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A Knack for Knits

Lately, I’ve been sewing with a lot of silks and silkys. Must be due to the weather. As this summer flies by, fall will be right around the corner. Most likely I’ll trade my silk fabrics in for toasty knits.

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I love sewing with knits, they really are one of the easiest most forgiving fabrics around. Sure, there are a few that can be prickly to work with.

I think many tissue knits can be a pain and velvet knits are no picnic. The problems that I’ve encountered are curling edges. Also, some sweater and lacy knits can be a challenge to cut. These types of knits can shift and stretch even while on the cutting table.

Good news is, there are a few easy to follow tips for making your knit sewing projects looking in fine form.

  • For sweater and lacy knits, cut out on a large flat surface that will accommodate all the fabric. Don’t have any hang over the edge.
  • Cut lacy and sweater knits in a single layer to ensure accuracy.
  • Use a rotary cutting system for sweater knits.
  • Be sure to use an interfacing specially for knits on pockets or anywhere that needs a bit of stability.
  • Stabilize buttonholes on any knit fabric with a bit of interfacing.
  • Preshrink all knit fabrics. Take special care with sweater knits and read the manufacturers label for washing instructions. Not all sweater knits are washable.

And, the number one tip requested for knits:

  • To prevent curling of edges use a wash-away basting tape or fabric glue stick within the seam allowance when placing pieces together. Allow the glue to dry before sewing.

Are these tips you use when you sew with knits? Do you have trouble with curling edges? What’s  your tip? When are you going to start sewing for fall? Are knits in your forecast? Let me know in the comments section !

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 Save These Tips For Working With Knits

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One Response to Save These Tips For Working With Knits

  1. Valerie Gwara says:

    This is very timely.
    I am trying to stabilize the fabric I’ve just bought by soaking in dissolved washaway stabilizer. (lots of bits I’ve saved from embroidery.) We’ll see how that works.