The Sewing Pattern You Need To Sew

I’ve been sewing a lot lately, but I don’t have many UFO’s (unfinished objects) lying around. I do have many projects in the works, however! Currently, I have five projects going. I finished this new maxi dress, but have a lined camisole, silk kimono, two shirt dresses and a silk blouse to finish up. Plus, about 20 projects started in my brain.

IMG 55061 1024x1024 The Sewing Pattern You Need To SewI prefer to sew this way. I rarely sew something from start to finish in one sitting and then move on to another project. Having multiple projects going allows me to sew a little bit almost every day and then in one weekend I can have five new outfits completed (in theory). At first it bothered me to have so many things going on, but now I embrace it.

If I’m not sewing, I’m online. Online is where I gather much of my fashion inspiration and ideas for sewing through my various feeds and boards. One item of clothing that is as ubiquitous to summer as the swimsuit, is the maxi dress. It’s everywhere you look on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

And, what’s not to love? Maxi dresses are comfortable, easy to dress up or down and can look great in a work setting or hanging out at the pool. The dress above is from an out-of-print Vogue pattern. I’m not sure about the print. I kind of feel like a kite or a beach ball. The dress has French seams throughout and unique pleats in the front and the back. This dress was so easy to sew. Can’t wait for the weather to heat up so I can wear it.

Sew a comfy maxi dress

joi mahon red dress The Sewing Pattern You Need To SewClassic Caftan Dress

Exotic Caftan  The Sewing Pattern You Need To SewMy current maxi dress is a bit formal, and will work well at summer parties. A soft knit with a fun print would work great for a casual or office look. A knit maxi dress is almost like wearing pajamas, they are so comfortable to wear! Dress up a plain maxi dress with exotic accessories for a bit of drama.

Easy Maxi Skirt

stitch maxi skirt The Sewing Pattern You Need To Sew
If you’re not into a complete maxi dress why not try a maxi skirt? These skirts, in knits or wovens are classic summer dressing. Whip up a week’s worth for easy dressing all summer long.

Maxi dresses, caftans and skirts are my go-to for spring and summer sewing. They look great, are right on trend and simple to sew. What’s your go-to staple for your sewn summer wardrobe?

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 The Sewing Pattern You Need To Sew

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