Me Made May 2017 – Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals Reached

Me Made May 2017 has been a lot of fun for us here at Sew News. We wanted to recap this month long event with a few personal reflections and we would love to hear from you. How did you do? Did you make it through the entire month wearing something you made? Are you going to participate next year? Tell us your thoughts too!

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2015 03 06 02.35.33 11 150x150 Me Made May 2017   Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals ReachedAmanda – This was my first full-throttle Me Made May and I learned so much!

Aside from being thrown for a loop but this cool Colorado May, I definitely identified some holes in my wardrobe, worked on pairing some me-mades together and maybe even got myself out of my jeans-wearing rut, which is a challenge for me every spring. Here are some other findings:

  • More summer-weight denim! I wear jeans a lot in cooler months but I need some more bottoms that will go with anything.
  • Tank embargo! I could probably do with a few more tees but probably not a lot of tanks – I have a ton, some I didn’t even wear! But you know I’m going to go ahead and make some more….
  • More dresses! I need some just for fun pieces in my wardrobe. And probably some color too. I’m far too practical. I need some custom OOAK statement pieces.
  • More experimenting! I sewed quite a bit in May – including two pairs of shorts because I realized early on that that was a hole for me. I have a lot of me-mades at this point and could probably stand to slow down making basics. The skirt I’m wearing for the final day of May is probably the most-involved hack I’ve done. And I managed to take my time with it. It is exactly what I envisioned…and that is satisfying on a different level from simply sewing up a pattern from scratch. So I think I’m going to try build in something like this each month: an involved hack or self-drafted project something that slows me down, helps me hone my design skills and allows me to experiment a little more.
  • Different fabrics! I’m also going to work on bringing in some new types of fabrics aside from my go-tos: knits and linens. I’m thinking silky things…

The experience this year was painful at times (ugh daily selfies and fabric envy and my ever-expanding to-sew list!) but, more than that, it was beyond inspiring. The online sewing community is so kind and so supportive – I made a lot of new connections through the month.

head shot 200 wf 150x150 Me Made May 2017   Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals ReachedJill – This was my first hard-core Me Made May. In years past I’ve participated here and there but never for the full month. I realize I have a lot of spring and summer type clothes to wear, don’t know if I could have completed a month during fall and winter.


  • I would like to have more dresses in my spring and summer arsenal. Dresses are such an easy way to have a complete outfit, no-brainer wardrobe right there. My dream is to find a TNT (tried and true) dress and make seven of them. Wear them one right after the other.
  • Additionally, I want to sew more pants. I depend on those so much as an cool alternative during summer but would love to sew some in a heavier silk or linen.
  • Agree with experimentation! Because I have a life outside of sewing (darn it!) I tend to sew easy fast things like elastic waist pants, uncomplicated items. I want to slow down and sew a few things that are more complicated and time consuming.
  • I would love to have my sewing friends pick out some patterns for me that they think would look good on me. A fun way to get out of my usual wheelhouse.

Just as the month was closing I was actually getting used to having a selfie everyday. I love our sewing community, they’re so supportive and love hearing from them. It’s like a cheer-leading squad that follows you around. How awesome is that!

Kates headshot 150x150 Me Made May 2017   Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals ReachedKate – For my first Me Made May, I stuck to simple goals: something Me Made four out of five work days, plus three pieces I planned to make: a top, a pair of leggings, and a leather pouch to hold my phone in when wearing medieval-esque garb for a few things coming up this summer.

I’m actually pretty pleased with myself, as I reached or overreached all my goals. I managed to wear at least one Me Made piece every single workday this month (which was a challenge because I mostly make warm weather clothing and we had a lot of unseasonably cold weather this month). I also wore something Me Made most weekend days, if only for a little while (i.e., leggings while lounging around the house on Saturday morning).

  •  I completed my top early in the month, my leggings on the 29th, and my belt pouch last night. I didn’t stop sewing during the middle of the month, though — I was working on a few things for work in the meantime, and I’m almost done with a purse I randomly decided to draft. I also embroidered myself a few t-shirts (one with a design I digitized myself!) and a faux-medieval tunic for the events alluded to above.
  • On a non-fiber-arts related note, I managed to make some soap this month, as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. In past years that wouldn’t be unusual, but I’ve been so busy (and sewing so much) that it’s only the second batch I’ve made this year. It came out well and smells great.

All in all, my first Me Made May went pretty well. My big lesson is that I need to make more cool-weather clothes, as it turns out I have a very limited number of those. That said, I just acquired fabric for two more summery tops, so my plan for kicking off June includes:

  • Finish up the purse I mentioned earlier
  • An Itch-to-Stitch Lago Tank in a wonderful galaxy print in purples and pinks
  • A Grainline Willow Top or an Up in Arms blouse in a drapey cherry-print rayon

We’ll see what happens after that!

Thanks everyone for the positive comments on our Instagram account and for inspiring us with all your makes everyday of the year!

MMMlogo 300x300 Me Made May 2017   Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals Reached

 Me Made May 2017   Recap: Lessons Learned & Goals Reached

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  1. Jane says:

    Jill: I LOVE the idea of having your sewing friends pick some patterns for you. This would be fantastic for DSC. It could be like a Secret Santa but with patterns and full-disclosure. Let’s discuss.