Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

With the changing of the seasons I start planning my spring and summer hand made wardrobe. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement sleeves are all the rage this season. I’m not falling for ginormous bell shaped sleeves.

spring closet Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

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Not that it doesn’t look smashing, but I’m a practical person and those wackadoodle sleeves just don’t have room in my closet. That being said, somehow a 1970′s caftan does??

vogue 8551 192x300 Wardrobe Planning: Too Many DistractionsAnd, that is how I plan my sewing wardrobe for spring. It’s all about what I feel like at the moment. I’m at the whims and mercy of whatever presents itself to my eyeballs. As you can imagine planning can be more like riding the crazy train then a nice straight jaunt.

My planning is less about structure and organization and more about what I’m feeling at the moment. Big on my list is 1970s (mid to late) disco type dresses that offer a lot of movement (think Studio 54). I’m still in love with culottes and wide leg pants. But I also like my pants cropped and long, thin and short.  For tops I’m still testing patterns for the ultimate blouse. One that’s shapely, fitted and works well with jeans or skirts. The patterns I’ve tested so far just aren’t cutting it.

Last time I was in my local fabric store I found a wonderful rust colored taffeta. I’m going to grab me a couple of yards and make a box pleated skirt (McCalls 7253 a tnt). The color is not too dark, so it will be a multi-season workhorse. Plus, the color is great combined with everything from white, grey, black and even blues. Can’t wait to get started.

Another item that has been long on my list is a luxury robe. I’ve been researching fabric choices and I think I found what I want. One is a luxe rayon bamboo terry cloth. But, it doesn’t come in splashy colors. So far I’ve only found a navy blue that might work.  I would like to use a plum, or orchid color. I found a peachy/pink cotton Matelasse. It’s a bit heavier but feels wonderful. The color is feminine without being too sugary. I would add details of contrasting piping and lapels and cuffs in a contrasting cotton maybe with an Asian motif.

mccalls vin robe Wardrobe Planning: Too Many DistractionsDresses. Do you have an hour or two and we can look at all my possibilities? I made one tunic dress last weekend from a TNT. I do know that I’m making a caftan for sure.  And, didn’t I say something about no ginormous sleeves for me? Well, just this one time. Plus, I also have a 40s type dress in the making. I saw a woman wearing it at a ball I was at last year, and now I need to design it and make it happen. I’m using vintage Simplicity 5294 that I’m going to hack apart and see what happens.  Plus, a half a dozen more things.

simplicity 5294 300x195 Wardrobe Planning: Too Many DistractionsGot a lot on my plate. But, all of this could crumble like a cookie if I see anything that’s pleasing to my eye. And, I’m fairly certain I will.  Best laid plans….

For more wardrobe planning with great tips and advice from Mimi G read: Part One and Part Two of how to plan a wardrobe.

Download a sewing planner page here and get a bit more organized than yours truly.

How do you plan for the sewing in the spring and summer seasons. Are you organized or not so much. I’d love to hear, because I would love to get more organized.


 Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

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5 Responses to Wardrobe Planning: Too Many Distractions

  1. Emerald says:

    What has worked for me in wardrobe planning is that most of my handmade garments are in the same color family–mostly jewel tones, so that I can mix and match. I do not really like spring and summer, so for me, it’s important to make things that transition well with a cardigan or blazer to fall/winter. When you use mostly the same color palette, it also makes adding in a pop of print really easy.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi, Jill. I’m new to your blog and have a question . . . what is a TNT? I’m not familiar with that acronym.

  3. Jane says:

    Jill: what about dying some of the bamboo? I have had great success, you may too.