Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew?

Happy National Sewing Month! Did you know that this is a month set aside by Ronald Regan back in the 80′s to recognize the importance of the home sewer in America? We love this time of year for obvious reasons. We find there is nothing more devine then talking about sewing!

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This year we’d love to hear from you and why sewing matters to you. How did you learn, who did you learn to sew from? What do you like to sew? What would you like to learn? Every month is sewing month around here, in fact many of us can’t go a day without sewing something. Anything! Find out why sewing means so much to the editors here at Sew News. And, be sure to tell us your story in the comments section below.

Kates headshot 150x150 Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew? Kate – I sew because I can. Sewing didn’t come easily to me, so now that I am not just proficient, but skilled, I find great satisfaction in taking a flat piece of fabric and making it into something three-dimensional that looks good and I am proud to wear or use. And because I am lucky enough to work in a place where I am constantly learning new skills, tricks and techniques, I am able to watch my ability grow with every project I make. I love learning about sewing, and I love that I am a strong enough sewist to play around with whatever I’m working on, tweaking it until it’s exactly what I want it to be.

JILL HS CROPPED 150x150 Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew? Jill – Why do I sew? Why do I love to sew? I can remember the first time I made a skirt for myself. It was floral printed corduroy, and the fit was wonky of course. But, finishing that up and trying it on I felt like I just created the most important thing in my life. I felt so good about creating something that I could wear. It’s kind of indescribable.  I get the same feeling when I make pillowcases. or embroider a tea towel set for my mom. It’s thrilling to me to make something. I love fabric, color, fashion, I love the process of sewing from start to finish. It’s something I’ve done forever and I don’t imagine I’ll ever stop. So, in short I sew because it gives me joy.

2015 03 06 02.35.33 11 150x150 Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew? Amanda - My creative outlets have taken a number of forms over the years – ceramics, stained glass, quilting, crochet – but sewing was my first love…as well as my current obsession. I remember (fondly!) working on sewing projects with my mom at the kitchen table as a young kid. I made my first dress from a pattern in 10th grade and have been sewing off and on since. Today, sewing takes up a very special, almost sacred, place in my life. With three young children and a full-time job, people often ask me how I have time to sew. I don’t have time, I make time… and I drink a lot of coffee (!). Sewing is my way to de-stress, to be in the present moment, and to use my hands creatively. And rather than taking energy, I’ve found that sewing gives me energy! It’s also been an amazing way to connect with like-minded folks on Instagram.

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Ellen -

 Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew?

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5 Responses to Happy National Sewing Month! Why Do You Love To Sew?

  1. Sue Clark says:

    I started sewing when nothing fit . Too short for even petite. and too tubby for plus size at times. Most times it is therapy- better that than taking it out on my husband (LOL) I made all the drapes and curtains ,even a few pillow, bedspreads, and chair covers. Now I am also into Quilting

  2. Rhonda Morrison says:

    I started sewing in memory of my mom. In 1974, October 14th, my mom lost her battle to cancer. She turned 27 on the 10th, 4 days before she passed. I was 9 years old. I remember her wanting to buy a sewing machine for a long time and finally she purchased one. Unfortunately she was not able to enjoy it so I put my heart into learning and using a sewing machine because she never had that opportunity.

  3. Florence Numa says:

    Why I love sewing?
    Sewing is my passion, it has become a part of me ever since I noticed I have so much love for it and its what the Lord wants me to do for a living.

  4. Jean Bradford says:

    I love to sew because I love to create unique things that you can’t find in stores. I also sew because store-bought things are way too expensive these days. I’ve even made my own purse for that reason! Sewing’s my happy place.

  5. Ginger says:

    I learned to sew very early as my mom made practically all of our clothes. I remember being very young and browsing through patterns and picking out fabric for school clothes. In fact, I dint remember ever shopping for RTW school clothes. In my 20′s, I discovered Nancy Zieman and Sewing With Nancy and went out and bought the Pfaff 1475 (their top of the line machine at the time) because if it was good enough for Nancy it was good enough for me. That machine just gave up the ghost this January after sewing faithfully for 25 years. Through her show and getting involved in local classes and events, I’ve learned so much! I love quilting, needle-felting, sewing clothes for myself (funky, lacy, colorful or basic), embroidery… basically anything with needles pulling thread. I’m sitting here today in my most recent Linden sweatshirt embellished with fabric soutache… just finished last night.

    Sewing is my happy place and my sewing club is group therapy for me. I’ve always said my mom taught me to sew but Nancy taught me to love it. I can’t imagine not sewing.