Today’s To-Do: Resurrect Those Sewing Resolutions!

Hey, what about those New Year resolutions?

It’s been ten months but does anyone remember what your New Year’s resolutions were? I vaguely recall “train for a 5k, eat more fiber and sew a ball gown. Well, to be honest, I haven’t gotten up from the proverbial couch on any of those.

resolution 500 Todays To Do: Resurrect Those Sewing Resolutions!I had high hopes for the ball gown back in the early days of January.  Then February came and I got involved in some other project. In March I looked at prices for fabric for a ball gown, that was about it. Summer I told myself I was practicing for the gown by making a dress for a vintage ball I attended. All that hand sewing gave me pause. Did I really know what I was getting into? No, to be honest, I didn’t. Without any more thought on it or anyone really holding my feet to the fire to push on, I quietly let the ball gown idea fade away.

Now it’s October and I’m certain I won’t be making that gown this year. For several reasons, one of which I don’t have any balls to go to. That seems like a legit reason, right?

What were your resolutions for 2016? The image above are my actual sewing resolutions for 2016. Plus, there were a few more detailed ones, such as finishing up a dress pattern I’ve had for a couple of years and working more on pants. I’d love to know how you did and there’s still time!

What sewing resolutions would you like to see checked off before January 2017 rolls around?

Leave me a note below!

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Jill Case
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 Todays To Do: Resurrect Those Sewing Resolutions!

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2 Responses to Today’s To-Do: Resurrect Those Sewing Resolutions!

  1. I think all my resolutions are covered on that bulletin board! Here it is, already October, and the piles are still there. Waiting.