Sewing the Gallery Tunic

LG tunic full 197x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic

Gallery Tunic Pattern Cover

Did you read our Gallery Tunic Sew-Along back in August? Even though I was the one who posted it, I wasn’t the one who sewed the sample garment. I have to admit, though, as I cleaned up the text and added the images, I was intrigued by how straightforward the construction seemed. So when I got ahold of some special fabric, it seemed like the perfect pattern to use it for.

The fabric I chose was one of Art Gallery Fabrics’ delicious voiles; the print is Indigo Window Crystal from the Observer collection by April Rhodes. I admit I’d been coveting this particular print ever since I saw it, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a few yards. The voile is a great fabric for this pattern — very light and carefree.

OBR 49800 Indigo Window Crystal 500px 300x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic

Indigo Window Crystal from Art Gallery Fabrics

This is probably a very weird thing to say, but I had an absolute blast putting together the digital pattern. Liesl + Co. do the digital pattern in a very interesting and efficient way. It’s almost like a cross between a puzzle and a matching game. It’s very intuitive — not hard at all, but still somehow very fun.

I was hoping that the details on the tunic would be as easy to sew as they looked, and they were! The placket especially is really well designed and the clear instructions make it very easy to construct. I like how it creates a pleat in the front that echoes the pleat on the back.

IMG 2689 225x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic

The front placket

IMG 2691 225x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic

The back pleat










Another thing I really like about this tunic is that the sleeves are set in before the side seams are stitched, then the sleeve seam and the side seams are stitched together. This is my preferred method of setting in sleeves. In fact, I was recently working on a Master Class article for Sew News about setting in sleeves (look for it in the April/May issue!), and Linda Reynolds, who writes the column, recommends doing it this way whenever possible. That made me feel validated — I always suspected I was cheating somehow, setting the sleeves in flat, but I guess not!

The hardest part of the pattern is stitching the rounded hem. But if you follow the directions and take your time, it will turn out all right.

IMG 2688 225x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic IMG 2690 225x300 Sewing the Gallery Tunic








I’m really pleased with how my Gallery Tunic turned out! For more details on how to construct this pattern, check out our sew-along: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

The Gallery Tunic pattern is by Liesl + Co. and can be purchased at Art Gallery Fabrics provided the Indigo Window Crystal voile fabric.

Screen Shot 2016 08 16 at 3.36.45 PM Sewing the Gallery Tunic

 Sewing the Gallery Tunic
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