Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning

Screen Shot 2017 03 14 at 8.52.21 AM 278x300 Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe PlanningMimi G’s article on spring & summer wardrobe planning in the new issue of Sew News has me all kinds of inspired. In the past year, I’ve tried to be much more intentional about my wardrobe, sewing pattern and fabric choices. I’ve been very focused on basics because I’ve learned that, despite the temptation of special garments (which is why I got into sewing in the first place), basics are what I wear on a daily basis. Her article offers some clear steps to first purging, then building a wardrobe that works for you. I particularly love her take on trends:

“True style is not necessarily about fashionable on-trend items, but more about you as an individual and what makes you feel best.”

Preach! She also warns about the pitfalls of Pinterest and Instagram – how it can derail the best laid plans the latest releases and pretty looks that might not necessarily work for you or your lifestyle. Been there!

Here are the first four steps of her process….and my progress with them.

1. Clean out your closet. Okay, I have not made a lot of progress here. We moved a year and a half ago and I still have a box of maybe clothes…and those probably need to get gone. Big purge way overdue…but I’d rather sew!

2. Determine what is missing. For the spring and summer, I’m actually missing basics. I tend to go for “special” things on the rare occasion that I buy something in the store. And then those special things don’t get worn. Basic tees and tanks are something I need. And maybe a few pairs of lighter weight pants and skirts for summer. What did I even wear last summer???

3. Make a list. I’m a big list-maker. I think I’ve actually got three lists running for spring – one on my phone, a written list in my design notebook and a random list in my purse from when I traveled to Sew Expo two weeks ago – talk about derailed!!

The big themes: tanks (knits and wovens, 1 million), tees (3-4), pants (again, 3-4) and skirts (two-ish). And maybe a shirtdress or two, as a reward later. icon wink Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning I’m not a big trend follower but I am planning a few hacks to bring in some high-low hems, maybe some color-blocking and at least one tie-front top.

4. Choose your colors and fabrics. Is black a color for spring? This spring, my makes list looks a bit gloomy but I do wear a lot of black, and I need some black basics. Black, black and white, natural, gray, army green and denim…with a few carefully selected prints in the mix. Boring, probably, but things I know I’ll actually wear. THEN fill in with some fun/just-because makes.

Join me next week as I take the next steps in Mimi’s process: choosing patterns and making a design sketchbook. How is your spring and summer sewing coming? Do you have any special techniques for planning?


 Spring and Summer Handmade Wardrobe Planning
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