Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend’s almost here (for us in the USA and Canada at least)!

I always look forward to this particular weekend not because of the extra day off (though that’s great, don’t get me wrong), but because every year I volunteer at our local anime convention, Nan Desu Kan, which has taken place on Labor Day weekend the past few years. I work at registration, which is super busy for the first day and a half. On Saturday afternoon, though, it calms down and I have the chance to sit and watch the cosplay go by. I always see some amazing technical work, but I also love to see beginners just starting out who may not have all the skills mastered yet, but are so proud of and excited by their first handmade costume.

The one downside to the con is that I’ll be tied up most of the weekend and probably won’t have a chance to do any sewing myself. If I do get some time, though, I have a project from Sew It All Volume 11, now officially on newsstands, that I want to make. It’s this fabric checkerboard:

CheckersandBalances 600x600 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Checkers & Balances

Cute, right? I love how the checkers are covered buttons. I’m not sure why, but that really speaks to me.

Sew It All projects are designed to be sewn in a short time — ideally in an afternoon — so our new issue and our back catalog are great places to find sewing projects that you can start and finish over the weekend. And since this weekend has an extra day, you have time for an extra project (or two). Here are a few of my favorites from past volumes:

CactusCuties 200 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Cactus Cuties

I love these cactus pincushions from Volume 10. Adorable and useful — what more could you ask for?

SIA 8 9 12 4755 300x200 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Gone Knitting

I crochet and knit as well as sew, so I can’t help but love this cute needle organizer from Volume 6.

SIA 8 9 12 4325 296x300 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Fireside Fluff

This faux-fur pouf from Volume 5 is just plain fun.

cc Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

Cozy Container

I love this clever idea from Volume 4 — turn an old sweater sleeve into a vase cozy. What great winter décor!

SIA11 2017 Cover 200 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend You can find all the issues of Sew It All in digital form at, including Volume 11, which you can also find on newsstands now.

My volunteer work at the con actually starts today, so I’m heading out shortly. I’ll try to grab some great cosplay pictures to share with you.

Enjoy your long weekend and happy sewing!

Screen Shot 2016 08 16 at 3.36.45 PM Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend

 Sewing Plans For Labor Day Weekend
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