Ultimate Sewing Wish List + A Giveaway!

Too Many Presents Under The Tree

I find it more than amusing that no one in my household, when it comes time for gift giving, gives me any sewing related presents. None. I really can’t think of a Christmas or birthday where I was presented with anything related to sewing. Nothing.

20 Bad Vintage Christmas Ads Ultimate Sewing Wish List + A Giveaway!

Will I really be happier with a Hoover?

Not that I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth. I truly love the mustard-colored velour extra- large underwear set. Who doesn’t need an electrical foot bath and a pot holder set with Paula Deen’s face emblazoned on them? The cone-shaped watch from Walmart still sits in a honored place in my sock drawer. And, the electric staple gun and sweat suit, well, what can I say about that? Every year it gets better and better.

Trust me, I’ve given hints, practically tattooed a list on my face. Until they “get the hint”, I make sure I always have something for myself under the tree. Trust me it’s good.

Question for you is what does your sewing wish list look like? Want a sewing machine, a nice pair of scissors? Maybe a gift card or two? Tell me a great (or not so great) gift you received from a spouse or significant other. Maybe you’re like me and pop something for yourself under the tree.
Let me know in the comments section below and you’ll be entered to win a Seamstress’s Holiday Gift Pack.

One winner will be picked on Monday November 21!

Until then!

seamstress gift pack  Ultimate Sewing Wish List + A Giveaway!

 Ultimate Sewing Wish List + A Giveaway!

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239 Responses to Ultimate Sewing Wish List + A Giveaway!

  1. Stacie says:

    Was the winner ever announced?

  2. Jo manuel says:

    I would love another sewing machine. Have one but another one is needed.

  3. Sara says:

    No sewing gifts for me either….but that might be the result of the no plug rule instituted after getting one too many appliances early on. A great pair of lefty scissors, good sewing books, cute fabric would be on my list. If Santa wants to bring me a server, that would be a bonus.

  4. Dennise Brown says:

    I bougjt mysrlf a second hand serger…now to learn how to use it. I am a weaver and know basic sewing. I have never given myself a gift under the tree so a gift card would be awesome. Please enter me in the contest….thank you.

  5. TA Smiley says:

    My wish this year is for a weighted back support to prevent slouching (and the resulting shoulder ache!) while sewing, or a really good height adjustable sewing chair. The most “unusual” gift I ever received was a gift to myself and it was more a surprise to the rest of my family when I unwrapped a 3/4″ electric drill with side handle! I wanted a drill capable of keeping up to me and my craft projects :)

  6. Jonana says:

    I would love an embroidery/applique machine.

  7. Essie says:

    I’d love a new sewing machine for the holidays! The strangest gift I ever got was an attachment for my iPhone so I could wear it as a ring (?!)

  8. Donnie Wood says:

    I got a bright pink tool box from my mechanic boyfriend. I’ve never seen him so excited to give me a gift for Christmas. It’s large, two piece and on wheels. Great way for me to try to keep my sewing supplies organized.

    What I want and haven’t been able to afford yet is a sewing table that fits my sewing machine and has the fold out extension in back for doing quilts. I keep watching for sales but decided I’m going to start my own Christmas account so that next year I can get it for myself. I make do with a door over drawers I got at Ikea. Works but doesn’t allow much space that is needed when making quilts.

  9. Aurora says:

    I am fairly new to the sewing world. I think my best present so far has been my Singer Stylist. My parents got it. I absolutely love it! I have also gotten gift cards for JoAnn Fabrics and a few fat quarters. Last year my sister made me a doughnut shaped pin holder! I love that too! I often have sewing supplies on my birthday list that was last Friday and household things on my Christmas list. I’ll mix in a few craft items if I find something. This year I have some sewing books and a mini iron on my list in addition to a cordless Panasonic iron.

  10. SAM says:

    It is rare to get anything at any time from my husband. I now do my own shopping and frequently I buy sewing things for myself. Last Christmas I bought myself a short arm quilter so I could do larger quilts. I love being able to quilts on my quilter.

  11. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I would love t0 get a new sewing embroidery machine for Christmas. My strangest Christmas gift was 2 pairs of socks and 6 pairs of underwear when I was 9

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I would love a nice storage unit for fabric. Quilt store gift certificates also great.

  13. Renee G says:

    My sewing wish list includes a new machine and a few lessons. The first Christmas I was married my husband bought me a cute pink sweatshirt with a bunny on it. It was really cute, but it was a maternity sweatshirt and I wasn’t even expecting yet….

  14. I really do need my own (new) sewing machine. I don’t even own any, but we can’t really afford one either. My sweet hubby and I exchange small gifts, and each of his are precious to me because they are given with “wubadub”.

  15. Last year my husband gave me a homemade gift certificate for the 2016 Smocking Arts Guild of America national convention. This included registration for classes, kit fees, hotel, meals, and transportation. He actually accompanied me to the convention, making his own fun in the local area while I had an absolute ball. Best. Present. Ever!

  16. Annie K says:

    A number of years ago, my sister and brother-in-law gave us a beautiful set of dishes (the pretty painted-pottery sort, not fine china). It was a gift for my whole family…husband, myself, and our three children. We’ve had to take turns using it, though, as the box only contained one, single place setting, LOL!

  17. Cindy Bowers says:

    I would love on of those large sewing organizational desk/ cabinets.

  18. Cindy Bowers says:

    For myself, I’m still trying to get back my zest for sewing. With depression I lost it. Sewing has always been happy obsession. For Christmas, I want that back! No one knows what I need for sewing, including myself. Lol! Gift certificates sounds good though.

  19. Linda says:

    If Santa is listening, would like to get some more classes and a dressmaker form.

  20. Stacie Sawicki says:

    My hubby got me a sewing/embroidery machine that I really wanted and was surprised to get because it was way out of our Christmas budget. My whole family is really good about getting me sewing related stuff!

  21. Holly Abreu says:

    I would love to receive a sewing table. I’ve also got a fold up cutting table on my list. More time to sew would also be a bonus, but it’s hard to put something like that under the tree.

  22. Sharon R says:

    Best gift ever… Hubs made a custom cabinet/desk for my sewing machine. I love gift cards for fabric stores. I really could use a sidewinder for Christmas because the bobbin winder on ny vintage machine has lost its little nub that fits the slot on the bobbin… Thanks. Happy thanksgiving!

  23. Chris Waechter says:

    My husband surprised me one Christmas my steam tank iron. Great gift for my sewing room. Never had a better iron. Sadly it died after 15 years of much loved use.

  24. beth says:

    I would want a new 5 thread serger that does coverstitch and a new embroidery machine that does nothing but embroidery. That is wishful thinking. I usually just go the quilt shop locally and put in holding for my husband to go in there before Christmas and buy my goodies for me.

  25. Jill Dean says:

    I need a sewing table in the worst way! My dining room table really needs to be used for dining, hahaha! The picture reminded me of when my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I mean it was a top of the line Dyson, but really, for Christmas?? So I bought him a shop vac for his birthday… he got the hint. No more cleaning machines for gifts!!

  26. I. Moore says:

    I wish for a nicer room for my creative thoughts. My husband and I share the space in the basement. He is not at all the neatest person. I would love for my area to
    get organized and have a new updated machine

  27. Rebecca says:

    I would love gift cards to fabric snd quilt stores. My family knows i love this. …

  28. nancy says:

    I wrote an email when I couldn’t get into comments. I’d love a light weight sewing machine to carry to classes. Any suggestions?

  29. Claire Ross says:

    We are due our first baby tomorrow so I would love some gorgeous nursery fabrics and batting to make a baby quilt.

  30. Cindi Klemm says:

    I would love a new sewing machine. I wore mine out (literally) and have been borrowing one from our church.

  31. Susan Clarkson says:

    I dream of a treadle sewing machine. Beyond that probably gift certificates to buy more fabric.

  32. Karen says:

    I’m usually pretty happy with anything. But last year I received the best foot massage machine.

  33. Wanda Lawrence says:

    My husband buys me sewing items all the time. My favorite was a 5 thread serger. I usually write a list of what Im wanting. I have learned that he wants to go into the store and get it. He doesn’t like to order sewing supplies!

  34. Nancy says:

    I don’t get it, everybody knows I love to sew, but I have Never gotten a sewing related gift. I talk to my friends and co-workers some of who don’t even share my passion. I told my nephew last year I wanted a Jo-Ann Craft store gift card, he got me a Visa gift card, Not The Same. So I always buy my own Christmas and Birthday gift. Happy Holidays.

  35. Ruth Lutz says:

    I too have never received a sewing related gift, despite many hints! I would love a great pair of sewing sheers – mine have been sharpened a few too many times. I would also like an ironing table with storage underneath.