Tell Us What You Sewed This Past Year!

Making New Year’s Resolutions
I always get excited for the end of the year. A new year is just around the corner and with it it brings new hope that I’ll finally get my stuff together.

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Remember these?

I had a number of New Year resolutions for 2016. I had planned on sewing a ball gown. Anyone remember that crazy idea? So, no I did not even come close. What was I thinking?

Additional resolutions for 2016 were:

  • Make a pair of cigarette pants
  • Work on a LBD project
  • Sew a jacket from fabric purchased from the French Seam
  • Restart vintage McCalls 4606, this time “getting it right”
  • Work on “fitting issues” and “churn out a half a dozen vintage skirt patterns”

Oy vey. I did not do any of those. But, let’s not drag ourselves down for what we didn’t do. Let’s examine what we did sew. For 2016, here’s a list of what I did make.

  • 4 pairs of pants
  • 5 dresses
  • 5 jackets
  • 7 skirts
  • 7 blouses/tops

Numerous scarves, three sets of embroidered hand towels, a couple of pillows and one re-upholstered chair.

Listed out like that, I’m quite impressed with myself! How about you? Did you do good on your sewing resolutions? I would love to know what you made in 2016. Let me know on the blog!

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Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew News

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 Tell Us What You Sewed This Past Year!

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18 Responses to Tell Us What You Sewed This Past Year!

  1. Samina says:

    I sewed less than you, Jilly. I’m ashamed. And I listed it on this blog post.
    So sorry about the apparent self promotion- it’s not meant to be.

    • Jill says:

      Well, to be honest here… I haven’t finished one of the jackets. I thought I would be the end of the year. And, in the jacket section I did include those super easy knit kimonos. So, it wasn’t like I was making super complicated stuff. Your sewing is amazing, like that grey tunic, that obviously took some time! I actually need to slow down my sewing so I can make my things look more expert.

      Everyone needs to check out your grey tunic:

  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m trying to sen my list of projects I sewed. the page is to big 4 my screen & I can’t send. Please Help!

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  4. Lisa G says:

    I was recently in a sewing slump, feeling un-accomplished, and decided to type up a list of everything I’ve sewn since I started back in 2013. I am now quite impressed with myself! :-) I didn’t set any specific sewing goals for 2016, but I did complete a princess dress for my granddaughter’s bday (it was almost the end of my sewing career haha), a much simpler dress for my youngest granddaughter’s bday, aprons for all 3 grands, a reversible super hero cape for my grandson’s bday, a seatbelt cover for my oldest granddaughter, 7 beach bags to share on a family beach trip, a few sets of fabric baskets and some burp cloths for some new mothers, a few ITH little piggies for various little ones, car buckets for a few gifts, Oma and Mumzie apron sets for friends and their granddaughters’ 2nd bdays, adorable Christmas gift bags for all the grands, one dress for me, and a host of other things. Quite a lot, really! My big goal for 2017 is to make one wearable for me each month. :-)

  5. Cheryl Romano says:

    I once made a list of things that I wanted to get made, but it is buried under all my fabric,patterns and stock-piled yarn. So here’s what I did get done in between alterations and repairs for too many to count! 1 Little House on Prairie dress and Pinnie, 4 quilted runners and table toppers, 7 quilted throws,10 pillows, 7 quilted tote bags, 4 reversible aprons ,1 child apron, 1 bib, 2- 6 piece coaster sets, 2 couch cushion covers, 1 small dog hoodie, 2- 18″ doll outfits, 2 hot pads, 10 baby burp cloths, and 2 Mrs. Nibbles (stuffed, dressed mother bunny) with 5 babies each. In between sewing I knitted and crocheted 3 pr. Socks, 1 18″ doll outfit, 2 shawls, 9 afghans ,22 washcloths ,1 baby sweater and hat, 3 bootee and hat sets, 9 hats, 4 scarves, and 1 shrug. Oh, left out set of placemats and a fleece baby blanket. None of the clothes for myself got made, nor any costumes for about 100 dolls in my collection waiting to be outfitted. The three pairs of socks and one shawl are mine. And nothing on that list I once made was crossed off!

  6. Katie Lee says:

    I made Birthday dresses for 7 granddaughters, one with a smocked bonnet, Easter coats for the same 7 Granddaughters, 30 pillowcases for charity, Christmas stockings for 2 new granddaughters, First Christmas bibs for the same, Nightgowns for Christmas for 7 granddaughters, Pairs of pajamas for 3 grandsons, 40 embroidered towels for grandson’s baseball team, 7 Christmas dresses for granddaughters, 6 altar cloths for my church, 3 altar covers for the church, repaired and refurbished 25 costume “ball gowns” for charity, 3 baptismal garments for different churches, one bridal gown jacket, 10 sets of playclothes for grandchildren – that’s all I can remember!

  7. Mimi says:

    Very impressive list of finished projects for 2016. Here’s mine:
    6 T-Shirts
    4 Sweater Sets
    1 PJ
    1 Baby Quilt
    36 Pieced and Appliqued Table Toppers
    4 Quilted Table Runners
    5 Large Crate Covers
    7 Small Crate Covers
    1 Pillow
    5 Pouches
    5 Bags
    3 Pie Carriers
    1 Casserole Carrier
    4 Small Quilted Wall Hangings
    2 Beach Cover Ups
    40 Tree Ornaments
    6 Mini Christmas Banners
    I also monogramed 6 towel sets and made 4 stuffed toys.

  8. Linda L. says:

    Hard to see you as Cinderella with no ball gown! maybe be the mice will pitch in – there’s still time :-)
    I really like your idea of evaluating what you DID do instead of a tunnel- vision focus on the not-done. Things change over the course of a full year; priorities shift and new needs arise. It’s always a good idea to have goals but you also need to be flexible since Life always has other plans for you. For instance, you wouldn’t know in December/January when you make your resolutions that there would be a November baby to prepare for.

  9. Vivian says:

    I recently did a “quilting pre-year-end review” of this very topic and found that:
    1. I did keep my goal to better track my progress on my projects. Although I didn’t always meet my goals, doing so did help me to figure out early in the process why and come up with strategies to do better in the future.

    2. I had pledged to do more handwork and got 2 of the 3 projects planned completed.

    3. Mixed reviews on getting to the goal of tackling UFOs: I got two done but did more work on my “Hussies” (HSYs = Haven’t Started Yet-s) during the year. However, since they nag to be worked on as loud as the UFOs do, it’s still a plus!

    4. I did get my Featherweight tuned up and running after having sat for “Display Only” for eleven years. Handy (and a necessity) when both my regular and back-up machines went out at the end of 2015!

    The only two “Not Done” on the Resolution List was no work done on two “Bucket List” projects and on a gift Baby quilt but I have high hopes for 2017!

  10. in 2016 I have made:
    22 quilts
    4 pairs pants
    2 pillowcases
    2 fabric origami boxes
    4 microwave bowl buddies
    2 zipper bags
    6 quilted placemats
    1 quilted tree skirt
    9 folded fabric ornaments
    …and you’re right, seeing it all listed out like that is pretty impressive!


  11. Peggy Lloyd says:

    Throughout the year I do quite a few odd jobs for my neighbors, such as minor alterations and hemming a neighbor’s grandson’s pants. But I really took on a chore this Christmas making angel robes for our live nativity at our church and 4 sets of PJ’s for my grandkids. All I had were their measurements to go by so I’m hopeful that they fit.

  12. Kathy L Johnson says:

    Made 4 dresses
    3 skirts
    Embroidered 7 tea towels and hangers for them
    Made 3 embroidered wallhangings
    Finished binding 2 wallhangings
    Finished binding on a quilt

  13. This year I made 2 special covers using sun canvas with embroidery embellishment for 2 of my husband’s large saws, sweatshirts too numerous to count, 3 sets of towels, kitchen towels, Halloween tote bags for the grandchildren, luminaires for Halloween, 2 baby quilts, and my most favorite (and time consuming) two hot wheel storage/play mats bags using My Fair Lady designs and licensed Hot Wheel fabric.

  14. Cindy E. says:

    This year I got a few projects finished but not as many as you did and you did great! A table runner and a messenger bag have yet to be finished but before that I made a table topper, a beautiful pieced table runner, a quilted wall hanging, decorated several large felt cutouts with deco edge stitching and written messages in fabric paint, a colorful laminated Hipster bag for travel, one little mug rug and that’s it! Hubby and I took time out this summer for hosting our Japanese ‘family’ (the parents of our Exhange Student in 2004) and then later we were blessed with a trip, including an Alaskan cruise (our dream vacation!) from our wonderful children; celebrating our 30th anniversary. I am really looking forward to finishing many more projects in 2017!

  15. I made 5 tunic tops, One chapel veil, 3 under pants, 2 skirts. I had a tough year. I was sick a lot and had a car accident. But I hope to repair a slip, make two more underpants,
    Make a 1915′s skirt and tunic, a jeans skirt and make a dress or two before the year ends.