#MeMadeMay2017 Week2: Organization & A Look Back

MeMadeMay 2017, first week is done and in the bag. If you follow Sew News on Instagram you’ll have seen all our makes for the week. We’ve shown off lots of indie sewing patterns and a few commercial ones as well. Here’s last week’s round up and a few thoughts about the week past and the week ahead.

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2015 03 06 02.35.33 11 150x150 #MeMadeMay2017 Week2: Organization & A Look BackAmanda: Oh my, week 1! I have been so inspired this week – my to-sew list for summer just keeps growing (last-minute dress project for May!!) and I think I’ve added a few things to fall – one even includes a pattern I own but have yet to sew – so bonus points! I’ve discovered I have a good number of holes in my memade wardrobe: namely, jeans and shorts. I’m not much of a shorts person but they’re the best fit for weekend toddler chasing. No surprise here but I’m definitely sticking to black, greys, blues and greens. Maybe I need to make something in pink as a palette cleanser?!?!

Tip: It is so hard to stay organized but I’ve learned a few things over the years. I like to keep a monthly list but I allow myself to deviate from that if inspiration strikes. I also like to cut things in batches – it’s not my favorite part of sewing but I occasionally have an “I should cut things instead of sewing” days and take full advantage when the mood strikes. I should probably spend some time this month organizing my stash, too. I usually have a stack of wovens and knits in the order I want to sew them but they’re totally taking over the flat surfaces in my sewing room now. I don’t have a lot in my stash that I don’t have plans for…it’s just a matter of getting to them before I buy more fabric!

head shot 200 wf 150x150 #MeMadeMay2017 Week2: Organization & A Look BackJill: I had fun getting ready for work and picking out what I was going to wear and I didn’t wear my go-to which is jeans! I have made a lot of wide leg pants in silky type fabrics. They’re so easy to make and are great for learning how to make pants. I don’t think I’ll be wearing the velvet pants until fall. They’re very heavy for summer. But, the chambray pants I’ll be living in them for summer as too the silky ones. As for this week, I notice I don’t have a lot of tops so, that’ needs to be fixed. I have some great patterns that I need to tackle here soon. What I’m working on now is a half circle skirt in this lovely tiny gingham. It’s a light cream color and great for spring and summer. It’s practically done, but now I need a top to go with it!

Tip: If you’re short on time spend a couple of hours cutting out a few projects. Then when you have a moment you can just sit at the machine and stitch up a few seams. Slowly, you’ll get it all done!


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 #MeMadeMay2017 Week2: Organization & A Look Back

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