Upcoming Webinar: A Bra That Fits with Monica Bravo

This might be TMI, but I have a lot of problems finding bras that fit. For one thing, my cup size falls halfway between A and B, so As are always a little small and Bs are always a little big. On top of that, I often have trouble finding my band size paired with the smaller cups. Bra manufacturers seems to believe that small cups=small torso. That’s not how it works on me!Bras MonicaBravo Upcoming Webinar: A Bra That Fits with Monica Bravo

Years ago, I found a brand that did half sizes and for a few glorious years I had bras that fit well… and then they discontinued the line. I bought a bunch of bras when I found out, but they’re all pretty worn out now. The elastic’s shot so the straps are always falling down. But I know that shopping for replacements is going to be a nightmare, so I keep putting it off.


All of this is a complicated way of telling you how very excited I am for Monica Bravo’s upcoming webinar, A Bra That Fits: Fitting Yourself for a Perfect Bra Pattern. You might remember Monica from our feature article in the December 2015/January 2016 Sew News about sewing your own undies (click to find parts one, two, three and four of our Sew Along). Now she’s back to teach us all about proper bra fitting and choosing the right bra style.

Among the planned topics are:

  • Measuring yourself: where to measure, what to wear while doing so, and how to measure yourself if you’re alone
  • Differences in sizing between ready-made bras and bra patterns
  • Different bra styles and their effect on fitting and measuring
  • Fit considerations based on common body issues
  • Fit sample basics

Sounds like everything you need to know to successfully make your own bras. I’m all over this!

The webinar will be live on June 14, 2016, at 11:00 am Mountain Time. While you don’t have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation, it does give you a chance to ask Monica your questions and get her answers in real time. You will also receive a copy of the presentation afterwards, along with associated handouts and answers to the questions that were asked during the live event.

BravoBra 2 cover 185x300 Upcoming Webinar: A Bra That Fits with Monica Bravo

Bravo Bra #2

Sign up for the webinar on shopsewitall.com—the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive will tell you all you need to know about joining the event on June 14. You can also pick up Monica Bravo’s basic bra pattern, Bravo Bra #2. Just be aware that it’s a physical pattern, not digital, so if you want it to have it ready for webinar day, buy it as soon as you can to allow time for delivery.

Hope to see you there!

 Upcoming Webinar: A Bra That Fits with Monica Bravo
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