Canvas Pyramid Pillows


At the end of summer I always feel like I want to update my home decor. When I saw this pattern from Stitch Spring 2015, I thought what a fun and simple way to do so.
Triangle Pillow 4 1024x682 Canvas Pyramid PillowsI was lucky enough to use Art Gallery Fabrics Collar Ends and Cheshire Feathers canvas.  Each of the prints feature small amounts of metallic flecks that I adore.Triangle Pillow 2 1024x682 Canvas Pyramid Pillows Collar Ends flecks are a pink metallic and Cheshire Feathers flecks are gold.

Triangle Pillow 1 1024x682 Canvas Pyramid PillowsNothing like a bit of metallic to fancy up a piece of  canvas.

folded fabric 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

What I love most about this pattern by Rashida Coleman-Hale is the simplicity and shape. You only need less that a 1/2 yard of fabric! Another upside is that I was able to make two pillows in almost no time at all!

Witness the simplicity…

Cut the fabric.

15x29 300x225 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

 Fold and stitch.

step 2 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

Fold and press.

step 3 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows


step 4 300x300 Canvas Pyramid PillowsFold then stitch.

step 5 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

Turn right side out.

step 6 300x300 Canvas Pyramid PillowsStuff.

step 7 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

Hand stitch closed.

step 8 300x300 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

And enjoy!

Triangle Pillow 4 1024x682 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

looking down Canvas Pyramid Pillows

Triangle Pillow 3 682x1024 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

Treat yourself to a little home “pick-me-up” with the Pyramid Pillow pattern and enjoy the beautiful fabric detailing of Art Gallery canvas prints.

Happy Sewing!


Jessica Z Head Shot Cropped 200 150x150 Canvas Pyramid Pillows

 Canvas Pyramid Pillows
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  1. Noell says:

    I love you! ❤️

  2. Linda says:

    I love that pillow! Thanks for sharing it!