Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E-book

In the past I didn’t really think too much about making my own lingerie or bras. I just excepted itchy, pokey and ill-fitting bras. But no more! I’m dipping my toe into the bra making fun that I see all over the web.

Besides, why should I be uncomfortable? I don’t think it matters what size you are, an ill-fitting bra is a horrible thing to wear.

austin powers gif 32 Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E book

The Deadliest Bra Ever?

My biggest issues are itchy and weird shaped cups. Itchy is hands down my biggest pet peeve. What do they make these bras with, fiber glass insulation?

an itchb42f Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E book

At the end of the day… Am I right?!


Do you have issues with bras not fitting well, or looking good under your clothes?

giphy bra Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E bookSo how to kill the biggest offenders to comfortable bras, you of course! Don’t bother complaining about it,just make it and sew it the best way for you and your shape and size.

If you have beginning to intermediate sewing skills you should be able to tackle sewing bras with no problem. If you’re unsure where to start, you’ll need to accurately measure yourself. It’s the most important step for perfect fitting bras.

mary poppins  Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E book

What are your experiences with sewing your own bras? Did you like it, would you do it again? Do you have problems with RTW bras?  Let me know in the comments section!

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A Bra that Fits Webinar

Leave a comment and four winners will be picked to win the Sew News digital E-book on sewing lingerie.SewingLingerieEbook WF 500 Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E book


 Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E book

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47 Responses to Tell Me Your Bra Wearing Pet Peeves + Enter To Win A Lingerie Project E-book

  1. Shirley says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

  2. Ann says:

    i’d have to say fit. For years I have had a phobia about shopping for bras. I’m small busted and from the generation that they had so called training bras. But I never grew out of them.

  3. Linda says:

    My dilemma is asymmetry, 2 different cup sizes. In RTW bras I usually have one side gaping and on the other side spillage (also known as the third boob). Would like to be able to customize the padding and still have a nice looking bra….and to look balanced!

  4. Linda G says:

    So many things to hate about RTW bras! Inconsistent cup sizes and one size is too small (with overflow), the next larger size is way too big. Underwires that poke into my underarms with cup sides too high up on the sides cutting into my front underarm. Not enough support in RTW wireless bras for my aging breasts. Not enough low-cut, front closing bras available. Needing more width across the back, but the only option is to add a hard, non-stretch, painful bra extender. The straps are never long enough for me as I have a curved upper back, forward shoulders, and scoliosis combined with a long upper torso. That is really painful, too, as it forces all the weight onto my shoulders. The so-called shoulder padding relief is in the wrong place to reach my shoulders because of my long upper torso. It sits annoyingly in front of my collarbone. The lack of unpadded bras available. And, the lack of bras in cotton and silk. Polyester, nylon, and rubber are HOT and sweaty. I gave up wearing bras long ago when my breasts were much smaller, but, now, in menopause, my breasts are larger, heavier, and their natural support musculature is weakening. I am definitely starting to learn how to make my own, but am having difficulty finding pattern styles I like. I did make a fully-boned corset that was a bit complicated, but surprisingly comfortable, considering all the trouble I’ve had finding bras that fit.

  5. Dawn Petersen says:

    I also have trouble with straps falling off my shoulders, always pulling them back up thru my top. My other problem is that they are not wide enough across my back without a back extension. I would also love to read the E-book, thanks.

  6. Dawn Petersen says:

    I also have trouble with straps falling off my shoulders, always pulling them up inside my top. My other problem is that across my back the bra is not wide enough without a bra extender for more comfort. Love to read the E-book thanks.

  7. Connie Telfeyan says:

    Good fit is hard to find! I would like to learn how to measure for proper fit and make my own bras!

  8. Martha says:

    I’m small busted and sort of in between. I like underwires, they keep the band in place. Otherwise it keeps riding up. So I would like to know how to sew an underwire bra and one where the straps don’t keep falling off my shoulders, in a smaller size, without padding. It seems like they think smaller busted women must have padding!

    • Monica says:

      I will address the whole “straps falling off thing”! And you should always start with a great fitting bra without padding first ;-) No one needs (or should use) padding or foam to feel beautiful!!!

  9. Jen Morgan says:

    I hate that there are no half sizes. My bras never fit perfectly!

  10. Elaine Gregory says:

    Falling straps and how HOT they are the worst things about wearing bras. I have a D cup so I need support. Support=Heat
    I have been reading about making my own undergarments. It seems easier than I had originally thought.
    Thanjs, Elaine

    • Monica says:

      I live in an inferno in the summer (temps of 110+ for week on end)! I make my summer bras with the cups out of cotton jersey – super lightweight and breathable!

  11. Kay A says:

    My pet peeves are even with the same bra maker you have to try on several sizes to get one that fits. I got a blue in one size but the red in the same style I had to get in a different size to get the same fit.

    • Monica says:

      Part of that is that there is no standardization in sizing. Anywhere. Ever. It stinks! But the other part of that is that the fit actually greatly depends on who is sewing the bra! When there is only 1/8″ – 1/4″ between sizes in some areas, and with multiple seams, a very small difference in sewing can make a huge difference in fit.

  12. Terri says:

    My pet peeve is back fat!! All the bras that fit in the cup push all that extra flab out under my arm pits…..And in the back over the top of the band. And I really don’t have test much extra flab…where foes it come from? I’ve never sewn any lingerie, ever.

    • Monica says:

      A cup with enough projection will allow all the breast tissue to go out front where it belongs and not stuck up under your arms! For a smoother back, you can make a more “tank style” back that gives nice lines and tames any escaping squishiness!

  13. Ginger says:

    I’ve never sewn a bra because the styles I like do not seem to have a pattern. I hate how rtw bras come with so few hooks in the smaller sizes. I want a row of 2 not 1

    • Monica says:

      And really, anyone over a B cup should have a 3 hook wide!!! What’s your favorite style? I like to have a base pattern that fits great, then change it into any style I please ;-)

  14. Suzanne says:

    I have one bra style that fits my moderately small band, full cups, and narrow shoulders. I’d love to make some with beautiful fabric and lace, and other adornments, that fit!

    • Monica says:

      Your request is completely doable… just need to get that base pattern that fits, then embellish and play with lace til your heart’s content!

  15. CarlaJo says:

    I hate when they fall apart after just a few washings!

    • Monica says:

      So, I’ve honestly never actually worn a RTW bra. But I hear that complaint all the time. The materials I use are super durable… I wash my bras in the washer and dry them in the dryer (on hot, with my jeans, because – confession time – I’m really that bad at doing laundry!) They last for 3-5 years with wearing them every other day and washing weekly. Seriously.

  16. Lauren says:

    I haven’t dipped my toe yet into sewing lingerie. I can sew most things but just feel like I won’t have enough fingers to get the best sewing done. For me I just hate the underwrites.

    • Monica says:

      I’m going to address the whole “I Hate Underwires!” campaign that it seems most women are a part of! Is that they poke you under the arms? Or dig in your ribs?

  17. Chantal says:

    My biggest pet peeves when it comes to bras is the fact that I have a hard time finding my 32 band size combined with the smooth seamless finish in a decent (non-fluorescent) color. I seem to be confined to shop the same selection as my 13 year old niece!

  18. wearinbeads says:

    I recently had surgery for breast cancer, a lumpectomy only. the underwired ones pokes and hurts, and the sports bra I bought on advice from a friend doesn’t have enough support, and jiggling hurts. I sure am ready to try another approach.

    • Monica says:

      Getting good support and a comfortable underwire is KEY for you post-surgery. Have you tried using the flexible underwires? I have many lumpectomy/mastectomy clients who use them with lots of success!

  19. Susette says:

    I’ve never made a bra before, but is there a way to make bras for those who are between cup sizes? Too big for one size, but too small for the next size?

  20. Marie says:

    I seem to be sensitive to a lot of the fabrics that bras are made …they cause me to itch. I also dislike bra bands that dig in to my back. I would so like to find a comfortable non wire bra for larger bust lines and it would be divine to be able to make my own under wired bra with comfortable straps and under wires that don’t irritate!

    • Monica says:

      Try softer fabrics like tricot or 100% cotton jersey for the cups, which may be less irritating. Flexible wires also help tremendously with the uncomfortable wire issue!

  21. Lorie says:

    My small frame and well endowed figure have maddened me when it comes to finding a properly fitting bra. If a bra fits around, it usually has cups that “runneth over.” If the cups fit, the whole bra slides up my back and down my front. That results in a dowdy look and not much comfort or confidence. I have made a bra or two in the past, and was fairly pleased, but not perfectly. Now necessity is forcing me into only natural fibers for my clothing. I need to start making my own, excellent-fitting under garments. Help! I really need this instruction!

    • Monica says:

      You and I sound like we are in a similar boat! I’m a 32I and my current fav bra has the cups out of 100% cotton jersey :-)

  22. Susan Griffin says:

    I hate cups that make my breast look like grapefruit.

  23. Illyse sheaffer says:

    Dropping off my shoulders rates higher than itching to me. I have no shoulders to keep the straps up. Drives me nuts.

  24. Karen Watkins says:

    I am very small busted and find that there are few bras that come in my size. I’ve never made a bra, but would be willing to try if it could be made just my size!

  25. Corrie says:

    I hate when underwire digs into my ribs. Also sports bras with non-adjustable straps.

    • Monica says:

      Me, too! Underwires digging in the ribs are a sign that you don’t have enough support distributed throughout your bra, leaving the majority of the support on your ribs. Ouch!

  26. BeccaA says:

    My biggest pet peeve is straps that fall off my shoulders all the time. I am constantly reaching inside my neckline to pull the straps back up. Of course itching is torture. Also my band size 30 – 32 makes it difficult to find bras that fit without costing an arm and a leg–and a bra is only made of tiny scraps of fabric. Yes I’m ready to sew my own.

    • Monica says:

      You can totally solve that whole strap-falling-off thing by making your own! And of course in your size and with comfortable fabrics!

  27. Lolie says:

    I started sewing bras a year and a half ago and I just love it. It gets really addictive. I would love to learn more about fitting bras, and bras in general, because I find it hard to really pinpoints the problems and I end up making looooots of bras to get a good fit. I started to sew bras because I couldn’t find anything that fit right in the RTW department and got bored of shopping for days and finally getting one that I never wanted to put on in the morning. I’m always scouring the internet to get more info on bras, I would love to read that E-book! Thanks!!

    • Monica says:

      Bra making is SO addictive! I made my first bra when I was 12 and haven’t looked back since!!! It’s my absolute favorite thing to sew and if I need to relax and take a mental break, I just pull out my bra stuff and get started!