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SewWithMe Logo 300x260 Sew with Me: Christine HaynesOur newest installment in the Sew with Me series comes from beloved author, designer and teacher Christine Haynes. Chances are you’ve seen Christine’s designs before, an unmistakable blend of vintage detail and modern silhouettes for garments that are both distinct and wearable everyday. Take a peek at her set of garment patterns, designed exclusively for Sew News, and read on below to find out more about this talented designer and her lovely, sunny sewing space.

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When and why did you begin sewing?
I learned to sew when I was around 10 years old from my mother, but I didn’t really get into sewing regularly until I was around 18 when I started working at a local sewing shop and purchased my first serger. And I basically haven’t stopped since! I started to really get into making my own clothing because I loved fashion and didn’t have the means to buy what I wanted, so I learned to make it myself.

What’s the garment/pattern/creation you’re most proud of?
I’m most proud of my Emery Dress pattern, as it’s been sewn by thousands of women around the world. It’s amazing to see your design on women of different age, race, size, and taste. It’s become my trademark dress for sure and I’m thrilled it has been so well received.

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What’s your approach to garment design?
I love vintage detailing, but I never want to appear to be dressed in a costume. So my approach is to add in vintage elements, but to blend them with a modern sensibility to create a timeless design.

What’s the most fulfilling aspect of the work you do?
Absolutely the best is seeing people in your designs. I love knowing that people are making, wearing, and living their lives in my patterns. I have seen quite a few Emery wedding dresses, and all kinds of other special situations featuring my designs that leave me so incredibly honored.

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What are the current sewing trends you’re most excited about?
I’m really excited that younger generations are continuing to sew, and that the indie sewing scene is getting more widespread recognition. Keeping the tradition alive and broadening the field are great things for the sewing community!

What do you do when you are not at your sewing machine?
I recently learned to knit and am making my first scarf right now. It will be followed up with a hat, if all goes well! I also love to travel and do as much as I can each year.

What is your sewing super power?
I’m pretty good at estimating small distances correctly! If something needs to be folded 3/8” or 1/2” for example, I can usually get it right on the money every time without using a measuring device. That’s something, right?! (Yes, Christine, totally something!!)

See Christine’s four exclusive patterns and videos at  Pick from the Josie Sundress, the Anya Skirt, the East Side Tunic and the Departure Shift. 

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 Sew with Me: Christine Haynes
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