Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

Welcome to the Gallery Tunic Sew-Along! This lovely pattern by Liesl Gibson is comfortable, easy to sew and versatile enough that you’ll want to make one—or more than one—to suit every month of the year.

Leisl Gallery 240x300 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

The Gallery Tunic Pattern

If you don’t have your pattern yet, there’s still time! We’re talking about fabric selection today, and we’ll be back on Friday to start the actual sewing. Find the pattern at Or pick up a Gallery Tunic kit, which not only has the pattern, but comes with 3 1/2 yards (the perfect amount to make the tunic) of the gorgeous cotton lawn that Liesl Gibson designed for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

lawn 300x300 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

The lovely all-season print that comes in the Gallery Tunic Kit

In the meantime, keep reading for some fabric recommendations from Liesl herself!


One of the great things about the Gallery Tunic pattern is that it’s quite versatile and you can choose from a lot of different fabrics options. So here are a handful of ideas to get you started.


One obvious choice for this pattern is cotton shirtings, and if you have a shirting section in your local fabric store you’re in luck. If not, look for these fabrics online.

fabric 1 shirtings 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. Jennifer Sampou’s Studio Stash Yarn Dyes for Robert Kaufman are an excellent choice. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
  2. Kaufman’s Carolina Gingham is also a great choice with a wide range of color to choose from.
  3. This is another from the Studio Stash Yarn Dye collection.
  4. And one more Studio Stash Yarn Dye that I love.


Plaid flannel is really popular right now, especially Buffalo plaids. Here’s a great article from the New York Times if you’re interested in the history of this pattern.

fabric 2 flannel 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. Kaufman’s Mammoth flannel. The epitome of the Buffalo plaid phenomenon.
  2. So many good Mammoth flannel plaids to choose from!
  3. More Mammoth flannel.
  4. This beautiful tartan is part of Kaufman’s House of Wales plaid collection.

Double Gauze

If you’ve never sewn with double gauze, you’re missing out! It’s a lightweight, drapey cotton that breathes beautifully and is especially wonderful in warm weather. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and prints.

fabric 3 double gauze 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabricfabric 4 more double gauze 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. If you see something you like at Miss Matabi, you need to act fast! Several of these prints have already sold out, but there are others I like at least as much.
  2. If you’re not into the conversational prints but want something lighthearted and fun, these dots are perfect. And the color is still neutral, so it will work with jeans and so much of your wardrobe.
  3. I’m always a big fan of solid-colored double gauze, too. Save some of this navy double gauze for me because I plan to wear it all summer.
  4. This print looks like a watercolor-y gingham, which is totally up my alley style-wise.
  5. Cotton and Steel has some wonderful double gauze in both prints and solids.
  6. Solid indigo double gauze. Always a smart choice.
  7. This is the same solid double gauze in a soft peach color.
  8. Cloud 9 has been producing some nice double gauze as well. This scatter print is neutral enough to work well and add a little sense of fun to the Gallery Tunic.

 Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is another one of those fabric that is ideal for shirts and tunics. It stays crisp even on hot days, and it’s lightweight enough to be comfortable no matter what.

fabric 5 cotton lawn 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. Woodland Clearing, of course.
  2. This is one of my favorite colorways from Woodland Clearing.
  3. The limited color palette makes this busy geometric print work so nicely.
  4. I like that this apple print reads almost like polka dots until you look more closely.

Chambray and Linen

Chambray is always a favorite, isn’t it? And with good reason! Both chambray and linen are easy to wear and extremely versatile. We’ve seen quite a few terrific versions of the Gallery pattern sewn up in both fabrics.

fabric 6 chambray and linen 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. The little dots in this chambray are so much fun!
  2. Kaufman’s Antwerp linen is a fantastic choice.
  3. This swiss dot chambray is fun. The soft ends of the clip dot give it a more relaxed, organic feel.
  4. This chambray reads almost like a linen, which would also be wonderful for the Gallery pattern.

Quilting Cottons

I’m particularly in love with Carolyn Friedman’s architecturally-inspired quilting cottons right now. The patterns are subtle, the colors are beautiful, and the hand is great for the Gallery pattern.

fabric 7 quilting cottons 300x72 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. These simple lines make an interesting pattern.
  2. The bold patterns on this graph-paper ground feel like a very neat architect’s doodles to me.
  3. Cross hatching in a wide variety of color choices.
  4. Delicate hand-drawn circles in a color that I’m rather obsessed with at present.

I hope that helps with your fabric inspiration and choices!


We’re really lucky to have the pattern designer’s fabric recommendations, aren’t we? I hope one of those possibilities appealed to you. Our Sew Along will be using a heavenly rayon challis in navy with a simple design in white.

We’ll start sewing the pattern on Friday, so between now and then be sure to choose your fabric, cut out the pieces and complete the “before you start” steps. We’ll see you back here in a few days!

 Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric
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4 Responses to Gallery Tunic Sew Along Day 1: Fabric

  1. Nancy B. says:

    Would this be good in a medium-weight cotton batik fabric? It’s very soft but not especially drapey.

    • Kate says:

      It would probably be a little stiffer than the tunic was planned to be, but I don’t think that would make it unattractive. I see no reason it wouldnt work — it’s really up to you whether you mind a less drapey finished product.

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