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You’ve read about fall sewing trends with Mimi G, you’ve got your stretch velvet and your flannel and you’re ready to get sewing. Us too! Read on for more of what we’re planning for the fall.

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profile pic 150x150 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor PicksAmanda’s Plan

Why, oh why, isn’t there a MeMadeMay for the fall, people? If there’s been anything this year that helped me focus on basics, it was this challenge on Instagram. And I feel like my standard fall/winter needs a basics overhaul this year! I’ve narrowed down my priorities: I’ll be focusing on woven tops – largely button-ups – and closer-fit knit tops that work well with wide-leg pants, two definite holes in my memade wardrobe. This may be the year that I tackle a jacket but I’m still undecided: wearable and cozy in quilted denim or more high-end in wool? I’m stumped!

Okay, it may not look like it but this is the paired-down list, with lots of pondering in the midst. Still a little aspirational but I’m setting the bar high for myself!

Fall Tops/Layers:
+Plantain Tee by Deer And Doe x 2 – black and neutral (<<It’s a free pattern, folks!!)
+Denim sleeveless button-up Alder by Grainline Studio – Not exactly seasonally appropriate but I’m planning to use it for layering.
+Ikat Aster Pattern by Colette – I love this slightly feminine take on the button-down shirt. I have the pattern and the fabric and need to make it happen!
+Button downs! Step 1: Find pattern (maybe the Archer from Grainline Studio?), Step 2: Perfect the fit and Step 3: Make a zillion in neutral colors and handwovens.
+Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio x 2 – black and cream, I think!
+And probably another Linden Sweatshirt or two!

Fall Bottoms:
+Full-length twill Emerson Pants by True Bias
+Ninni Culottes by Named x 2 – Because, let’s face it, these cropped pants are almost full-length on me! I’ve got tencel twill and a linen lined up, though I’m not sure how far into the cold weather these will take me!
+One more pants pattern! I’m thinking of something more fitted and with a slimmer silhouette since I’m well covered on the wide leg end of the spectrum.
+Leggings x 2
+Cleo Skirt by Made by Rae – I’d like to have a few cooler weather skirts and I love this pattern! Maybe flannel? Or corduroy or denim? Or a light wool?

Fall Outerwear:
+Jacket Pattern TK – I’ve been pondering the Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studio for ages so I might need to finally make that happen!

Just Because:
+Denim Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts
+Fringe Dress by Chalk and Notch – a new pattern that releases next week! It’s the shirtdress I didn’t know I needed!

Kates headshot 150x150 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor PicksKate’s Plan

When Amanda asked me for my fall sewing plans, I kind of panicked, because I didn’t have any! I’m generally sort of a “decide what I’m going to sew on the fly” kind of girl. However, my handmade wardrobe is pretty random, so I’m thinking it’s time to start planning better.

Quick analysis: I’m remembering Me Made May this year, when we had unseasonably cool weather and most of what I had was hot-weather clothing. I have a lot of handmade summer tops, but my cool-weather clothes (except for leggings) are lacking.

In the winter I mostly wear cozy sweaters over long-sleeved t-shirts or thermal undershirts, but in the fall (and the spring) I have an ongoing problem with a lack of transitional tops — the kind that are good for cool mornings and warm afternoons. So I think my first fall sewing task needs to be to find a few patterns I love that fit that description and start sewing. I’m eyeing the Kaylee Tunic from Serendipity Patterns, which is a featured sew-along for the October/November issue, and the Plantain Tee from Deer and Doe.

I also need to look at making a few more pairs of pants — I keep watching Amanda whip out these awesome pants, and I want to try some for myself! I’m just a little pants-shy at the moment, as I really struggled with my last pair. I have some crotch-curve plans to make before I start up again. I’m still going through my options on this one.

I want to add a skirt to my to-sew list. I haven’t really been sewing skirts, which is kind of funny, because they’re so easy. I have a little hack I want to try on a gored skirt, and I think the Fab Fit Gored Skirt by Joi Mahon will work perfectly. I’m thinking a nice neutral gray wool, maybe with a pinstripe.

I think I can add my current projects to the “transitional fall wardrobe” plan. I’m finishing up a wrap dress, which is short sleeved and lightweight, but I’m sure I could wear it into October with a cardigan for cooler days. Next on the list (as in fabric purchased and prewashed and waiting for me to finish the wrap dress) is my Gallery Shirtdress. The fabric in question is a heavy gauze, so again not the best for the really cold months, but it’s on a navy base and the pattern has half-sleeves, so I also think that this one will work well in September and October. I might even be able to wear it with leggings to stretch out the wear period more.

So, to summarize, here’s my fall sewing plan:

Transitional Top 1 (Kaylee Tunic): 1-2 pieces

Transitional Top 2 (Plantain Tee): 1-2 pieces

Pants (TBD): 1 pair

Skirt (Fab Fit Gored Skirt): 1

Dresses (Butterick 5030 and Gallery Shirtdress): 2, in progress

JILL HS CROPPED 150x150 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor PicksJill’s Plan

My fall sewing plans are not too grand. I want to sew a sweater coat, like the one here from BurdaStyle.

119 092016 B large 225x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor Picks








Next is a matching skirt to go with the McCalls jacket I made last year. I also would like to make a cape in a vintage merino wool that I have lying around.

And, I didn’t get a chance to make my dream pants, although I did make a lot of pants this year. So, I am still working on the pants only more of a trouser cut for fall. Possibly lined and cuffed. Maybe with the Megan Nielsen Flint Pattern. Something along the lines of this:

xHomepage 5.jpg.pagespeed.ic .gcs7510cM3 195x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor Picks





Below is a image from Mod Cloth of couple of years ago. I love so much going on here. The fabulous lady, the prim top and modest skirt combined make for a superb outfit. Plus, the colorful addition of the tights and the sweet t-strap pumps. A goal this year is to make something similar to this with separates. Heck, I might even dye my hair white.  No, no I won’t.

10086280 BASIL MAIN 210x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor Picks








I , along with Amanda would like to make a button up blouse. Mine comes from BurdaStyle 6533 pattern (this one is not digital but one you can buy at any sewing shop). I’m looking at the long sleeve version.

6533 208x300 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor Picks







And, I would like to make some tissue knit tops for layering. That’s about it! Keep posted on how we all do!






 Fall Sewing Plans   Sew News Editor Picks
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