Islander Sewing Systems Certification Course

Islander Sewing Systems Certification Course brought to you by Sew News and hosted by Craft U.

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This course will run from October 15th through January 22, 2017.

You may be asking yourself, “What will I get out of the Islander Sewing System Certification”? This course has a lot to offer for all types of sewers.

Janet Pray 300 Islander Sewing Systems Certification Course

Janet Pray of Islander Sewing Systems has written in her own words what each and everyone of you may get out of the course:

For the home sewer who wants to simply improve the quality of their finished projects, eliminate the frustration when operating the sewing machine and to cut down the amount of time each project takes. “If you like to sew, after you learn these techniques you will LOVE to sew!”islander sewing image Islander Sewing Systems Certification Course

For the sewing professional, making clothes and alterations for others this course will help increase the profit margin and gives helpful business information including record keeping and client contracts. A sample price list form and contract are included in the workbook for this course.

For the person who wants to manufacture and sell sewn items this course not only provides the more efficient sewing methods that create a better profit margin, it also provides help with pricing, purchasing wholesale and how to test market. I discuss how to increase the amount you can sell by hiring subcontractors and some of the important details of hiring subcontractors.

thumb IMG 4072 10241 1024x682 Islander Sewing Systems Certification CourseFor the home sewer who wants to teach others to sew the Islander Sewing System is an excellent opportunity to teach the very best techniques.

In the course I provide important information on teaching at different venues and how to structure your teaching approach for each and why. A sample teaching contract is provided in the workbook for this course. Those who certify and become teachers will post their contact info and teaching schedule. We will provide several handouts, critique forms and class descriptions when requested. Those certified as teachers will also have the ability to buy Islander Sewing Systems’ products wholesale to resell to students.

As you can see, no matter what kind of sewer you are, the benefits of this course will improve your sewing life.

You can enroll in the course at Craft U. In addition to the course, we have put together a convenient kit of all the specialty tools, notions and sample fabrics you will need throughout the course at Shop Sew it All.

We hope you enjoy the course as much as we do!

 Islander Sewing Systems Certification Course
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