sewing ornaments. Lovely projects in your book. Thanks

  3. Sheila W. says:

    As a kid, my favorite holiday decoration was the fir Christmas tree (Charlie Brown style) we always helped to pick out and help to decorate with a big star on top. We carried on that tradition with our kids while they were growing up. :)

  4. Suzanne says:

    My favorite holiday decoration was always the Christmas tree. We had a big ornate angel for the top. Every year I tried to convince my parents that we needed a real tree rather than the fake one. I won a few times, but the needles in the carpet always made my mom swear never again.

  5. Lee Patterson says:

    Growing up Christmas was always difficult…. but my favorite memory was my dad cutting out a “coca cola”Santa out of plywood…. it was 8ft tall and we put it in the front yard with a spotlight… that was 50+ yrs ago… way before it was standard to have yard decorations…… all the neighbor hood was impressed…. we used it for many years…

  6. Mary Mac says:

    I have over 100 feet of garland that I made over 20 years ago. I took a piece of rope and tore yards of christmas fabric into strips, then tied them in a knot on the rope. I wrap it down my staircase.

  7. Chris says:

    I love the stockings. Looks like a great book.

  8. Ellee says:

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a tabletop Christmas tree that sits on our kitchen counter every December.

  9. Pam Gutierrez says:

    My favorite Christmas ornament is a special Angel for the top of the Christmas tree!

  10. Marci Green says:

    My favorite holiday decorations are the string lights I hang inside the house. The inside is just as bright as the outside.

  11. Kathy E. says:

    My favorite holiday decorations are the nutcrackers we’ve collected over the years. None of them are the expensive collector type, but all of them are special in one way or the other. Each year, I lay down a lighted evergreen garland on the mantel, then sit the nutcrackers on top. It looks so pretty and festive!

  12. Melissa says:

    I loved my mom’s aluminum tree with the color wheel. I loved watching the tree change colors as the wheel rotated. I have a soft spot for silver trees even today.

  13. Jan says:

    I LOVE TILDA! I would love to have this book! My favorite decoration is a reindeer my youngest child made in Kindergarten out of a Palmetto tree bark.

  14. Jaime says:

    I love all of these!! The owl stocking is my favorite though! So cute! My favorite ornament as a kid were the ones my parents had gotten before I was born. It was always nice to see something from before they had me. Also, not an ornament but I love love love my ceramic manger set.. It was my moms and now I have it :)

  15. Therese says:

    My favorite decoration is a little boy baby sleeping in a hand decorated egg shell. It was given to me as a baby present when my first son was born and adorns our tree each year.

  16. Stephanie reini says:

    Love your ideas