Learn To Sew High Style Bags With Linda Lee

Anatomy of a Bag: Tips & Techniques for Sewing Bags, With Linda Lee.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • An introduction to interesting materials to use for bags and bag components
  • Techniques for installing zippers 3 different ways.
  • How to line a bag
  • Options for handles, straps and hardware with lots of examples
  • How to sew several kinds of corners and shapes
  • Step-by-step instructions to sew a Travel Bag – instructions included

Who Should Attend:

  • Hobby sewers who want to learn better techniques for making bags
  • Professional bag makers who want to sell their products
  • Beginner sewer who want so learn good basic techniques
  • A sewer who wants to have fun and be inspired

Difficulty Level: This course is for someone who has a basic knowledge of operating a sewing machine, but the skill level is open to all levels from beginning to advanced and experience. There is something for everyone in this course.


Linda’s training and experience as an interior designer has come in handy as she travels the country teaching the art of combining beautiful fabrics for the fashion –conscious home sewer. Along with teaching fitting skills and fine sewing techniques, she is known for designing patterns under the name of The Sewing Workshop, a line of patterns for the modern sewer who is interested in architecturally interesting styles to flatter with flare.

Along with six talented staff members, she operates out of her pattern-making studio in Topeka, Kansas, where you will find a huge inventory of fabrics that are sold online. She produces a monthly series of inspirational tutorials called Sew Confident! in which she breaks down the latest fashion trends into real-life sewing experiences for people who want to sew better than they can buy.

With nine classes and 13 books under her belt, Linda has the depth of experience and enthusiasm needed to pass on the fine art of sewing clothes to her students.

Linda loves cats, fashion labels Marni and Akris, Roger Federer, vintage hand stitching, Fillmore Street in San Francisco, and Oreo Blizzards.

 Learn To Sew High Style Bags With Linda Lee

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4 Responses to Learn To Sew High Style Bags With Linda Lee

  1. Dorothy Urberg says:

    I would like gift card, the only thing I bought myself is a Babylock server 2 yrs ago.

  2. Carol Harness says:

    Several years ago when our 16 year old granddaughter visited us, my husband and I each went shopping for our own selves and wrapped the gifts to each other. I chose sewing things and he chose some tools. We didn’t want her to be embarrassed by getting gifts when neither of us would have gifts. To this day she still doesn’t know…unless she happens to read it here!!!

  3. Great info and this is the reason that I would love gift cards for Christmas – and in my years of sewing – over 50 years – I have never gotten anything sewing related for Christmas either…
    Sherry Poole